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'Mr Dragon' by Henry, age 5. Definitely not a dinosaur, or a hedgehog on fire. The downfall of having my desk in our bedroom is that Mr Dragon will now be the first thing I see when I wake up 😬Though in all honesty I'm just grateful to have finally had some artwork home that can go on the wall (I know some parents like to keep absolutely everything their kids bring home but I'm never quite sure how best to 'display' a painted cereal box with a milk lid and some uncooked penne pasta stuck on it).

Me: Shall we put a film on? The one you've been asking to watch? A little Sunday morning treat! *Fun Mum face*
My kids: Yes. Let's put a film on that we then won't watch because we'd rather have a massive barney over a broken Hot Wheels track, resulting in hitting and screams and crying.
Me: *Disowns half-naked, squabbling children, watches film alone.*

Morning! ☺️

Ten Things I Have Learned in My First Year as a School Mum! *New Blog Post* (link in bio ⬆️) 'cos it's the last day of reception, innit! Includes jacket potatoes and Comic Sans ... (And, for the avoidance of doubt, pic one is his first day, pic two is this evening when he was literally too cool for school and said, 'Whatever' a lot). ALSO I should probably tell you this is my last blog post ... on the current blog 😉A nice man called Frank is building me a proper one which won't make me swear at my laptop. Probably. More on that soon x

🤣🤣 Oh how I miss being in an office ☺️

Had a LOVELY time at @thefmlystore this morning chatting about all things social media, books and boys (as in my boy children, not dating chat 🤣). I then put the pedal to the metal to get back to Exeter in time for Henry's end of term country dancing performance, dumping the car in the first space I found near the school, running down the hill and rocking up just 2 minutes late. I nearly cried when I saw his little face looking for me and then giving me a big thumbs up when he saw that I'd made it 😭Might not have rushed if I'd realised parents had to join in with the dancing 😱😬🤣
#secretlyenjoyedthattoo #proudmummoment #thinkhegetshisrhythmfromme
⭐️⭐️Facebook Live of today's @thefmlystore chat is on the Selfish Mother Facebook page⭐️⭐️

The Witching Hour (or two) before bed. When tiredness becomes rabid hyperactivity and instructions to 'calm down' or 'put pyjamas on' fall on (selectively) deaf ears. And once they are in bed? Well, that's when the delaying tactics kick in. They need help hunting the plastic frog that came in a party bag in 2013. They need a drink. The bruise on their elbow is hurting. The pillow is too pillowy. Luckily, Henry knows just how to make it up to me by showering me with compliments, today's being: 'Do you always wear pyjamas now, Mum?' 🙈🤣
#afraidsoson #thewitchinghour #whyaretheysowired #whyamisotired #thestartofashitpoem #mondaymood

Here's a picture of a toddler with a bunny rabbit. 'Cos sometimes that's what the world needs more of

The woman on the right is all of us, I love her! The trainers 😂


Can't wait for the baby to arrive so we can recreate this casual pose ☺️

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