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Ben  Owner, The Standard CrossFit. NASM certified personal trainer. MobilityWOD specialist. CrossFit L2 trainer, CF gymnastics cert. Live long, move well.

Tim Kennedy is a Ranger, sniper, Special Forces Operator, and recently retired UFC Fighter.

He’s talking about how the youth of our nation are so unintelligent and physically incapable that our military can’t find enough kids who satisfy the basic requirements for application into special forces, much less actually make it through the training. You can give me all of the explanations for why and they’re all correct. However, none of those explanations are excuses. Embarrassing.

Celebrating our Mom a little bit early! This has been a really fun experience. I feel more manly, in fact.

The perspective you choose to approach your life with is your responsibility.
Thanks Dakota Meyer and @jockowillink for this conversation. #disciplineequalsfreedom

After the @cfgymnastics seminar earlier this year, I realized that my strict handstand push-up strength was invalid due to the wide hand positioning. So I’m using the appropriate REGRESSION to re-learn better motor patterns and establish the requisite strength to do them correctly. These are insanely hard and I under-estimated the hip flexor and core work that would accompany it.
Don’t let your ego get in the way of your progress... in the gym or out of it.
#crossfit #killyourego #thestandardway

If you know me, you know my brothers and I run a few OCR races each year. @tough_mudder is our favorite and they have a new challenge called Tough Mudder X, a one mile course meant to challenge the most elite athletes to find the fittest of them all. Last week they had a TMX in Miami and here’s the top of the leaderboard.
@crossfit is a strength and conditioning program that will forge elite fitness at the very top ends of the spectrum. TMX confirms this and if it’s used by the most gifted and advanced athletes around the world, I imagine it could work for you as well. Just start.
Nicely done @jheppner66 — good luck in Virginia!

This was my third year competing in the @crossfit Open, but my first complete year of training for it. I had plenty of weaknesses exposed and I’m SO FAR from being good at this sport, but I’m still encouraged that I performed better than 2/3 of the CrossFit population. I can’t wait to see what 2019 looks like!
What’s your 2019 going to be like?
Better get started nowwww.... #itsstandardtraining #starttomorrow

It was a long 16 hours in the car and an even more challenging 2 days of learning how to snatch and clean correctly, from a living legend @mikeburgener. Having never been taught these details, I’m pumped to move better and help others do the same.
I was also lucky enough to watch the two-time CrossFit games champion do one of the harder workouts of the year. It was amazing to see the potential of such a proven program. @crossfit_weightlifting @dadmiralackbar

First run at 18.4 is complete. The new handstand standard was a bit tough to deal with, but with a couple positioning adjustments, I think I’ll be good for round 2. Thankfully @cfgymnastics seminar primed me for this.

Second attempt at 18.2 brought a long overdue PR. Personal records come really slow for me especially when it’s a weightlifting movement, but they do eventually come. I still have to show up and make the effort, practice effectively, and eventually the benefit is moving better and getting stronger. Thanks to #18point2 for bringing out a milestone more than half a year in the making. @crossfit #ificandoityoucandoit

18.1 redo ended up 6 reps better (308). That was a hardest six reps I’ve ever earned, but definitely worth it. Thanks to @underoathband for the musical inspiration and @crossfitconner21 for the excellent judging. @crossfit #CrossFit #18point1 #ificandoitanyonecandoit

Socrates woulda loved everything about @crossfit. You would too. Start.

#levelup your knowledge, continually improve your craft. This is a significant milestone along the journey toward the L4 (lifetime goal). I’m already implementing so much from this seminar in day to day coaching scenarios! If you’re ready to get started, let me know; you can do it. Literally everyone can #CrossFit.

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