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Cues Titanic theme music 🎶 It’s been 84 years since... 😩I found ripe Avocados 🥑 as I’m in Publix comparing avocados to my love life 😂

Message from my spirits • HELL BOUND 🚫🔥• What is hell? They say it can be regarded as a spiritual place of evil and suffering or a “place of perpetual fire” where the wicked are punished after death. Sounds pretty dramatic huh? What if you were to remove hell as some place and regard it as a “state of being”. How many people are in a place of spiritual suffering in their life simply because they can’t get their relationship with themselves together? They say no good deed goes unpunished and the road to hell is paved with good intentions. What if you’ve committed a spiritual death because you are punishing yourself to stay there? Ascension requires transcending the purgatory that you CHOOSE to stay in. The first part of purgatory is purge. What needs to be purged in your life for you to get back to a place where your spirit is free? “Heaven on earth is not a place to find, it’s a decision to make.” Many people enjoy playing with their demons and the devils they won’t choose to overcome. Lucifer was Satan’s initial name. He was an angel of God. Lucifer meant “bearer of light”. Satan translates to “Adversary, one plots against another whilst obstructing and opposing.” You wake up every day with a choice to bear light or to become the adversary of your highest self that obstructs your God purpose. Satan only became the adversary when he went against what his initial God purpose was. Are you your own biggest enemy and devil in your life because you’ve fallen from your grace and are going against your purpose? Get the fuck back up. The devils you enjoy lying with is you lying to yourself to repeat the same hell again and again. Break free of this level you’re at. New levels will always have new devils but hell is repeating the insanity of choosing over and over to entertain them for too long. Don’t be the enemy of your own goodness by not knowing what’s best for you. You deserve that, but you must take back supreme reign. Godspeed ⚡️art by @pollynor

je ne sais quoi 🌑

I am really inspired and proud of the #sensualselfiechallenge that began this week on Instagram amongst women for sexual and body positive empowerment. It was very bittersweet for me as it’s something I’ve been harassed, trolled for and tried to be shamed for in the past. Other women speaking up to support our own liberation is something beautiful, although I won’t lie about the triggers I’ve felt this week. I still am faced with obstacles of past choices via old friendships, for the woman I was a year or even two ago. The line of work that I was in five years ago until recently in 2017 has prepared me for the most fulfilling work I’ve done to date. There’s something about remembering all the struggles I faced to learn how to survive and be kind to make me into this woman you see now. Like Cardi B, I was that girl who went to college and has an education and did everything the “right” way. I didn’t come from the most broken home, but I endured my fair share of being fucked up as a child. I was promiscuous as a straight A student teenager. I did put myself in dangerous situations trying to find a way when I couldn’t find a job. I was a woman who did the most strange of things for the “change”. I’m so glad I did. What I realized in the similarities in a sex worker or a homemaker, a college girl or a lost teen, we all share similar traumas because I work with those women everyday that have sexual traumas. Molestation, disease, miscarriages, abortions, sex trafficking, escorts, strippers, hurt wives of infidelity and the list goes on. One thing that remains in spite of all of it is, no woman deserves to be shamed because we don’t know what pains she carries because of her body or sexuality. I myself carried many. I realized why thoug and they helped me become free and independent. It was a part of the purpose. Whatever you have endured, had to do, were suppressed of doing as a woman when it comes to your sexuality, I hope you know what it feels like to be free in this life. Especially amongst a sisterhood, because

A message from my spirits• MAYBE YOU’RE NOT STRUGGLING, YOU’RE SLOWLY SUCCEEDING 🏃🏽‍♀️•Did you know your lungs look like an upside down tree? That means what often seems to knock the wind out of you is meant to grow you and give back to your life. On the path we don’t pace ourselves sometimes. We don’t stick to the plan. Have you made a plan that as soon as the going gets a little tough, and you begin to have a shortness of breath or a tightness of the chest, your will to push on, begins to leave you? If you’ve ever ran, you know your breathe is everything. There are two systems in our body that are important to keeping up when you are running. Your cardiovascular and respiratory. Your heart and your lungs. Your heart and veins are responsible for keeping your blood pumping. How many have you have stopped the plan because you are lacking heart and a knowing that your heart will allow what is yours to flow to you in time? Are you concerned about the pain and not what there’s worth to celebrate by sticking to it? When your breath and heart begins to give out, it feels like a dagger to the chest, but you can still recover. An overuse of magic leads to a petty end and sometimes we are doing the most to get to the finish line which is why we can’t ever make it. Sometimes we just have to slow down down the pace, enjoy the view, and do what is manageable, so that we don’t lose our race but allow the prosperity of the win to come to us in realistic time. Many people run marathons not to say they won them. People run marathons to say they did it, and mostly for themselves. It doesn’t matter if they came seventh or seventieth. What is there for you will still be there if you’ve claimed it and have the will to obtain it. Winning is a mindset. Prosperity is a mentality. Are you stuck on the struggle and not the fact you may be just slowly succeeding? Don’t look at what may be falling apart, look at what is still growing together. If you quit the race, you disqualify yourself by default. Slow down and catch your breath, but don’t let fear and anxiety get the best of you and allow your passion and enthusiasm to leave you. Fulfillment you know you deserve awaits you 🏁

