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Why won't many of us give ourselves permission to feel the highest vibrations possible to us? This is what Baba Robert at the sweat lodge tonight. How true is that? Tonight, I went to purge for the new moon in Libra approaching. We often give too much power to things that lower our vibrations and we hold onto them causing us toxicity. A sweat lodge makes you sweat. Opens you up so you can dump out what toxins you've had inside. Your skin is the largest organ in your body. The lodge is an indigenous sauna filled with affirmations, gratitude and release for you to get them out. You leave your ego at the door and you enter into surrender. One of the affirmations tonight of gratitude was, "I am grateful for the functioning vehicle that I am in." It's important to keep up our health in all aspects,making the most of the experience in the vessel we are in and to move forward. Tonight, I released anger, anxiety, hurt, resentment, annoyance...because the truth is, I have had a lot of it in the past few months and I'm done with it. Many of us do and we don't dump it often enough. We shouldn't even give those things permission to fuck with our vibration. My friend said tonight, in her moment of gratitude is that, "I realize now I take no losses. Every lesson is an opportunity to win." Do you really give yourself permission to be happy? We spend so much time stuck in the moments that keep us low. You deserve laughter, good food, great bonds, love, orgasms, tears of joy, celebration and infinite prosperity. It doesn't come by punishing yourself and by not relinquishing the things that keep you attached to pain. You deserve the best. What do you want in 2k18 and what will you relinquish in order to have it? I give myself permission to have more and the best. You can too. We need not spend time admiring others but manifesting our own desires out of the highest good for ourselves and with specific intent. We closed the night with a word of intent. Mine was *cues Future*, "Colossal". Extremely large. I want my life to be that. Why not? Don't you deserve that? Give yourself permission to accept, and the universe will deliver. Here's to a colossal new cycle ⚖️💎✨

I'm working on some new motivational meditations for you guys but in the meantime you can enjoy this one on SoundCloud ⚡️ https://soundcloud.com/user-625478157/the-trap-witch-presents-a-motivational-meditation-welcome-to-the-trap-1 ✨

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🌕♎️New Moon in Libra 10/19/17 Reading on my YouTube now (full link in my bio) 🎥⚖️ This reading brings up leaving triggering people and environments behind and no longer dancing with devils that will eventually may lead to involuntary explosion. It's time to do demolition for the sake of what you want to build and being in harmony and divine marriage with yourself or with another. Asking yourself the appropriate questions so that you may come to a resolution and solution to remove confusion and chaos from your life. Sometimes others keep you operating in your ego because what they desire is conflicting to how you perceive your life and what you desire as far as happiness and fulfillment. It's time to nurture yourself and not go against what's unnatural to your peace and a piece of mind and equilibrium. This moon gives you the opportunity to truly start to balance your scales within so that you can gain momentum towards long terms goals. You must remove all that is tipping the scales. Internally and externally ⚖️

"The fastest way to break the cycle of perfectionism and to become fearless is to give up the idea of doing it perfectly- Indeed to embrace uncertainty and imperfection." ⚖️ People find it hard to evolve and find balance in their life because they can't find equilibrium between love and survival, or nature and nurture. Often we sacrifice one for the other and it's because we allow society to influence our choices. We can have it "all" in our lives, but we need to be sure what "all" looks like. My mother once said to me, "Girls back home your age have a good job in the bank and their own house my now"-- but I asked her, "Are they free? Are they truly living their God given mission? Are they really happy?" So many times we risk our souls for the cars, the money and the clothes or even settle for companionship out of loneliness or because we are pressed on time and standards, that we don't realize how unnatural and toxic the environment is we are in. How many have picture perfect lives, but have no idea of what nurture is? How many may have been too sheltered but they don't know what survival is? How important is it to be a balanced individual to evolve? Very important. What your journey to consciousness and ascension is supposed to do is bring you back to your nature by nurturing your spirit in order to survive the human existence and get back to a fearless way of life. Fuck what a society has deemed "perfection". People die everyday spiritually and even physically chasing that. You don't need to chase your evolution. You need to be it. You create the world you wish to live in. The magic you desire is inside. That is the secret to fulfilled manifestation. Free yourself from fear. Fear will be your fatality if you let it. Fuck all the shit that keeps you from evolving and in your happiest natural state. Recalibrate, emancipate and elevate ✨

Ghoul mouthed, I suck the soul out him if he act right 💀

Be weary of decorative people in your life. The ones who decide to make an appearance in a time of celebration but not necessarily times of tribulation. Sometimes we entertain too many people who want to participate in higher vibrational times with us for the sake of keeping up appearances. You don't need that fugazi and fraudulent shit. You need consistency, not convenience. You need dedication and not decoration. If there are people that should remain acquaintances then keep it there and feed them with a very long spoon, but don't be pressed to entertain and feed their ass at special times of the year for the sake of keeping the bond "holy". You want to make sacrament with folks? Make sure they actually consider you sacred in their life first. Blessings ✨

