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“Don’t rationalize sinful behaviors and harmful words and actions. Self control means the ability to say no.” As I soon enter into my 31st year, and I am wanting to eventually have my own family, it was important that I do a lot of purifying, especially between my mother and I. The last major argument we had, which escalated to verbal abuse, attempts of physical abuse, as well as mental abuse, in which I had little to no reaction, made me come to a single epiphany. No matter how much you want to justify or rationalize why someone is the way they are, it is up to you to say no to their behavior or words. It is also up to them to have self control over their temptations. Somehow we want to justify people we have love for, and their behavior, and although it’s okay to have compassion and understanding, by no means are we meant to be the fool who tolerates it or throws caution to the wind. One of things I did in my last argument with my mother, was simply hold up a figurative mirror and say, “Do you think you behavior is valid, virtuous or even excusable based of whatever feeling you have in this moment?” A lot of the things I had also come to realize is that my mother was never shown a lot of the brash behaviors she had towards me, as a child. So that lead me to, “So why do you become this violent person towards me if you yourself didn’t experience that in your childhood?” I also had to establish, that the relationship she desired between us, the model she had in mind, and how she wanted to execute that, is not the one I asked for, nor is it what I am going to accept or continue to sign up for. There’s a bible verse that says, “It is better to live in a corner of a roof than in a house shared with a contentious woman.” Contentious means, “Likely to cause an argument or be controversial”. In general I want you to look at that as, we don’t have to put ourselves in spaces with people not nurturing to us or argumentative and controversial simply because that is a behavior they want to validate. This year I prayed for a lot of peace and patience and really not succumbing to temptation. A lot of people want to do good and evil is right there with us and (Continued 👇🏽)

In June I sat with my Padrino and he said, “Tatiana you were very smart when you created this persona that the people love, and very much who you are but remember this. There is a difference between being a fictitious queen and being a real queen on earth. Do not forget the Instagram is an illusion. What if you wake up tomorrow and it’s gone?” It was that moment I started investing the most I had ever into my practice offline. In the story of Job, he was described as one of the greatest people in all the East. He had everything and in a short period of time, lost everything, including his health. His wife had asked him, “Do you still hold fast to your integrity? Curse God and die!” We are going to face a lot of hard times in life and that’s why it’s important where you put your priorities. It’s all great and dandy we can thank God for “a following” but what happens when you fall into a hard place, how many will follow you there? I really want you to listen to where spirit and God tells you to put your attention the most. Job said to his wife, “Shall we accept good from God and not trouble?” I will tell you this. If you don’t want to fall into anger bitterness and resentment, be mindful in where you put your trust. Some of us, especially budding practitioners trust the gram too much and quite frankly trust people to guide them that have created a great illusion. Don’t hesitate to meditate, contemplate and be still. You don’t need to hurry or force things to happen, especially not according to the internet. The internet and the matrix will rush you. Your real and truest passions will take time, patience and discipline. I shot this video with @snakegod in June, because I wanted to channel Santa Marta Dominadora. In that same meeting with my Padrino, he chuckled because he had seen the shoot, but this time he said, not like my other “creative images of witchery”, “You are that”, but understand what that is in real life. Godly change isn’t easy, and taking your focus more away from where you thought you were winning will make you question spirit and God, but in times of hardship, you will find what holds its integrity. Don’t let yourself be fooled 🐍🌻

This might be a petty post 😂. Let me tell you as a child of Oshun, when we begin to minimize that petty, we can do great things. Self control and discipline is something lighting 3645675 candles can’t do, unless you’re ready to change. As much as being “petty” may be fun to many, bad energy scares your blessings away. Are you being petty about change? You better stop. It’s going to fuck up your prosperity 💛🌻

12/12 THE TABLES CAN TURN ⚖️• If you’ve ever watched “The Wheel of Fortune” the objective is staying in control of the wheel. There was a clever write up that said, “You should focus on maintaining control over the wheel and mostly ignore your opponents, but at times staying in control involves guess work.” In life, much like the Wheel of Fortune card in the tarot, we go through cycles of life and life is always in a state of constant change which is why when it comes to obtaining what you want to accomplish in this world, it takes great discernment, integration and judgement and being willing to travel in the direction necessary to do so. As long as you have a desire to do yourself justice, the tables can always turn. Many of us get stuck in cycles of instability not because we can’t change but because we lack compassion for ourselves and won’t choose to reset the scales in our favor with our intentions to balance and build a new beginning. A lot of people in life think they are foolish to think that their luck can change, but you create your luck by going out on faith, rather than staying stagnant in fear. You are not foolish nor silly to think that today could be a brand new day to a brand new beginning if you take your foot and step forward towards new infinite possibilities. “You are the master of your destiny. You can influence, direct and control your own environment. You can make your life what you want it to be.” Today take back control of the wheel. Focus in on unlocking your life’s puzzles by having the ability to judge well and allow your spirit to take you in the right direction and have understanding. Your last chapter could have left you feeling bankrupted, but this next cycle you may ask yourself, how did you come up so blessed? The choice lays within your hands ⚡️#ascension #intuitive #intuitivereading #bruja #brujas #witch #witchesofinstagram

