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Wren Emmett Hazel &London  Everyone is just trying to survive. Go to our for questions and suggestions πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

London's POV
Chapter 3
8 days have passed sense we left the camp. Living on our own wasn't what I hoped. Having to worry about yourself and no one else seemed easy but it wasn't. Killing dead heads is now a second nature for me. Before I would always hold off on killing them, now I do it for fun and relief. My mom still has no clue were we are. In fact she hasn't changed at all. She is still the same dependent, weak but outstanding mom she has always been. The map duty is now my "chore" but that's because I had an A+ in geography. As of now we're still in Georgia. I'm really not positive on where my mom plans on going next. "Mum where do you plan on heading?" I ask patently "Well where are we now?" She said cluelessly "As of now Georgia"
"Here's fine I guess I just want some place to go." She was a winer alright. I must have been a lot like my father. I don't hate my mother but a lot of her choices are barmy (foolish/mad). In the morning while collecting fire wood in notice smoke rising about a mile away. I immediately drop the sticks and run to my mom. "MUM MUM I FOUND SMOKE!" I pant frantically. "Calm down London what do you mean?" (More in comments)

Chapter 3 Hazel's POV
I awake Greg shaking me. "Hazel, wake up!" he says.
"What's going on?" I moan tiredly.
"They left. And they took our supplies."
"Damn it. Well we got to get some supplies," I say getting up.

Chapter 3
Wren's POV
I'm not falling, I tell myself. But the butterflies are still here, I can see them. They lead me down the ladder and into the woods. Everything is moving. Finally I stop, my head throbbing. I can't force myself to move. I see a deer come in an open area, eating the grass. A girl. Wait, a girl! She had red wavy locks of long hair flow behind her as she kills a roamer silently then the deer. I try to call out to her, but I can't. Suddenly, I'm falling again. This time, I hit the ground.

Chapter Two
Wren's POV
"Can you pull over for a second? I think I see something," I ask Emmett. I read a mailbox labeled 'Greene.' "Look! It's a farm!" I exclaim. We pull up the driveway and see it's deserted. "What the hell happened here?" Emmett motioned to the barn, which was burnt to ashes. "I dont know, but maybe there are supplies here," I answer. I hop out of the truck and grab an empty bag.
"Let's see if there's anything in the fields."
"Not much of anything out here," Emmett comments.
"Wait, listen."
"I don't hear anything."
"Shhh… Goats. I hear goats." I run towards the sound and see two little goats being chased by a roamer. I slice it in the head and watch the babies run to their mother.
"Emmett, do you know anything about taking care of goats?"

It's been a week since the group had left leaving me and Greg all alone. It's been a tough week too. Managing around keeping the perimeter secure, watch duty. And most of all having to go out scavenging alone. We managed though. Greg and I are now starting to make lunch when all of a sudden someone comes crashing through the Barrier of the warehouse and about 15 men surround us pointing guns at us as a man yells "Don't move! Or I will kill you!"
I yell back "what the hell! This is ours you can't just barge in!"
A man whacks my in the head with the end of his gun as everything goes black. Not to long after I start to gain my consciousness looking around as I look at Greg and he's driving. I asked "What happened!?"
Greg replies "they threw us out... We got food that will last us about 2 weeks and some medical supplies"
I groan rubbing my head "why did he do that"
"I don't know, probably thought you'd be a threat to them.." He replied
It was long when we came to a stop because the truck finally ran empty
"I guess we're going to have to travel by foot now" I said "Yep" he replied
We grab all the bags and a tent and we start to walk in the trees near the road to be cautious. It was a long walk Greg and I were getting tired and weak from the bags as I stop dropping everything groaning from exhaustion. ( continued in comments )

Hazel's POV Chapter 1 (Present)
I walked through the streets of L.A. with a couple of men to go find food and medical supplies. I was surprised to see that there wasn't that many walkers around. We scavenged the stores for every canned food,chips, cereal, water, and anything that doesn't spoil.
I look at Greg then said "there's a clinic down the street we go there next" Greg nods then we both slowly and cautiously went to the clinic. We went through the back entrance and we searched and got tons of great supplies then next thing I know Ian the other guy screams in a horrific way as I drop my stuff to run to go see what was happening. There he was being ripped and gutted by 3 walkers. I gasp then I take my Samurai Sword out slicing the 3 walkers heads. I sigh then grabs his bags then picks mine up ignoring the heaviness as I signal Greg to come. "Let's go Greg we have to get back to the camp it's getting dark". We both hurry through the streets to the truck we took. We carefully dodged the walkers and sliced the ones that got in our way. Once we reached the truck we threw the bags in the back as I got in the driver seat ad Greg got into the passenger side. We both nod at each other as I drove off in the direction we came from.

London's POV
Chapter 1- "London hurry where going to miss our flight" my mom calls for me in that pippy voice she always used. "Coming Mum" I said fixing my makeup and grabbed my bags then headed downstairs. I didn't want to go to the United States at the time. All my friends from richmound where all so jealous. But I liked it better in London where we actually drove on the correct side if the car and followed the correct time and wrote the correct date. I my have seemed snobbish but London is my name for pete sake of course I'd like to stay there. After saying goodbye to my family I took one last look at my house. It looked like a stone castle and I loved that about it. Pulling out of the driveway it began to rain. "I hope our flight doesn't get canceled" my mom said. I tuned her out the rest of the way there. -
"Hello this is your pilot speaking. We are facing some technical difficulties right know. Could I ask that you remain calm and fasten your seatbelt. Thank you" the pilots voice said calmly over the intercom. That's all I remembered before we went down except for this blood curdling scream. I wake up to being carried my head is pounding everything goes dark again. When I am finally fully conscious I'm laying down with a wet cloth on my head in a dark room lit by a single candle. The door opens. "Hello?"
"Hey sweetie nice to see your awake." My mother says wiping my sweat. "What's going on where are we?" I say trying to sit up "Shh it's ok. I will explain everything." It's been months sense this had happened. It's the very fist thing I remember about this apocalypse. "London have you done your daily chores?" My mother asked my opening my tent "No" I say relentlessly. I hated the group we were in. They were a bunch of uneducated delinquents and my mother knew I thought this way. "Now my dear you know they accepted us they gave us a place to stay." I knew she spoke the truth. Never the less I snapped back. "The only reason were here is because Adam fancies you." It was true. Adam was the group leader, but he was nothing but rubbish. (More in comments)

Wren's POV
Chapter One
I light a cigarette and pull onto the highway.
"You're going to get lung cancer," Emmett comments sourly. I take a drag and blow smoke rings at him. "And you're going to get a punch in the face," I say with no emotion. He pouts silently and begins to complain some more.
"You're a bad driver," he drones as the truck groans along. "I never said I had a license," I spit back just as bitterly. "Then shouldn't I be driving?" He questions me.
"No, you should be sleeping so you can drive later tonight." He looks out the window. Trees. Rocks. Cars. Signs. That's about all that's out there. 'How did I get stuck with this boy?' I think.

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