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“My hair is a greasy hot mess.
I’ve got day old makeup still on. Haven’t showered today. Didn’t have time to workout. Still fighting the mid 30s acne. My hair is literally just starting to grow back after postpartum. I have diastasis recti which means my mom pooch is here to stay. -
But he sees none of that.
And none of that matters. -

I am his source of sweet mommy milk. Of endless snuggles. All the flirty eyes. Hugs and kisses all day long. His favorite game is peekaboo. -

I am so much more than any self proclaimed flaws.
To him I am simply his mother
And that’s all that matters. —————————————-
This. Everything about this. Thank you @simplykissed for sharing such a beautiful string of thoughts. ❤️
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“Part of her mystery is how she’s calm in the storm. Anxious in the quiet.” | A year ago ,give or take a few days, I first told my OB something was wrong. A year ago I lay awake in our living room looking at the Christmas journal. Thinking I should write Mason a letter to read for his 18th birthday. His 21st. His wedding day. That I wanted to tell Kyle he was the great unexpected love of my life. I was terrified. I knew something wasn’t right, and everyone would think it was just pregnancy hormones. I told one single person that night I thought I was going to die - I genuinely meant it. I let out my dark & twisty, because I knew she would hear me. This week there’s a knot in my stomach. A lump permanently lodged in my throat. No amount of praying (or melatonin) can shake it. But I know that I have this person. This perfectly placed in my life person. Sometimes the village is just a calm voice in a dark night saying I have you. I believe you and I love you (and yes I’ll accept all your clothes if you die) | CMV you did some damage on more than my internal organs, and I’m still trying to accept that.”
Written by @lisaaamot

You are so incredibly strong sweet Mama! Thank you for your open honesty ❤️. To share, tag your images #bringingbackthevillage

“Our live in fairy, who's dust of choice is cracker crumbs which she generously scatters all across every surface and into every crevice, including my side of the bed. And ya know, I'm not even that mad about it.
Growing up losing someone important to me almost every year left a lot of marks, but one of the main ones, especially when it comes to my kids, is knowing what it feels like when they're gone, when you're standing there holding something that was theirs, or staring at something the exact way they left it, and it seems foreign and sacred all at once. Often times at the end of the day when I see shoes my husband slipped off in the living room, the toe of one still holding down the heel of the other, just as he removed them, or the way the magnets are arranged on the fridge or the placement of a toy left on the rug or fingerprints on my mirror that belong to my babies, sometimes I'm struck with the fragility of it all. And sometimes its hard to fight off the anxiety that comes with that but usually I try to do so with the gratefulness that its all here in the first place; blankets left strewn on the floor, chairs left scooted out, markers uncapped. Cause really not a day goes by that doesn't bear a full blown miracle that saw us to the end of it, safe and at home in bed, cracker crumbs from Elin poking me under the blanket, a sweet husband sleeping beside me, his shoes unfilled on the rug below. Seen through the right eyes, every crumb and mess and smudge is a memory, and glory to God that every day there's more.”
Written by @faithdrussell

This, such a precious and beautiful reminder, thank you for sharing such a important message. To share, tag your images #bringingbackthevillage

“I’ve never been like many moms that are sad as their baby gets older and grows out of babyhood. I love the new stages + independence my babies gain in those early seasons.
But with my 6th babe, I feel this foreign pain in my heart. When he looks into my eyes and my soul when I rock him to sleep, when he copies my moves, my words and grins at me anticipating my applaud...
I’ve watched 5 children grow through all the stages. I see them growing and growing s t i l l and turn around to see my baby—that he is growing more than I was ready for.
Oh motherhood—you are both the exquisite and the painful realization that this ride is always moving and so, so rapidly.”
Written by @nicoleshiffler

Feeling this right now, thank you for sharing mama. To share, tag your images #bringingbackthevillage

“What I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have.” — Oprah Winfrey 2018 #timesup

“I woke up to darkness at 6am after a ten day winter break where no alarm was ever set. The temperatures below freezing and five kids under my roof that needed to get dressed, fed and out the door for school. With the sound of coffee rumbling in the pot, I started thinking about all the mamas across the globe that are home, dressed in robes with frizzy bed head, frantically feeding tiny mouths and shuffling kids to bus stops. All the mamas out there who are home with your kiddos, tackling daily routines that run parallel to mine. Oh sweet mothers, remember this, the unseen work that often leaves us feeling like we are hidden in our homes, tucked away, working a job that has less meaning is in fact very real. It is crucial. It is powerful. We are shaping lives and sharpening arrows. We are making an impact that will send the next generation out into the world taking it by storm. So reheat your coffee (again), tie those shoes (again), clean up those spills (again), make those lunches (again), wash that laundry (again), and thank God for the gift of today (again and again and again and again) Oh, and give yourself some serious grace because you are valued and you were chosen to be exactly where you are, exactly in this moment.”
Written by @fiveforleys

