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The UPS Store  Everything you see here has actually been packed, shipped and delivered.

The original, blue-suited, powerful ranger, David Yost…’s mother walked into one of our Wisconsin stores. Look at all that sweet merch she entrusted us to pack and ship. These were ultimately signed and sent out to adoring fans. He’s the best. We’re the best too. Two things can be the best. #unexpectedpackandship

As tempted as we were to ship (ha!) this ship by packing it in a bottle, (SPOILER ALERT) ships in bottles are actually made inside of bottles. Sorry to take some of the mystery out of the world. But they do it by shrinking themselves to miniature size, climbing inside the bottles, then building the ship. #unexpectedpackandship #weshipships #shipping #ships

Our jobs aren’t glorious every day. But sometimes, we get to go home to our spouses and tell them, “Honey, somewhere out there, somebody is drinking out of a grotesque foot.” We did that. We made that happen. #unexpectedpackandship

It’s not every day a celebrity walks into one of our stores, so this was special. Sometimes you’re just living the life, and none other than THE toy soldier walks through the door. Okay, it was just a statue but we still got excited. #unexpectedpackandship

Got em! Tolbert the Owl and Little Tolbert the Wannabe Owl. These two guys could escape their beauteous confinement if they weren’t entombed in these domes. But they could never escape a safe and convenient pack and ship process. If you drop off with us, that’s a certainty. #unexpectedpackandship

What’s big and green and total nap bait? This couch! What it wasn’t though was a problem for our pack and ship experts. Oh, they’re not afraid to whip out the freight pallet if they have to. They’ll go there to get your stuff there. Wherever there is. #unexpectedpackandship

Someone brought in this little green mole person. We surmised that he must have been angry about being improperly handled in the past. So we took extra care to pack around his glow stick cane, and when the box opened, he was smiling. #unexpectedpackandship #starwarsday #maythe4thbewithyou #maytheforcebewithyou #yoda

Somebody goofed. Homeboy was supposed to catch a bus, but the mouse in charge booted him the last second for his girlfriend. But unfurl those slouched, despondent arms friend. Pack and ship did the trick. #unexpectedpackandship

It’s board game night somewhere, people! Although we were tempted to individually pack and ship each of the 144 tiles, it just, it..there was a better way. And we are professionals. #unexpectedpackandship

We’ve packed a few fake horses in our day, but packing a fake pony can be a more delicate operation. You gotta work twice as carefully to let the little guy know he’s just as important as the full-grown model. #unexpectedpackandship #pony #mylittlepony

A single face jar is one thing, but five? And each with its own set of poorly maintained toothy smiles and blank stares. Difficult but still doable for our pack and ship experts. #unexpectedpackandship

It doesn’t matter how many odds and ends you’ve safely packed and shipped, when someone like this walks into the room, you immediately recognize…He is the captain now. #unexpectedpackandship

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