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seira t.  Let them pictures speak for me.

Reading Murakami's The Wild Sheep Chase while being physically in Hokkaido make it's even more painful. I still dislike his books. But I still read it.
Wasn't crazy to go look for Junitaki Cho. But did look at meadows where sheeps might appear.

Somehow. Sun here in the north rises just as we fall asleep. 4am-sunrise is no joke.


Orgels make me very happy. Many orgels make me many very happy.


Just had to go for this. #letao #cheesecake

Hakama over kimono.

I can look at this all day long.

I grew totoro ears!!!!

對不起娘 女兒不孝

I'm a bad daughter. I chose to work in the theatre line. I don't earn enough to feed my mom. She has to fish for us. I'm sorry.

H "you eat the corn for me"
M "why"
H "cuz you very sweet"

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