“There is no wasted moments when we train. Be bigger every time. Even on days when you get your ass handed to you, you should never feel like it gets easier. Grow or die the choice is yours.” -@jadealectra

This week I found myself thinking a lot about the interaction I had since Señora Habana in September when I was in Cuba. At the end of my reading, she reached into a bag covered in cascarilla and she pulled out a solid black stone, like the ones we use within the religion. She put it in my hands and said, “It’s okay. This is a rock of Zarabanda who is a great warrior. Take this with you and remember this when you are moving in your work.” I cherished that dusty black rock more than any shiny crystal that I have even bought or received because of the hands and message that it came from. Regardless if the sentiment was one that may be more common, or special to me, I reflected this week in that moment because this transformative cycle has been trying and depression gets the best of us. There is a message that I keep getting over and over for the past few years of being a warrior. Sometimes we have to understand that those that are built for war have to be the toughest, and thats at the cost of being broken or tested so many times to see how much your heart is in it. From childhood I’ve been being built into something that at times has been hard to heartily understand. Today I did three sessions in my car, and as I was rushing in between sessions to feed myself, to do another three upon reaching home, my doorbell rang. It was four little girls who at one time became a bit of a nuisance but something today said, just be patient. They asked for bottle water, but I didn’t have any so I offered them some cookies. All of them, then, one by one lined up to hug me. I didn’t know in that moment, that’s what I needed. The work of a servant of spirit is not easy, and I feel that’s why many tap out before they have even begun. Its very easy to tap out when you feel like you’re being sometimes dragged from multiple angles. Do you fight back or do submit? It’s a balance between being a warrior, but also still remembering that you are also human remembering that (Continued👇)

This is dedicated to the men embracing their divine feminine. Understand that this is not selective to men though. Anyone can change if there is a desire to do better. Self love and unconditional love is moving into that space where the desire for life’s bigger rewards is worth letting go of the resistance to hold onto the sides of the shadow that are self destructive and no longer nurturing you. The divine masculine within myself this year had to learn that sometimes the ego is the stubborn one who says, “This is who I am”, not knowing its ego you have conditioned yourself to be. A lot of who I thought I was has changed in 2018. Today is the day I tell you, leave all the things now that you have overcome in the past, and look forward now to embracing the new. 2018 was like the 8 of cups. 2019 is the 10. We ready 🥂 #divinemasculine

HOME INTRUDERS 🏚•”Nothing can bring a real sense of security into the home except true love.” This is why many homes are destroyed because of the insecurities of the people who lack self love and possibly love for each other within it. “Safety starts with awareness and awareness starts with you.” So many people are unaware of the part they play in the theft of happiness within their own four walls. Some people sit within their home by themselves, are still in danger, because everyday they bring back into where they lay their head, their own turmoil and baggage that they refuse to drop off. “A house without security cannot be home” because there will never be a sense of comfort until there is real nurturance, joy and balance that outweighs things that are destructive. Everyone is responsible for making their own good decisions. It is easier when you a someone living single in a home to not care about how you impact others, but when there are multiple people that you are trying to have a family with, everyones decisions impact one another directly and this is why more families fall apart due to the poor decisions of individuals who dwell within. Theres a term called “home wrecker” and we can easily blame the outside source of negativity, but we also have to remember that someone within the household made a poor decision with the trust they were given. “One bad memory can rob a home of all the good ones”. Homes offer a sense of security and happiness and is said to be a keystone of wealth. Those things are to be protected and that takes making sure it does not come to ruin from the inside, then out. Do not take what role you play lightly for the responsibility you have to bring security to your home 🏡#intuitive #selflove #bruja

