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THE TREE KISSER  I make clothes for bold & compassionate souls ❤️ 10% of sales are donated 💸 to animal rescues! ✨Over $48,000 donated since 2013!✨ STORE CLOSING SOON!

If you're still hoping to grab some #thetreekisser apparel before it's gone forever (😭), be sure to watch my IG story to find out which designs/sizes are almost sold out! Hint: it's quite a few. Whatever's left in a few days will be put into a clearance sale, so if you've had your heart set on something, don't wait much longer! (PS: infinite thanks to those of you who have placed orders already. You're the best and you're making this so much easier for me ❤️)

Sorry I've been so MIA since the big closing announcement! Honestly, I took a little time to just breathe, cuddle my pups 🐶, catch up on wedding planning 👰🏼 (IT'S SO HARD!) and work on my pollinator garden 🐝🌺. But tomorrow I'm getting back to work 💪🏼 and will be posting to my IG story about which remaining designs/styles are almost sold out! Just to make sure those of you with your heart set on something are able to grab it before the clearance sale. To all of you who have sent supportive messages, emails, and comments...words can't express my gratitude and appreciation! ❤️❤️❤️ (engagement photo by the fabulous @meiganphoto)

As I work on winding down my business, I find myself thinking about the people who made this adventure possible. One such person is the radiant ✨@iamsunshine78✨, a fellow apparel designer and animal advocate, shown here wearing a Tree Kisser design while feeding a rescued calf at @animalaid_india 🐮. Without Brenda's initial guidance, encouragement, and willingness to answer every annoying question I incessantly emailed her, there's honestly no way I could've gotten started. Ever since I presented her with my idea in September 2013, she showered me with enthusiasm. She helped me set up wholesale accounts 📋, figure out the postal system 📫, and understand different methods of screen printing. Despite having a "competing" business (not that we ever really treated each other that way), she took time to post selfies in my shirts and promote my work online. She joined me at events where the heat, exhaustion, and physical labor far exceeded our expectations, without a single complaint. And I'm pretty sure I've never even publicly thanked her- at least not to the degree she deserves. People ask me constantly for advice about starting a business, as though I might have some secret magical answer to make it easier...but really, much of my success comes from straight up luck. In this case, my luck came in the form of a friend who never stops helping, never stops giving, and never even asks for anything in return. If you have one of those, you're off to a great start! Infinite love and thanks Brenda, every order I ship out and every dollar I donate is made possible because of you ❤️.

So, I have some news. After nearly four years in business, I'm preparing to close The Tree Kisser shop. There are quite a few reasons, many of which I'll be elaborating on in my IG story tonight and in the coming weeks. The short version is, I'm just ready to move on. This business has allowed me to donate 💸 nearly $50,000 to animal rescue & advocacy groups 🐶🐱🐷, which has been AMAZING and humbling, but I'm eager to contribute in a more substantial and multifaceted way. I've also just lost some interest in the design & marketing side of things; what used to excite and challenge me no longer does, and that's not fun for any of us. I am so so so so SO grateful for the support you've shown over the years; it never stops feeling surreal or blowing my mind. You should know I won't be disappearing, I'll just be shifting my social media back to advocacy and activism 💪🏼 and away from advertising. Of course eventually I'll have a clearance sale to get through the remaining inventory, but in the meantime if there's anything you've been waiting to buy, I suggest grabbing it now! No new inventory will be coming in, and once prices drop, options will quickly disappear. I'd also love my final donation to be as impactful as possible! I'm sure many of you will have questions so feel free to ask, just know it might take a while to reply to everything. I don't really know how to end this aside from just saying...THANK YOU ❤️❤️❤️.

I kind of love that most of my customer photos have animals in them. You guys are the coolest. Grab the "Save Me A Drink" organic poncho tee at ✨✨! 🐶🌍🍹

When life throws me problems, which it's been doing a lot of lately, I remind myself that Jon Stewart and his wife Tracey run a farm sanctuary for rescued animals & that makes everything better 😍. (photo 📷 by my hero @weanimals)

This photo is realllly making me crave a mountain vacation! With my pups 🐶 of course. Thanks for this lovely shot of #thetreekisser "Dogs Before Dudes" eco-fleece, @sammmertime!

I truly have the greatest (and cutest) customers 🐶❤️. Thanks for showcasing your #thetreekisser collection, @itty.bitty.chi.committee!

This is the perfect way to wear #thetreekisser "Plays Well With Animals" flowy pullover 🐶😂! Thanks for capturing this adorable moment, @zebrajojo!

Sweet Sunday dreams 🐶😴! 🎥 via one of my favorite rescue 💪🏼 pages, @roofusandkilo.

The only tank you need this summer ☀️! Grab the "Save Me A Drink" muscle top at ✨✨! (📸: @hittheroadmap)

Animal rescue is the best medicine 😉. Thanks for making a statement in #thetreekisser "Drug Of Choice" organic muscle top, @happyveggiegirl! 🐶🐰❤️

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