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If you have an interest in learning about photography for the non-profit world, our partners at NGO Photographers Alliance have a number of Mentorship programs scheduled for the summer months (June to August) which take you to an unique destination to attend photography workshops and participate in NGO activities.

Find out more at @ngophotographers or head to their website to embark on a program!.
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Looking for your next adventure?

The NGO Photographers Alliance offers a Mentorship Program in NGO Photography that is designed to appeal to a wide range of travellers, taking participants to spectacular countries where you will meet incredible people and be immersed in environments that will enable you to witness everyday life up close and personal.
Working with our partner NGOs, you will also learn new skills and techniques in our photography workshops - from portrait photography to methods on interacting with people, our mentors will provide their experience and knowledge to guide you on building the ultimate photography career.

For full program details, visit @ngophotographers or head to

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Flashback to a journey that seemed like a lifetime ago... Jerash, the Gerasa of Antiquity, Jordan.

Flashback to a journey that seemed like a lifetime ago... Red Dog in the sands of Wadi Rum, Jordan

It feels like there's oceans between you and me once again...

Follow the daily life of Lala Warner, a photographer from South Africa currently teaching in South Korea, here @gingersoulstory. A selection of Lala's images will be featured in Issue 4 of The Travellist.

Issue 4 of The Travellist is coming...

Taiwan - one of the most underrated countries in the world. Claimed by China in entirety as a "province", Taiwan is proudly democratic and considers itself an independent and sovereign nation. Considered an electronic hub, famous Taiwanese brands include Acer, Asus, HTC, Foxconn and AU Optronics. Taiwan is also home to Evergreen, a worldwide logistics and shipping company; EVA Airlines which operates the world's only Hello Kitty airplanes and is ranked in the top 10 airlines in the world; Giant Bicycles, the world's largest manufacturer of bicycles; upstart whiskey brand Kavalan, recently crowned the world's best whiskey; and Oscar-winning film director Ang Lee, he of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon fame, who originally hails from Taiwan.

Taiwan is the 20th largest economy in the world with a higher GDP per capita than Japan or Great Britain. Yet due to China's continual obstruction, Taiwan is referred to as the "international orphan" as it is the only developed economy in the world that is not a member of the UN and is barred from many international organisations such as Interpol, WHO, World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. It is also forced to participate at the Olympics under the moniker "Chinese Taipei" and has diplomatic ties with only 21 countries in the world - of which the Vatican is the most important.

China's unrelenting claims to democratic Taiwan has resulted in the Taiwan Straits being regarded as one of the world's most dangerous flashpoints.

If only I could make a deal with God, I'd get him to swap our places... Paris, France

We cannot change history, but we can learn from it.

Yasukuni Shrine
Tokyo, Japan

Issue 4 of #TheTravellist is coming soon...

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