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OK, so who else is confused that it’s somehow still winter? 🙋‍♂️ Buuuut, it does mean that it’s still weather for making things like this sausage, tomato and lentil stew. So upsides of not being able to feel your toes sometimes, right?

With all the things that really need doing today the only course of action was to go to an exhibition and then eat tacos and drink frozen margaritas! (Curiously the pink one is peach and the peach one is pink grapefruit...).

Who’s having a baking kind of a Sunday morning?

Do I now wish I’d been less lazy and made a Guinness cake for the last day of the Six Nations? Yes, yes I do.

Some days are comfort food sort of day. And this comfort food feels fancy AF. Greek yoghurt pasta with caramelised onions for the win.

You know what you need in your life this week? Chocolate, peanut butter oat bars. Because deliciousness and they’re way better than a packet of crisps when you’re getting snacky. Recipe on the blog right now.

What point in the week is too early for thinking about Friday treats, like Nutella brownies?

Rolling into next week and wondering if it’s time to start making hummus for lunches or if it’s still soup season (and sadly I think it’s the latter...)

It’s snowing outside. Like actual snow. Guess it’s not spring yet after all. So inside there’s lots of coffee and a big ol’ stack of pancakes. Just because.

Super-fluffy omelette. Because it’s the weekend and why the hell not?

Thursday evening plans: many. Reality: making hot chocolate and flopping on the sofa. Regrets: none.

Alright who’s had too many pancakes today? Trick question - there’s no such thing! Also, ever tried having peanut butter in your pancakes? If not, do yourself a favour and make it happen.

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