After reading posts about the assassination of Marielle Franco, a Brazilian council woman who was murdered this week in cold blood, my heart broke. As a community leader who helped her people, her life was taken too soon. I watched a video of her friend and colleague who I saw was enraged but enflamed at the same time. I sat here in a ball of tears as the energy coming from the video was too powerful. Women are rising and reclaiming their power and their coalition in this world, but I need to gently remind you of this. If you will not defend your sister, especially her integrity if you see someone purposely harming her, you are apart of the problem. I realize that if we want sisterhood to rise up again we have to actually be hood. Actually be COMMUNITY. This week after I went through my own trials of hurt due to sisterhood or lack there of, I realize that you can’t waste time being hurt too long. There are women who stand up for real women’s issues who are being silenced and if you won’t speak up or do your part, stop throwing up “yo sis’” and fake love. There are people in this world who have no love for us, but we can’t be that. If we are to use our voices, let us not to publicly try to defame our sisters, spew hate or spread senseless gossip. Sisterhood is fixing your sisters crown, not trying to put her head on a chopping block. The fall of the matriarch initially was because many women have had their spirits and hearts broken over time. We do that the most to each other and that as a woman is sometimes what hurts most. Betrayal from Girl Gang. Please look up what is happening is Brazil on Marielle’s behalf. That is sisterhood. That is Girl gang. That is defend and protect. We have to do better. Our purpose was to be put here to love, not hate. Light to your spirit Marielle. Luz y progreso 🕯 #mariellefranco

(Swipe left) 🌕♓️New Moon in Pisces Reading (full YouTube link in bio) 🎥This Pisces season thus far has been one for the books. It came in ideal and dreamy and has left us with questions of do we sink or swim? Many of us are realizing in our life what is blocking the flow of what love and prosperity that needs to flow freely to us, and what is going to keep us from it, is the conflict within ourselves, and with other people. What pains will you refuse to endure that are going to keep you away from your purpose and prosperity? My meditation in this reading includes this: Put your left hand over your heart. Whatever you have your hand in that doesn’t serve your heart, cut it off. Your purpose will not come from idle hands that stay in things that don’t reflect you nurturing your highest self. Put your left hand on the top of your head where your crown lies. If that hand is not doing it’s best to keep that crown on and steady, then what is it doing? Not serving you. Pisces season has come and said, “Is it really rough waters that’s rocking your boat or are you in a boat with things that keep you in conflict that keeps tipping the boat over and causing you to drown?” Smooth waters never made a skilled sailor, but sometimes it’s not the water, it’s that you don’t know how to be the captain of your life. Pisces season says, “Be captain save a hoe for highest self.” Ship ahoy. The voyage into Aries season is only about precious cargo and throwing everything overboard, including versions of yourself that are going to sink your ship. There are bright and passionate things awaiting in Aries season. You won’t get there smoothly swimming with the tide of things draining you and keeping you muh-fucken tide’ 😴Bon voyage to le bullshit 👋🏽🛳#piscesseason #piscesseason♓️ #piscesnewmoon #newmoon #bruja #brujas #intuitive #intuitivereading #tarot #tarotreading #tarotreadersofinstagram #claircognizance #claircognizant #witchesofcolor #witchesofinstagram