Evolution. If you don't evolve you will dissolve. Every person has the power within them to carry life or death depending on what they do with their power. Have you ever possessed a computer that you're trying to hold onto but as time passes it becomes less functional to what you need it to do? It eventually doesn't have purpose anymore. Too often we allow what doesn't have purpose to us to become a lag in the system of our life that keeps us from progressing. That is the epitome of spiritual death. In order to evolve, you must disassociate yourself from the bugs, viruses and compromising security threats that get in the way of your destiny and fruition. Whether it be trauma or drama, we have to constantly do a sweep of our systems. We don't realize that spiritual, emotional and mental matters are the most dangerous in corrupting us if we associate with the wrong vibrations. You have to take accountability that your life needs to be more than superficial and surface. There are plenty of computers that look functional but in actuality they aren't. If you are experiencing turmoil, trauma or drama in your life, even on a personal internal level, even within solitude, ask yourself what do you need to disassociate with in order to be functional? What are you allowing to matter that really doesn't, to block your blessings? Some people simply try to become detached and that too can be detrimental if you aren't doing the healing. You can't continue to run on outdated software and expect yourself not to crash. Don't become overly detached that you become robotic, but do disassociate from programs that don't produce the output you need for your life 💻⚡️✨

Light yourself on fire with passion and people will come from miles around to watch you burn 🔥⚡️⚖️🔴

One of the hardest things for me to do in my life up until this point was to flow. I've always had goals, ambitions, expectations, pressures that I've put on myself. Don't we all? We put a restriction on our flow that we drown ourselves in a life we don't actually want because we are afraid just to go with the flow a little bit longer. We become stagnant in toxicity of a loveless life we'd rather not be in. Our spirits trapped and our souls dying. Why live like that? I met love by the riverside in 2016 and I stood at its banks lost and not knowing how I'd ever achieve what I really wanted. I stepped in and I decided to let it take me. I haven't reached where I'm going, I'm not all the way there, but I'm much farther then where I've begun. I've been bruised, tossed around and a little bumped along the way, but I continue to travel back to the source. The water carrying me, I trust it. I know I will get where I belong. Where I'm supposed to eventually be. Are you afraid of the flow? Why? There's so much to see along the way. We forget to enjoy the journey from where we are at. Isn't that what this existence is about? Everyday we can resist the flow or go with it. Life is much easier when we do. It's much more free. The love I met at the riverside freed the flow in me 🌻
At the Goddess Glo Up @goddessgloup we will be discussing much about, "flow". How loving yourself is often just that. Letting go and being free in the flow Join me and @hadiiyabarbel @chefahki @reignglobal @olanikeeosi @maya_louisa as we share our own personal and distinctive versions of what "flow" is and how it's a major part of your Glo Up and journey ✨
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You could bare your entire soul and the truth is, still not everyone is going to like you. I heard someone say today that someone told her, "If you worry about everyone liking you, who will be left to love you?" As someone who has made a business out of "self", I've come to realize that at times there will be those who would rather attach an idea of your persona to their perception of you. No matter how personable or polite you are. No matter how much personal truth or authenticity you show, it will never be enough for those who don't care to see the best in you. Living your life in the open isn't an easy feat but it doesn't have to be a burden. It's one of the biggest blessings of my year in spite of my resistance to it initially. I learn more and more no matter how transparent you are it'll never be enough for anyone who cares not feel your depth. So what? My messages from the beginning of my page starting, before it became a brand has always been duality. I've always stressed balance and being able to live unconfined to a "standard". Many people exploit themselves when they become self branded in order to make themselves more marketable. Regardless of me being deemed "the Trap Witch", you'll see very little of what people deem "the trap" because to me it's a mindset and not a look, a sound nor an image. The truth is, a spiritualist should be able to go anywhere and be able to touch the people. Mother Theresa, Princess Diana, Jesus, whoever the fuck, were all trappers. You could drop any of them anywhere and people are going to feel them. What does Trap look like? What does anything look like? I've gone to the hood of Atlanta and gotten love, to the countryside, to the burbs. The Trap facilitates a variety of hoods. I've been stopped more than once to be thanked for my work and today I had a supporter hug me in tears and I made sure to tell her that I love her, because that's what I do my work for. For the people... but I'm not for everybody. Not everyone will like you or love you as a healer. That's not your business. Your business is to keep doing the work that comes back to you in the form of, "You don't know how much you've helped me."

People who are often unsure of their own power become tyrants and ego driven to prove a point. They are driven by "putting their guns on the table". People that often have something to prove and go around pointing their guns in other people's faces because that's the only way people will listen to them or respect them. Don't feel the need to walk around with your guns out. Don't feel the need to let people know even if you posses one. I find that people often carry their pain around on their hip like a weapon saying, "Come fuck with me." They want a reason to use their weapon or power in an unproductive matter. They want a reason to relive and to unleash their pain on others. Guess what? That only gets you into more fucked up and compromising situations. People will fuck up their own life or others because they don't know how to manage power. Don't feel like you need to put your guns or power on show for others. Some of the deadliest are the ones who are patient and only bring them out when it's a serious life or death situation, much like a sniper, taking one shot to the head. Sometimes we want to hit people with a weapon's wielding, "Fuck you thought?!", but you'll realize that you don't need to waste your ammunition on people who are trying to press your triggers because they want a reaction and a reason to validate their own hurt and pain, to give them a reason to inflict it on you. Some want others to feel their wounds that they are struggling to heal from and because they don't know anything more they find it often easier to continue to relive them. What they are fighting to validate within themselves, know that you don't need to. Remember, guns don't kill people. People kill people. The power does. They say it's better to have a gun and don't need to use it, then to need one and not have it. Either way, a weapon in the hands of someone suffering from misplaced power, is a weapon to themselves and others. Check you ego and your guns at the door 🗣

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