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When you see a print the way you envision it, there is no feeling like it, making prints is what changed my life and my work, it was 13 years ago I made my first print a 5 by 7 inch, I was poor and had a gallery show to pay my rent (which looking back was a huge gamble) but not only did it work but it changed the way I made my photographs, from that point to now I have done over 50 galleries around the world, and have been able to work with some amazing people. @pageruth as the bunny. Would you put this in your room?

From the Submerged series shot on a 40 year old underwater film camera with @hollandroden something happened where the film captured the light in this really magical way only on this one day this photo is not photoshopped or enhanced in anyway. You have to try things that make you uncomfortable to get a result you never imaged.

Mona Lisa. They say it took 4 years to make the Mona Lisa, 4 years is nothing if you think about the fact that he made the most famous most seen painting of all time, displayed for almost 400 years. I always wanted to see her with red lips.

This is what a 72 inch contact sheet looks like, this print was from my Chromatic series, I started using film for this series because I wanted to make a contact sheet and when I saw it I kept using film because of the result, you can’t be afraid, to fail,try,learn,grow,loose,win and so on and so forth, seeing this print in this size took me back to the exact moment I took the photo, if you are scared to try you will die with regrets.

Instagram has changed photography forever, there are more photographers today than ever, more photos being taken than ever before in history, more people want to make a living taking photos, when I was starting I maybe knew 10 people who even owned a camera, things have changed, what has not changed is quality over quantity, photography is not a race, it’s not about who has the most photos or most likes, the amount of followers does not dictate the quality of someone’s work, if you are starting out you have to decide are you chasing the likes or the legacy.

A camera is just an expensive paper weight if you don’t use it. A few Marie Antionette images from my Decadence series that I never posted, there are to many amazing people to tag everyone but thank you to everyone who helped make this possible.

Black water 60 by 40 inches a throw back to my Mouthful series form 2012 I always loved this print and I had it up in my house for years, I tried with 5 people to get this photo before I found the right person, you only fail when you give up.

When you find love hold onto it and never let go, of course things will be hard and you will be challenged, but at the end of it all you will be happy you did. @loganhuffman77 and @lisa_veronica found each other and are getting married I could not be happier for 2 people.

The best story is told a million times just in a different town with different characters, but the story never changes we go through hard times we grow we learn we love and someone dies, the best stories freeze time for a moment, this videos was shot at 1200 frames per second to really slow time down, some amazing people in this video @loganhuffman77 @shoshanabush @connorpaolo @cru_ennis @faithpicozzi @kathrynnewton and many more! Song is Maps by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Leading man with @kingofbingo and @alliemarieevans I only took one frame of this, I was working with my old 4 by 5 for the first time in a long time and I found a film/light combination that I really love, but this came out even better than I imagined. Sometimes you have to try new things even if it’s just the old thing with a new mindset.

Orchid 60 by 45 inches. This photo took a lot of testing a lot of experimenting right camera with the right film the right light. Sometimes something has to fail before it becomes what it was meant to be and right when you want to give and walk away is the exact time you should lean in and push ahead, giving up is the only failure.

Eye Lashes. The simplest thing can say so much. One of the best things about making things is the interpretation of what others see, as when you make it you never get to see it for the first time it always starts as one idea and ends as another. What do you see when you look at this?

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