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The Village  #BringingBackTheVillage through our parenting based community, magazine and events, because 'It Takes A Village®' Next City: Where to?

“I don’t know what’s braver than sitting at table with 20 women you’ve never met, and openly sharing what your mind and heart have been trying to heal for so long. I wish I could grab every single woman I know and have her experience what we feel during these dinners. It’s always pure magic. But @maytethewombdoula laying her hands on me and letting me visit the place all 5 of my babies once shared a home with me was the most healing of all. I am not broken, my womb has not failed me. Yesterday will seriously be in my heart forever.”
Written by @ohitsyo

This night will forever be in my heart too, 😘. #gatherthevillage

Styled by @spell_bundle

“I had no idea it would be this much, I had no idea I could handle it. I had no idea how beautiful it actually is.” - Tyler Knott Gregson.
Motherhood is a wild ride. Some days are just so hard you feel like running away from it all!! But then thinking about actually running and being away makes you cringe because you’d miss your littles so much. It’s so bitter sweet in the heat of the moment. You love them and want to be their all and at the same time you want to be away from them and completely alone. .
Yesterday we had a rough day, baby B wasn’t feeling well. I was stressed out and overwhelmed. I didn’t do laundry, I didn’t clean the house, I barely had enough time to make the other kids some lunch! I felt like a failure. Mom guilt was so strong. So I reached out to this amazing community of mamas and posted on my stories. I vented. I asked for advice. And you know what! You all came together to help me!.
One comment in particular made me pause. She said replying to my stories: “look at him (baby B) just watching you tho. I remember the stress, but looking at him now the way he looks at you. Heartbreaking!”.
To be honest I hadn’t even notice! I was so busy thinking about my to do list that I didn’t even notice my son looking at me! Motherhood is all about perspective. Choosing to look at the tender moments that so often go by unnoticed.
This was a beautiful reminder to pause. .
To notice.
To let go.
To love. .
So today I am pausing and enjoying every detail of his one month self along with his siblings. And I encourage you to embrace your motherhood journey with me, to pause and just notice 💕”
By @she_plusfive

Thank you for this beautiful reminder sweet Mama! To share, tag your images #BringingBackTheVillage

“Real healing happens when we dare to breathe in the universe, stretching both body and soul to reach for balance and truth. Sometimes, healing moments take forever to arrive. At other times, they fall in our laps with sheer grace, like a feather from an unseen bird.”
~Kristina Turner

My intention for Saturday’s #GatherTheVillage dinner was just that, a gift that was graciously given to me, passed on from one woman to another, just like the way it used to be.
@krystalmfesterly ~
Check the ‘Kindred’ highlight for a peek into Saturday nights dinner. 💖

Styled by @spell_bundle🌾

Last night we Gathered The Village...and what a Village it was..

“Spent the most magical evening with these beautiful souls. @krystalmfesterly led intentional conversation around what needs healing in our life. The word that hit me in the gut was “worthiness”. I’ve felt like an outsider for as long as I can remember. Always wishing to be chosen, to be seen, and to be worthy. No matter how much work I do related to infidelity, divorce, friendships, romantic relationships... this is the theme that comes up. Will I ever feel worthy? Worthy of happiness, success, and mostly love. .
There was a moment of profound healing and connection for me last night. @maytethewombdoula laid hands on my womb space and said “you cannot heal others until you have been healed. You cannot love others until you love yourself”. She called out actions of self-sabotage and reminded me that I am worthy. .
This is what what we need as women, as humans. We need connection. We need space to say the things we don’t even know we feel. We need truth-tellers. We need “me too”. We need beauty and presence. We need to have our true selves be seen and we need to bear witness to those around us. We need to feel our feet in the earth. We need a village.”
By @k_doezie 💕
Hosted by @sheena101
Intentional Conversation @krystalmfesterly
Special Guest-@maytethewombdoula
Styled by @spell_bundle
Food by @thesaltedpig

Tonight is the last night to reserve your seat for ‘Kindred Spirt’ a #GatherTheVillage Dinner, on July 14th at 4pm, located at a private residence in Riverside CA. Check out the Kindred highlight for more details.
Come have a seat at our table, because life and food are better shared.
Click the link in our profile to reserve your seat.
#bringingbackthevillage #ittakesavillage

“I was supposed to go out to a friend’s cookout tonight with my family.
But my husband picked up a shift today, and the kids were in rare form. Everyone except my eldest. A thunderstorm hit and we couldn’t go outside. The girls fought and complained all day. They had Shopkin pieces everywhere and wouldn’t pick up which isn’t like my oldest daughter. I threatened to throw all the pieces in the trash.
They fought some more, spilled juice, woke Liam up after I had just gotten him down. My Keuirig started messing up and my head was throbbing. I had no coffee or patience left.
I cried, and shouted. And by the time my husband got home the thought of a social event just made me clam up.
He looked like his feelings were hurt, but this is the side of anxiety and depression that no one talks about much.
Some days are so good that I want to hold onto them with every part of me. But then there are days like today that make me just want to hide in a closet alone, all while wishing someone would reach out to me. It makes absolutely no sense.
But I went out, alone.
I went to Micheals Craft store and got excited over pretty washi tapes and Bible stickers. I grabbed a coffee and just allowed myself space to breathe.
Yes, I felt bad for not going to my friend’s cookout.
On the outside it may look like I just chose not to show up, but on the inside stepping out alone on these dark days means showing up for myself.
I texted her and I texted my husband. He understands and supports me so much. Yet sometimes I feel so bad.
Just after a day of so many needs, and whining I needed...alone time.
If there’s one thing I’m learning about mental health is that, showing up for myself is a necessity.
So for anyone else overwhelmed with emotions feeling like no one understands...I get it!
Do something kind for yourself. Show up for yourself and when you feel like you can’t even remember that you CAN. Even if you have to cry it out in the parking lot in silence. This is my fist bump to you... I see you, I feel you, I am with you, because I battle it too.”
Written by @raisingthemartins

