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I want to talk about feminine toxicity. The other day I was driving and listening to my playlist of female rap and in a moment I realized that every song by numerous MC’s was heavily about bashing other women. I used to be one of those women that ran home every evening to watch the newest episode of Bad Girls Club, Love and Hip Hop or Housewive’s. I never realized I was living my hurt and passive aggressiveness of wanting to act out on my hurt from other women through divulging in these types of shows and content. Somehow I’ve noticed that in 2018, more so than ever as women, a lot have come to live for the drama, the shade, the tea and the beef. Everyday a large population of women live for the “tea” parties, but because they are not evolving into dignity, class or grace and growing past their hurt. I want to talk about this because I realize some of the least compassionate people I see in comments on instagram are women. Women are amongst some of the most judgmental people because we are used to being judged, heavily at the hands of other women, more so than men. We have to ask where the 2018, “living for a clapback” stems from. Social media and television has taught a lot of women the harder that you can clap back, the more confident you are. What a lie. We all get angry, but why are many women angry? Because they have a root of insecurity stemmed from dysfunction in their female relationships or a hurt ass inner child. A test of your character can be if you are not treated well, if you still feel good about yourself or if you get angry. It is normal to feel angry, but how do you process it? When you get angry and you allow it to be an open door in your life, it allows bitterness, resentment and unforgiveness to enter the scene as well. There’s no reason that Cardi B and Nicki Minaj should have gotten into a brawl at a high end event. Something that should be a celebration of both their achievements turned into an altercation because that is the result of hurt coming to a head. They are both accountable and responsible for the processing of their pain. Rage shouldn’t be a trend, but as a woman who is a representative of a sector of women (Continued 👇🏽)

“Some women fear the fire and some women simply become it “ - ⚡️🔥💀
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#fullmooninaries 🌕♈️ There is a one letter difference between the words “pity” and “piety”. Pity is a feeling of sorrow and compassion caused by the suffering and misfortune of yourself or others. Piety is the quality of being strong in devotion through the way you live in reverence to religion or a higher power. The word “religion” gets a really bad rap because people put a lot of faith into the mediums of that, that they feel are a vehicle for them to move forward instead of in their own divinity. “A central focus of Buddhism is the practice to free oneself from the bonds of attachment, because attachment is a root that causes suffering. The only way to be free is to free oneself of these bonds. That’s why through meditation and spiritual discipline, one’s life becomes a constant prayer.” It doesn’t matter what religion or spiritual practice you involve yourself in, you will not manifest or move past obstacles, if you cannot free yourself from holding pity parties for yourself amidst adversity and what seems like destruction. Spirit is omnivoyant and omnipresent at all times, but we often forget quickly when we are being manipulated by our emotions. Faith is easy to have until you feel like you are losing it. Amidst our sadness we can turn our eyes away from our devotion because our faith is tested. Instead of staying eyes turned to the higher power and our own, in compassion, pointing our passion in a forward direction, we can look to attaching ourself to whatever it is we feeling is causing our suffering in this moment or up until this point. I’m sure many of you, have been fighting within yourself the past few weeks to not let thoughts of pity or self doubt or any other negativity invade your heart or mind. If you have had impediments come up in your life, it’s easy to let these things defect and invade your faith. Focus your intentions. Keep your thoughts, feelings, and actions, focused on your target and unwavering, and you will make your mark. Right now you don’t have to know what’s next, you just have to make sure you still act, and act accordingly. (Continued 👇🏽)

