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Do you like getting awesome stuff and helping your fellow man? Make a small donation (by following the rules below) and you could do both.
It's Movember and in an effort to raise funds that will go towards fighting against men’s health issues, it’s time for a fundraising raffle. There are a lot of great things being given away here and it could all be yours.
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- Movember trucker hat
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- Paracord lanyards
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We wanted to share the love with those who have supported us on our journey and give back to you!
We are giving away the WHOLE line up of our juice AND a Switch Mod! How exciting!
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$3 FDA fee will be applied and payable via PayPal and will go towards shipping. Must be above legal smoking age to enter.

Once again it's that time. Every year on this date I watch this movie. An absolutely fantastic film about a simple idea. Remember remember the 5th of November... This film has had such an impact on my life. "The best way to beat the system is not to be a rebellious punk, but to conform and destroy it from the inside. For as a patriot you shall support your country all the time, and your government only when its deserving."
#thevapinganarchist #anarchy #anarchist #anarchism #v #vforvendetta #guyfawkes #5thofnovember #rememberrememberthe5thofnovember

So it's been a couple days but here's my Day 2/7 #blackandwhitechallenge. Cincinnati skyline covered by fog. @backyard_blades i challenge you. #thevapinganarchist #cincinnati #skyline #fog #riverlife #riverrat #piratesoftheohio #pirateslifeforme

Day 1/7 for the #blackandwhitechallenge. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Complete the challenge and give some insight of the picture. This is my Mjölnir. Yes I'm a Odinist/Asutruan/Heathen. (If you don't want to see this content please quietly unfollow me.) I have had unwavering support over the last few years from brothers and sisters alike. To be a part of such a great community/family is amazing. To be Heathen is not a singular effort, we work together for the betterment of the community. We are not these blood thirsty brutes. We are people just like you. We proudly display our beliefs yet do not cram it in your face. If Christians and Catholics can display their crosses, we will continue to display our symbols. We are proud to be Heathen. #thevapinganarchist #heathen #heathens #heathenry #heathenism #heathensofinstagram #mjolnir #thor #odintheallfather #asutru #odinist #odinists #odin #pagan #pagans #paganism #pagansofinstagram #thegreatheathenarmy #itsnotwhatibelieveitswhoiam

Got tagged by @bluemoonpesh couple days ago in the #justthetipchallenge. Here's my next contestants. @backyard_blades @cataractsparrow @d_s_k_shop

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