Yes! We have to show up for ourselves too, thank you for the reminder. To share, tag #bringingbackthevillage

Get to know @maytethewombdoula and her practice—
“During your womb massage you are taught things about your womb that you may not have known before, or things that you were unsure of or already knew. You've had time to go over this new information, accept and release those emotions within you.This is important not only for you but also to begin our work to help others heal within themselves. We must release all the stress, pain, sadness and frustration that has built inside you all these years. We want a clean start and acceptance of your past for the new journeys you will begin.”
- @maytethewombdoula

Reserved your seat for Kindred Healing by clicking the link in our profile.
Come and sit with us, everyone’s welcome at our table! #GatherTheVillage #ItTakesAVillage
📷 @folkwomban

“Healing is freedom from worry.
Healing is to live and not to pretend to live.
Healing is gratitude.
Healing is balance.
Healing is letting go.
Healing is the energy of now.”
~Terri Guillemets

There are only two more days to grab your seat for our very special dinner, Kindred Healing, with special guest @maytethewombdoula all the way from Dallas TX.
We’re over the moon excited to meet you this weekend! Make sure to RESERVE your seat today via the link located in our profile. This is one night you definitely don’t want to miss.
*Check the Kindred highlight for more dinner details.

Image above form our last dinner with our sweet friends over at @honeyandsageco in Dallas, located at the amazing @ourbirthinghome. 📷 @folkwomban

“Reality check: 31. Single mom. 2 kids. Moving out in 41 days. First rental. Always owned. Since 19. Humbling to say the least. Currently: Riding waves of emotions. Mostly filled with joy and laughter. Also a shit ton of confusion. Exploring. New territory. Heart on my sleeve. Expected: A few wrong turns. Mistakes. Heartaches. Tears. And also: Feelings of exhilaration. Freedom to be. And become who I know myself to be. At the end of the day: I’ve got this. Note to self: Keep heart open for the ride. No matter how much it hurts.”
By @ripplesoftruth

Holding you close mama, you’ve got this, sending all the love your way. To share, tag your image #bringingbackthevillage

I couldn’t think of a better quote that describes the power that love has to heal. This is what our #GatherTheVillage Dinners are all about and perfectly embodies what special guest (at our upcoming July 14th Gather The Village Dinner) @maytethewombdoula does. Every movement, very touch, every word she utters, comes from a loving heart, and in turn...heals.
Come for the food
Come for the laughs
Come for the beauty
Come to feel supported
Come for a break
Come to feel loved
Come for healing
but most importantly...
Come as you are.

Limited seats are available for Kindred Healing a Gather The Village Dinner, located in Riverside CA, with special guest @maytethewombdoula, hosted by @sheena101, intentional conversation lead by @KrystalMFesterly, food by @thesaltedpig, styled by @spell_bundle.
This is one evening you won’t wanna miss.

Reserve your seat via the link located in our profile.
Tag a friend below! And we’ll see you there. 💃🏾💃🏾
#bringingbackthevillage #ittakesavillage

“A somewhat impromptu overnight date without babies...our first night out alone in FIVE YEARS. Five years.
I forgot what it was like to allow myself to be myself. To be myself with my husband. I remembered how to breathe...that is not to say it was breathing without pause...not fully filling our lungs in realization that our nights of chaotic rhythm and hum of parenting through toddlerhood is the most pure air of it all.”
By @aninalaura

Yes!! Let us not forget where the Love started. To share, tag your images #bringingbackthevillage

Hi ya’ll! 👋🏾 We’re getting ready for our next #GatherTheVillage Dinner, "Kindred Healing", and I kid you not, I am giddy with excitement.

I set out years ago to make my Village, to find mamas to raise my babies along side of, to find comfort, and healing, and acceptance. Sometimes I have to pinch myself when I realize that I actually found it.
Did you know the first dinner I ever held was in the middle of a park? *swipe the image to see!* We borrowed some of my mothers (Extremely heavy!) vintage furniture and her china. I cooked, and made my first flower arrangements, it took days of preparation. I was full of see, I had invited women I’d admired over the years on this tiny thing called @instagram, women I didn’t know... and then we sat, and all those nerves melted away. We ate, we laughed, we exchanged birth stories, we cried, and laughed some more. I’ll never forget that night.
This table means more to me than I ever thought it would, I’ve heard women open up about things that they couldn’t tell their closest friends, or better yet, things they haven’t even uttered aloud (myself included), I’ve held women as they wept, I’ve laughed so hard wine has come out of my nose, and I’ve seen real true honest-to-goodness friendships start, it’s spectacular really. My favorite part is at the end, when all these women, who were strangers not hours before sit back and relax; they’ve been seen, heard, and are worry free.
Looking back, I realize the magic that was at that first table is the same magic that’s here today— and no matter if it’s 5 people or 45 people, that indescribable feeling is there.

Magical tidbit: The dinner coming up is hosted by @sheena101, and besides the fact that she’s the sweetest friend a girl could ask for, and a bad a** Mama to boot, she was at my first dinner and countless dinners after. YUP! She even hopped on a plane ✈️ to help us with that life changing dinner in Dallas. 💫
& We’re bringing a bit of Dallas back for you, aka @maytethewombdoula, because that’s what girlfriends do. This dinners going to be gooooood! I truly hope to see you there. You can reserve your seat via the link in our bio.
Much love,

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