If you love food like me, what’s worst then wasted calories on some shit that didn’t satisfy you or tasted terrible? Calories are actually transferred into energy. So what do you choose to fuel you in love? Is it good or bad? Look at your present of past relationships. After so many times of picking up things that aren’t good for you, you should learn what is, and therefore you spend less time scanning, as your spiritual sight will recognize it quicker. An example I use since I’m plant based/ vegan, and one of the most annoying things ever, is getting excited at an item on the shelf, to only turn it around and see that it contains milk. I’m not lactose intolerant but I know it’s bad for me and plenty of people who are, know that milk is bad for them, and still decide to have it. Then they end up in uncomfortable, painful and shitty situations. When you date enough or experience the same types of things, you realize what isn’t good for you, and you should be able to spot it a mile away, because your intuition and discernment are supposed to get better with each experience. Dating should make you a better shopper so you don’t buy into items that look good on the outside or on paper when you know it’ll make you sick, carry extra weight, or has no nutritional value for you. Make a list of what you need in a partner based on past bad choices. That’s the recipe. Make sure you are equally yolked to meet the standards you desire going forward, and then ask yourself when you meet someone, if they are missing the key ingredient for the recipe, or it’ll still taste good, even if you don’t have one small thing. Some of you are going to reshelf a lot of people faster when you realize you don’t need it or it’s not good for you. Put it back or leave it at the register before it causes you more then you need. Happy Shopping 🛒 🤗

You can be a sexually liberated woman, still about your business, still about spirituality. You can have real titties or fake titties. You can wear blonde weave or your natural hair. You can shake your ass or take an educational course in your spare time. The journey to consciousness is knowing the authenticity of your inner self and making that shit work for you. Consciousness and spirituality is not a look, it’s a vibe. It’s a certainty in what’s good for you and makes you happy, first and foremost, and secondly can serve other people’s highest good. Your highest good is an individual path to the purpose custom tailored to you. Seduce the shit out of the universe in bringing everything to you that you need. With the power of your brain and magnet of your heart and the electricity of your spirit. Hallelujah holla the fuck back ✨#sensualselfiechallenge

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A message from my spirits • DON’T LET THE TESTS MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE A DUMMY ⚠️
Sometimes you don’t know what you’re made of until it’s tested to the max. How many hits can you take? How much impact can you endure? There is wisdom in all of it. The thing is about being a person that has impact on others, is that it often takes being high impact yourself. What does that mean? Able to withstand great impact without breaking. People that have become the strongest displays of human will power, became that way not because they were indestructible from birth, but they were built into it. The strongest people in this world, hit hard walls, many times. Each time, it is a lesson. When cars are built, there are test dummies placed in them to test the safety of the vehicle, and are driven into a wall over and over, or put to the max. This is to see what the vehicles potential is, versus outside negative forces. After much testing, the vehicle model can be passed. Pioneers had to be test dummies to learn many lessons and take hits before they came to a point where they knew who they were or what they needed to do to achieve their goals. You are powerful. Know that regardless of how many hits you take, it’s building you into the vehicle and the model of transportation to carry you through to your biggest purpose. It’s building up your spiritual stamina. The basis of the word archetype, is architecture. The art of designing structures. You came to this plane already with a purpose and it’s outline, it’s just your job to make sure it’s as indestructible as possible through every test by constantly revisiting the blueprint, to remember who the fuck your are and make sure the engineering is up to par, by keeping the will and energy to keep pushing ‼️
“Every man is the architect of his own fortune.” -Sallust ⚡️

Today, my phone crashed and I was forced to reschecule my day and detour it to the Apple store. As they told me it'd be a 90 minute wait, I knew I should make my way to some food in the mall. As I sat in Cheesecake Factory and opened my napkin to grab my fork to eat my Korean fried cauliflower, I noticed that all my silverware was dirty. I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth but I know that every bit of prosperity in my life I have earned through my due diligence and hard work. I may eat from silver, or even gold utensils in the future but I refuse to ever be fed from dirty tools. One thing I pride myself on is my integrity. One thing I have had a hard time accepting in the past in my worth. I've struggled for years with allowing others to demean my worth and trying to dehumanize me. I've done a lot of dirt in my life but nothing I haven't publicly spoken on or am ashamed of and will continue to openly speak on if the appropriate occasion arises. One of the worst things you have to realize is, is that abuse comes in many forms and over time we take on what is called learned helplessness because of it. I'm definitely not a helpless bitch anymore because I've learned that spirit helps those who help themselves. As I ate, I looked up at the ceiling and saw a sign I needed amidst a rough few weeks. My check came and again a message. 1818 is a reminder that wealth and prosperity comes in many forms and to enjoy the rewards of it with a grateful attitude. At times that can be hard when you are shamed for your accomplishments that came to you as a result of work and not privilege, no matter what vanity may appear. 1818 also says to not be afraid to step out of the comfort zone of your abilities and to pursue your passions as yo trust in your own abilities. As I walk back to Apple to wait some more 797979. The combination of 7s and 9s is interpreted as this: " Congratulations to you.  You are to be commended. Your angels indicate that you are shedding old facets of your life that no longer suit who you are.  You are now living a more authentic life.  This number sequence applauds your choices to live with honesty, truth and integrity. 7 is the vibration of our

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