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The Travelers Club  San Diego, born and bred. Culture & Events. UPCOMING: 10/12 • SoSuperSam w/ J. Robb

We bring you another weekly edition of San Diego Shit That Matters, a whole guide to things that happened (or will happen) this week that you should probably know about. Even if it is just to at least form an opinion on local matters, we can assure you it's worth the read. Written by us, for us! Link in bio.

THIS SATURDAY — We got our Queer Club night w/ Sasha Marie and Von Kiss + many more, celebrating underground club music and the LGBTQ+ culture that has long cultivated it. Bounce, Jersey Club, Vogue anthems, House, and everything in between, all played by some of San Diego's best. Make sure to come dressed up cos we’re def going all out.

ANNOUNCEMENT — October 12th, the Warehouse Takeover is back with our very special guests SOSUPERSAM (live + DJ set) & J. Robb, plus many more. If you’ve been to this event series before, you know just how insane it gets. Get your tickets while you still can, see you soon.

“To humanity, the Yuppie is a traitor to his class. He represents all that is bad to these people.” More local coverage coming this week. Another show announcement tonight. A digital media workshop lined up to come soon. Keep your eyes peeled.

With our first "semester" of Each One Teach One wrapped up, we just wanted to express how extremely honored we have been to have had some of San Diego's most prestigious creative leaders as instructors over the past few months. These include top-tier brand developers & designers, national award winning writers, design agency CEOs, professional filmmakers, touring musicians, established print makers and more.
Along with great teachers, each class presented us with a wide range of amazing students; new faces each class, as well as a core group of avid learners who attended every Sunday with equal enthusiasm and spirit. Being able to provide these workshops to eager students simply searching for an entry point into their dream career is the greatest achievement we could have ever accomplished, as well as the ability to build fruitful relationships for all parties involved in the process.
Until next year!

Make sure not to miss out on our last Each One Teach One classes today, including “Intro to Print & Zinemaking” and a few hours afterwards dedicated to a one on one portfolio review from professionals in the field. Music, photo, video, writing, design — we’ll have you covered if you want productive feedback on your work. Come on through!

Monkey Paw closes, Airbnb turns into a terrorist organization, CA ends money bail in a very sus way, Ché’s Escorted Trips mini-festival, and much more. This is your guide to wtf happened in San Diego this week, told by us and for us. Link in bio.

THIS SUNDAY — After two very rewarding months, our Each One Teach One workshop series finally comes to an end with class, “Intro to Print & Zinemaking,” featuring the great @plntmag and @dailysworkshop.
Join us for an interactive workshop filled with lessons on starting your own print publication, as well as a hands-on study on screen printing and other mediums of print. If creating your own magazine or print brand has long been a dream of yours, this is your class. Last minute sign ups available at

SPOTLIGHT — The latest in San Diego-based photographer Anthony Quisay’s (@anthony.ahyeah) #100WeirdProject, this beautiful set features model @aleenaflowers recalling dreamy scenes of a crimson-covered Virgin de Guadalupe, draped in thin veils and royal golden accessories. When explaining the sentiment behind the set, Quisay told us:
“Right now is definitely the time to figure out who you are and if you already know who that person is, express it. Do what you want to do and feel how you want to feel.”
Make sure to follow Anthony Quisay for more breathtaking updates in his #100WeirdProject series.

It’s a fast time we live in and often we lose sight of what really matters on a local scale. In this new series (or at least we hope), @andyinternets breaks down the biggest San Diego news of the week in real terms, as we see it. No boring ass coverage or academic elite speak, just the skraight facts, told by us and for us. Swipe left for a preview of the topics and read the article by clicking our bio.

THIS SUNDAY — Have you ever wanted to build your own website, but couldn’t find the right tools to make it happen? Our Sunday’s “UX Design & Website Building” class will cover not only the fundamentals of user experience design, but also how to build a professional website using basic online resources. The skills learned in this class will range from beginner basics to advanced techniques, with a guided tutorial led by our industry experts, @court_creates and @onehandwonderman (pictured).

September 15th, we're teaming up with Soulection's Sasha Marie for a new series celebrating underground club music and the queer culture that has long created and cultivated it. This means all the regional classics: New Orleans Bounce, Jersey Club, Vogue anthems, House, and everything in between, all played by some of San Diego's best. Extra points if you come dressed up in your Saturday nights best because we’re def going all out.

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