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Sometimes people think success comes over night. There is no such thing, anyone you ever see that is successful has worked at it and if they do it well and calculate it just right they will make it look easy. Life is no fun if you don't get a few bumps and bruises along the way. It’s been a long time since I made this photo, even more than that I made several attempts, but finally got it years later what do you think when you look at this? My show in Cincinnati Ohio opens tomorrow night 6pm.

Make America Paint Again, this is the 45 by 45 inch print edition of 3, which is owned by one of my favorite people, someone close to me once said there is nothing I love more than a good drum scan, this print has a lot of detail and a feel to it and there is only one left at this size. Where would you put this up? @hannah_glasby @iconla @millergallery

The first time you see a print is the first time you really see the photo, I am in Cincinnati Ohio for a gallery that opens the 21st and I can’t help but remember the first time I ever saw this print you can see the smile on my face as this is really the first time I could see the detail and what this print was really going to look like on a wall, you never know what photos will end up where who will buy what who will want to collect which pieces but this is where it starts in the lab on the printing table! @iconla @pageruth thank you!

Everyone thinks about quitting only difference is some people do it and some people don’t, I am currently in Cincinnati Ohio for my opening with @millergallery and I can’t wait to see all the old faces and new faces the gallery is open to the public and free of charge so stop in and check it out, this is a photo of @coltonlhaynes and @hollandroden that was taken during shooting for my paint series the paint had run down and they were freezing cold and this moment happened, sometimes you have to make the photo and sometimes you have to take it. Have you ever thought about quitting something but decided not to?

Venus, the Roman god of love, as a part of my masters series this is from the iconic Botticelli painting, this painting was interesting to me as she was born fully grown, the thing about love today is people expect there to be no ups and downs as soon as they are challenged they give up, if it is a person, career or art when it gets hard you can’t give up you have to push. This print will be available in a few sizes 15 inch 30 inch and 45 inch all edition of 3 where in your house would you put this?

Girls on the beach a 60 by 45 inch print edition of 3, there is no feeling like walking into a gallery opening night seeing all the works up on the walls meeting people, meeting collectors, seeing what prints people want in their houses offices or where ever they will put them. I was once told I was bad at shooting woman by a very big PR person, i have not thought about that in a very long time but for some reason seeing this print made me think of it, big thanks to him for telling me I would never take a good photo of a woman! Never let them put you down only let them make you better...

True friendship is hard to come by especially in Hollywood, people come and go they love you then hate you, your best friend becomes your worst enemy, but there are those people who stand by you no matter what when your up when your down, when you need them or when they need you, some people run and some people are willing to get their hands dirty @coltonlhaynes and @hollandroden have that type of friendship it is beautifully rare so if you have that person in your life let them know how special they are to you and expect nothing in return! To Colton and Holland thank you for all the support love you both!

Coffee and cigarettes, when you see this printed large you can see what looks like a universe swirling around in the coffee. They say over 146 billion cups of coffee are sold each year, and 15 billion cigarettes are sold daily making them 2 of the most used commodities in the world, I have never drank coffee or smoked ever, what is your favorite cup of coffee and do you smoke have you stopped and why? A huge thanks to the amazing @alliemarieevans for letting me go through her collection of coffee and tea cups to find the exact cup and letting me put scowling hot coffee on her bathing suit area and for being such a trooper about it!

The lovers met at the place they fell in love, torn apart by war they found their way back to each other, both changed, both for the better, they stood under the vanilla sky, Love is not an accident, never a mistake, often a dream, sometimes a fairytale, and always a challenge and anyone who tells you other wise is selling something. May you all find it and keep it. Tag someone you love...

Time is whatever you believe it to be some people are a slave to time fear of age fear of running out of it, your clock ends when it ends worrying about it will do nothing to extend it only shorten it. So many amazing people in this video from so many shoots of you could live in one of these worlds which would it be? Music by the master Hans Zimmer one of my all time favorites. @hanszimmer

I had a conversation with someone about failure, and I realized they feared the idea of failing more than actually failing but if that fear controls you then you have already lost the idea that you have to control something that someone else can define what success is to you is the only way to really fail, trying is a form of success and fear is a form of failure, don’t give into the fear and you will always be successful. What do you fear? Semi Gloss Mouth from my new Paint series. Will be available in 15 inch 30 inch and 45 inch all edition of 3.

If it was easy everyone would do it, if everyone did it, it would be easy. There is no such thing as failure there is no such thing as trying you either do it or you don’t you make up in your mind what success is to you, life is dictated by choices some happen fast some take a life time, but when you make a choice if it does serve you if it wasn’t the right choice sticking to it only hurts you. Be strong be dedicated and be decisive. Photo of @coltonlhaynes and @hollandroden

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