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Craig  ⚔Bearded Villain⚔ ⚔BVVA⚔ Artist, Gamer, Beardo In Need Of Awesome Beard Care Check out Artius Man, VB10 gets you 10% off


Regrann from @harrywallace39 - ⚔️ BV ⚔️ Never Forget The Foundation Of Bearded Villains, Brotherhood
Brotherhood Is The Strength, Brotherhood Is The Glue,
Brotherhood Is What Makes All Of This Possible


These Bearded men were once strangers... Can you believe this? Well it is true.

These men believed in a crazy idea I once had to gather together under one name and create a community of brothers sharing the same fundamentals values in life... And that name is BEARDED VILLAINS.

BV page here on IG has always featured not just our brothers but other bearded men with admirable beards as "models" and this is the beauty of it..... The diversity of our posts to showcase ALL bearded men.

I will make it simple ... If you are trying to join our movement for a post or "insta-fame" .... Thank you but NO THANK YOU. As one of our brothers (Corey) recently posted #preservethebrotherhood Scouts ! Ladies and gentlemen We have evolved.... To one of the strongest and biggest worldwide community in social media and we did it TOGETHER, not just me... US.
It's Not about merchandise as I have never asked anyone and will never ask anyone for any sort of money or purchase to join.... We are more than that, this is about our community and being proud of who we are and what we do as A PROUD BEARDED VILLAIN! if it's a meet up with brothers for a beer, a well organized charity event or a BBQ at the park... This is what our community is and I'm proud of this.

We have the opportunity in front of us to make a difference all under ONE BEROTHERHOOD... ONE SHIP 🔪. The rewards are all around us.. When someone says THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP. This is the real reward... Fuck a post... Or a shirt or the haters, When you get to help someone in need with your brothers is an experience that you will never forget.
I love you brothers and thank you all for making this brotherhood fucking amazing. - Von Knox

#ZEROnegativity #goodvibesonly #beardedvillains4life #bv4life #ilovemyBVbrothers #justabeardedvillain - #r

Damn neighbor, always ruining my fun 😔
Hope everyone's having a fantastic Friday 👊🍻 #whattheforcast #VapingBeardo

@Regranned from @thebourbonhound - It's pretty simple, Don't Punch Your Date. Not asking for world changing effort. Not asking the impossible. Dont Hit Your Date seems a pretty reasonable minimalnbar to expect of yourself in exchange for getting oxygen. ・・・
Wear Orange tomorrow for Teen Dating Violence Awareness! If you’re in Loudoun Co, use hashtags #LoCo4Love and #ThatsLove. Because everyone deserves a healthy relationship. - #regrann

@Regranned from @beardedvillainslouisiana - ⚔️ Fly high until we meet again ⚔️ Rising from the ashes, you spread your wings to fly

Reaching now for those final dreams, belief will never die

Beautiful and so glorious, the eternal bird of fire

Soaring up into the sun, leaving behind the pyre

Dreams are now your destiny; reach with all your might

You’re a powerful inferno, ablaze and in full flight

Yesterday is over, today has just begun

The sky is now your playground your home is now the sun

Destiny is in your grasp, forget the doubts and fears

Your flame will burn eternally for all remaining years

There will be times of doubt, and moments of pure sorrow

But one thing that is ever true, you’re the angel of tomorrow. (Deanthebard). We have one more angel looking over us. You'll be truly missed @foenix0709 #beardedvillains #beardedvillainslouisiana #bvla #flyhigh #ripbrother - #regrann

@Regranned from @beardedvillainssouthms - Alright Brothers, we are now collecting money to help send this little girl to Ohio from Mississippi to get the treatment she needs.
Donations can be sent to the link

Or you can DM us for other options.
We'd like to thank our brother Timothy James Bell for bringing this girl to our attention, and it broke our heart knowing they needed help.
So please, any little bit you can donate, please do. Any little amount helps.
#beardedvillains #hopeforheather #beard #bearded #chariy - #regrann

Was tagged for an #sds the other day by the always awesome @evaxr0ckz so here's a pic from yesterday when I crawled my giant ass under the house. Y'all have a fantastic Sunday. If I tagged ya, get to it 👊🍻 #BeardedVillains #VaVillain #VirgininaVillains #bvworldwide #StayLoyal #StayVillain #VillainForLife #BVVA #RiseOfTheVirginiaChapter #LOYALTYMAKESYOUFAMILY #OneBrotherhoodOneShip #RiseOfTheBrotherhood #beard #beardlife #noshavelife #pogonophile #ArtiusMan #BeYourOwn #villaintillthedayido #beardoil #VapingBeardo

@Regranned from @beardedvillains - ⚔️ #BVWorldwide

In every direction is where you will find us, every day, any time, our brotherhood never sleeps. If you ever find yourself lost REACH OUT to your BV brother, Brotherhood is also being there for each other as simple as it sounds..... it is stronger than you think.
Photo by: @motherswallow
#BVstrong #StrongerTogether #brotherhood - #regrann

Was tagged this morning by the gorgeous and always amazing @187psycho for a whats your lock/homescreen and last song post, or whatever, so here it is haha. Last song I listened to was Tennessee love by @yelawolf
Feel free to play along if you'd like 👊🍻 #starwars #starwarsislife #beard #bearded #beardo #pogonophile #lockscreen #homescreen #porgs #noshavelife #VapingBeardo

The sun sounds like a total twat-waffle 😂😂
Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday 👊🍻

Family Guy edition 👊🍻 @Regranned from @1meanpapi - ⚔Family Guy⚔
Just having fun on www.familyguyyourself.com
#familyguyyourself - #regrann

Tagged over the last few days by a few awesome brothers for an #sds.
Sorry for the delay fellas haven't been feeling myself lately.
Anyways, if tagged y'all know the drill 👊🍻

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