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Frederich Walker  I occasionally visit the gym ICU Nurse 💉

Everyone who knows me knows of my obsession with this movie
Still in Houston btw......I miss you Dallas

Official photos from the Dallas Europa last week.
When I came to the Europa in 2014 after lifting consistently for a few years I saw the physique guys on stage and I thought "i could do that". Well three years later here I am.
Regardless of what it may look like to others or even to yourself, you have to keep your eye on your vision.
I distinctly remember one of the times I was walking into the weight room in college with a really good friend and I told her that I wanted to start lifting and developing my body. She responded "I just think you have one of those bodies that will always just be small". I could have easily just agreed, got defensive, you name it. But I just stayed quiet and brushed it off before I started lifting.
You don't need anyone to nurture your vision. It helps, but you don't NEED it. I saw this for myself at 125ibs in college walking into the university gym. This dream was given to me, for me to believe in, for me to work on, I have a pro card with my name on it and I won't stop until I get it.
And that same friend completely supports me today. I bet she doesn't even remember this conversation. Sometimes I even repeat it to myself in the gym. She'll never know how much strength those words give me.

Pre judging complete at the Dallas Europa. I've been training for this since I got back from Thailand mid January. It's been a hard prep for me, but I see some improvements from my last show. Still, I'm not satisfied with where I am. This is only the beginning. Finals tomorrow 0930 if you're in the Dallas area.

The toughest climbs have the best views..

Channeling my inner Frank Zane

Btw finally trained my core to accomplish the vacuum pose. It's strange being able to feel your guts move like this 😝

Finally shot an Ak47
I felt a bit of history in my hands

When the "yea buddy" kicks in

My pre workout looks like it's consuming souls

When you gotta pretend you're all happy on vacation but you're low key upset because you're losing gains. Anyways, Phi Phi island was beautiful.

I was trained my master roshi himself. He told me for 50bhat (thai currency) he'd teach me to do the kamehameha

Ab conditioning after training. 10 times each side. Gotta control the breathing, if not you'll have a bad time

Post workout blues

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