Good morning ya’ll!! We’ve got this❤️, thanks for sharing. To share, tag your images #bringingbackthevillage

“I have felt empowered over the last year to be in a state of reflection. It’s basically made me stand at a pause. Filling my mind and heart with questions. What is it that overflows my soul? What pain, anger, resentment am I holding onto that serves me no good? How can I be soft, gentle and kind? When I feel in a state of oppression, how can I act opposite? It’s been a lot. Reflection is not easy because it truly can take ahold of you, & as conscious as you feel—that consciousness is overwhelmingly painful. My past exists, it can’t be erased. The present is here, and it’s now. The future is out of my control. It will leave you to feel so unworthy, yet I am reminded that I am saved by grace, love and compassion. Because of that, I remain hopeful of my mental state for my future, and days to come. One thing that has come forward & shines true in this season, is I am woman. I never understood her before, i even ran away from it because of the vulnerabilities it unmasked. But yet, here i am in all of my beauty. My pregnancies have brought forward my weaknesses to the forefront. Forcing me to dig deep into what is beauty. Who is this woman, that i am stripped of all control just trusting her process. My mothering. My wifely embrace. Feeling all the feelings and finally being in a place where I am so okay with who I am and what I am. In all my rawness these last 3 years, it feels so good to be here. To not be fearful of the unknown. To know it all eventually works out. That my love for myself will carry me further than anything else. Not even sure if this makes sense. But, for those of you who have learned as a woman, a mother, a wife—to love who you are skin deep, heart deep, soul deep...you know how good this feeling feels. In 2018, I just want more of this. The real deep shit that hurts so good, but looks so beautiful because you’re all up in the hot mess of life & motherhood. Yet, still waking up every morning in full power & full consciousness. Feels good to have my family by my side and screaming, I am WOMAN. Hear me roar.”
Written by @micoleashley
Photo by @margeaux

Yes! Here’s to getting to know her, thanks for sharing. To share, tag #bringingbackthevillage

Hello 2018!
And a Happy New Year to all! 🙌🏾🎊

“But oh! the blessing it is to have a friend to whom one can speak fearlessly on any subject; with whom one's deepest as well as one's most foolish thoughts come out simply and safely. Oh, the comfort — the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person — having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words, but pouring them all right out, just as they are, chaff and grain together; certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them, keep what is worth keeping, and then with the breath of kindness blow the rest away.” ~Dinah Maria Craik, A Life for a Life,

Thank you to all who came out last night as we Gathered The Village in San Diego, it was the perfect night. We left feeling enriched from meeting and sharing our lives along side yours.

A huge thank you to our incredible partners and sponsors, @ergobaby @weegather @parasolco, who made this event great! And let’s not forget the delicious tacos by @gringascatering ✨❤️

Until next year! Where should we #gatherthevillage next?

We are so excited to see you guys tonight as we Gather The Village in San Diego with @ergobaby at @weegather. Whose going to be there?! We have such a fun evening planned for you.
#gatherthevillage #ittakesavillage #gather #community

“Does anyone else have weeks where you are completely overwhelmed and yet feel like you’ve accomplished absolutely nothing? The last few days, my goodness. Like I’m spinning my wheels in mud. And the accuser of my soul has been playing games in my brain and I’m OVER IT. So much anxiety. So many irrational fears. I will suddenly just be gut-sick. Certain that my children are being harmed or emotionally neglected or bullied and it’s all I can do to keep myself from going to the school and peering in windows and taking them home 😂. Or I will make up wild and horrid scenarios where I get ruthlessly fired (by my very reasonable employers) and am immediately homeless and stranded across the ocean from anyone I know. I’ll reach out and try to remember the names of 3/50 mom’s I have met at school and then torment myself with how stupid I sounded and how arrogant and self-absorbed I seem. Taking all the blame gets tiring so then little seeds of resentment are planted against perceived exclusions. Then I can’t remember which conflicts are true from the ones I had in my head so I’m never sure if I’m valid in feeling terribly offended at people when I see them because maybe they didn’t actually say I was a spacecase but man did we have it out in my brain! Me, mumbling cutting comebacks while I bike home past the golf course 😂😂😂. I can convince myself that I’m losing all my old friends and I’ll never make new ones and just WHO did I think I was to pack up my kids and move across the world?!! Good. Ness. Gracious.
It has to stop. Tonight I am trying my best to calm the din. Bible: open. Tea: on. Spoonful of biscuit butter: make it 3. I’m hugging my babies who love their mess of a mother. I’m remembering that I was designed and created with intention and purpose and that there is so much more Grace available to me than I could ever imagine. I’m writing. All the awkward, stupid, hurtful and confusing things I’m feeling. And then I’m letting it go and turning it off and tuning it out. Because I am loved and have been gifted with people to love. I am hopeful and crushed, fumbling and enough, joyful and sorrow-soaked but all of it is okay.❤️”
Written by @crossedandfound

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