Last night I shed a small tear. I thanked my Padrino for being patient with me over this past year on my journey, as a child of Oshun, often Godparent’s are told to wipe their hands clean of us before they upset Oshun on how they deal with us. My Padrino’s response was, “ …Love girl. You a warrior.” He’s a big tough man who’s been very tough on me, but with the best intentions of what I’m being built into. Warrior by definition, is a brave or experienced soldier or fighter. You know, I can’t tell you how tired my soul has become at times having to fight but I’ll give you this that I read; “One of the nice things about being human is our tenacity. Life goes on. Sometimes worse for the wear, sometimes better for the efforts, but always… goes on.” The other day I sat with my Yubona, and we were discussing who my father in Ocha could possibly be, and he said, “Don’t be surprised if you find out you have a lot to do with Ogun. You are a hard worker and you have a spirit that is determined to get through.” I will say something that I said to him that I realized was a wound of mine but I have come to realize, if you don’t do it, who else will? I told him in my life, I’ve never had a man really defend me, standup for me, or fight for me. I feel one of the reasons why I chose this spiritual practice was because there is a comfort in knowing how your ancestors and the Orisha will move for you, if you will also move for yourself. For hundreds of thousands of years, women have often not been liberated. In the olden days, women’s husbands were representatives of them and women were outcasted as widows because they “needed the “covering” of a man to protect her from being vulnerable in society and needing someone to redeem her.” I think society has made it easy, especially of us women who have lost our fathers early, or have daddy issues, or not even, because we’ve been force-fed that often our saving grace should be men. As much as it hurts to tell you this, I’ll be honest. You, and your invisible army accompanied by God, are to be your redemption. I have felt the depression Ogun felt when he went into the forest and didn’t want to work anymore (Continued👇🏽)

CONFLICT RESOLUTION🤜🏽💨• They say there are many styles of conflict approach. Accommodating, collaborating, compromising, avoiding, and competitive. These styles are a balance of assertiveness, (concern for self) and co-operativeness, (a concern for others). Many people are scared of conflict because firstly they don’t have high self esteem or self love and cannot be assertive for themselves or more often than not, someone can have an overinflated ego and have no concern for trying to work with another. At the end of the day whether it be in family, friends, love or business, conflict is inevitable and that is why you have to learn to have emotional intelligence and spiritual stamina in order to overcome the trials and tribulations of conflict that the universe throws at you. Most of the time, especially since the escalation of social media, conflict has been a lot higher, because more often than not it has created a breeding ground of many people who are competitive in nature and are highly reactionary, that have no regard for others, nor themselves. If you understand why wars begin, this is why. Often there is more battle, conflict and war that leads to disaster, because no one can come to a negotiation, so the best way is to competitively duke it out. Is that truly the best thing? Usually not, but not many people can find the healthy exchange in duality and balancing the darkness and light of a situation. Understand that “two rams don’t make a right”. If you’ve every seen two rams going head to head, you’ll know that someone is bound to get hurt. When you learn healthy resolution, you are left with more celebration than destruction and hurt. This is why there is a different between a discussion versus an argument. Do you know the difference? Learning HOW to handle conflict take time and tact. It’s knowing how to use your energy and where to put it ⚡️

I swear to God a lot of people’s demons be laughing because it’s going to take a lot more than that. There’s demons who are there laughing like...”Oh you don’t want THIIIIS SMOKE”💨 Do your fucking internal work 😒and stop playing 😳

DON’T FEAR THE LADDER, LEARN TO TRUST YOUR STEP ⬆️• ”You cannot push anyone up a ladder unless he be willing to climb a little himself.” Many people are most afraid to begin to get themselves up off the ground and closer to their goals, because they know it requires ascension. They have anxiety that they cannot trust themselves not to fall or not to lose their balance and the higher they go, it seems like a fall back to the bottom becomes a bigger fear. This is all I can tell you. I’ve seen more people afraid to climb a ladder not because it couldn’t support them, but because they didn’t trust themselves. The ladder to success is much like this. I can’t tell you how many people I have met that would rather succumb to their own fear, than to pursue a small little step closer to their success. People walk away, because they feel their time is limited. Yes within our lives, time waits for no man, but once you start climbing the ladder you will find that what is always meant for you, comes as you make the efforts to overcome each little small obstacles called a step up from where you were before. Breathe, take your time and know this. “The ladder of success is never crowded at the top” and that is because, people will allow their adrenaline to cause them to fight against their dreams and desires instead of allowing them to take flight. Don’t be the person who is standing on the ground in fear watching everyone else go for theirs ✨

What I pray for you is this. May you relinquish your fear to go with the flow to be washed clean. May you get over yourself and the desire to not move, that will only lead to stagnancy. May you know that change is rough, but the river always leaves the stone more polished in the end. May you know if you trust, and follow the twists, turns and bends, chances are, you will always find your way back to source. This is my prayer for you. Ase 🌻✨#oshun #osun #oxum #bruja

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