FREAK 🤖• The other day I was walking past my reflection in a window and into a store and I had a childhood memory I hadn’t thought about in years, resurface. In primary school, I was bullied a lot, and there was one boy that got under my skin, like no other. He had coined the name “Frankenstein” for me. He would walk past my class room window with his arms out in some sort of walking dead gesture. I was always one of the tallest in my class and I was always very quiet and reserved. I wasn’t one of the popular kids and times I remember feeling envious of the kids who would be the track stars and had praise for what I felt were “the right reasons”. The other day I watched a movie based around a true story, called, “Bomb City” about a hate crime that took place in a cultural battle between some punk rocker kids and jocks in 1997 in Amarillo, Texas. I had a really hard empathic moment of grief when I watched the movie because Brian Deneke was ran over in cold blood in a senseless act because of these kid’s differences. I think in history, that differences, especially cultural has caused us to hate each other and ourselves. If I looked up the backstory of Frankenstein, its of a scientist who creates a “grotesque, sapient creature in an unorthodox scientific experiment.” Somehow many of us haven’t realized that with evolution many different “creatures” of humans come about. Somehow each of us came from a higher realm and chose to incarnate into this earthy life to figure something out that maybe we keep coming back to until we do better. On judgment day, we have to attest to the powers of our own evolution to triumph over the forces of darkness, mainly within ourselves. Each of us come here to build a life that is an outward reflection of our character and quality. Humans focus a lot on quantity as opposed to quality. I realized that many of us will choose acceptance of quantity over disapproval of quality because we’re taught more ways to hate ourselves than to love ourselves. A childhood trauma of mine, of being a “freak show”, I’m trying to see now as “being a freak of nature”. A freak of nature is person or animal that is born or grows with abnormal (Continued👇🏽)

Knock me down 9 times, get up 10 ✨

VIRTUE 🙏🏽✨• On the road to being a virtuous woman, there will be trials. Every last one of them will try to take you out of the path of responsibility and look for blame outside of yourself. I want to be a responsible woman and an accountable one because if we do not understand what we can control within ourselves then that’s when our life becomes disorderly. The human experience will try your morality and desire for excellence. The seven virtues are faith, hope, charity, fortitude, justice, prudence and temperance. I desire humility against pride. Kindness against envy. Abstinence against gluttony. Chastity against lust. Patience against anger. Liberality against greed and diligence against sloth. You will have to swallow a lot on your journey to becoming someone who operates at the highest point of their ori and heart and in virtue. Everything is going to come up against you to try and break both your mind and heart and the evolution of your spirit to ascend. Chaos is going to test your character. I walk firstly by the faith of God and with the faith that if the Orisha who guide me could overcome their sin to become saint, I can find the faith within myself to master my own sin as well through this plane. I am imperfect and not without sin, but if I focus on things like anger, sadness within the trials without faith, I will find no happiness within. Happiness is a state of being, not a destination. Today I am happy because I am evolving. Happy fall equinox 🍂 I love you my sister @berettascottking 🕊the Beretta Scott King to my Harriett Thugman 🌻

DON’T MISS YOUR APPOINTMENT ✨• Disappointment is often breed in a place where our ego has an attachment to an outcome or something being appointed where we feel it should be. Anyone who has ever dealt with loss in life, knows that a loss hurts more when we feel like we haven’t gained something. A tree cannot produce new growth without shedding the old that no longer serves it. So many times we don’t realize that our sense of disappointment is tied to attachment and expectation that we aren’t gaining, but maybe we are. Our self esteem and sense of importance can be challenged during “disappointment” if we allow it, but there is more honor and bravery that is formed amidst adversity, difficulties and misfortune if you can allow that instead. I’ve learnt that your character is built most in those times. In times where you didn’t get your way. In love, in friendships, in business, in life. Disappointment is still an appointment of anointment on your life if you understand what is designated for you and your life will never miss you. Don’t back down because you feel dissed from a disappointment in your life right now. You don’t know what is bigger and better than that is being appointed at this time which is why life has to give you this order. “Before an intention shows up in your reality, the shadow aspect often shows up first. It might look like the exact opposite is happening. This is only to clear out hidden self-sabotaging blocks so your intention can show up.” Do not sabotage yourself by dissing your self by not understanding divine appointment ✨

FULL MOON IN ARIES SEPTEMBER 24TH 2018🌕♈️ (Full YouTube Video Link in Highlight under bio) 🎥• T IS THE TENACITY FOR TRIUMPH, BITCHES 💪🏽• This full moon illuminates being bold and having no fear. Many of us have one foot stuck in the past and one foot stuck in the future due to the fact that we can be fearful of being bold enough to take that final step forward. Maybe in the past you made mistakes that caused things to spin out of control, but even a past mistake is a part of your future manifestations and the bigger plan now. Before you make a decision, just go within to ask your consciousness about your course of direction. You can be resilient. You can manage getting through obstacles. You can soar to new heights because you can trust yourself to be more grounded in your steps forward. You are not weak. You are strong due to learning what your past weaknesses might have been. It’s not a time to hide in the corner because you feel small because of past failures, but to be brave now enough to be bold that you trust yourself because of your past attempts 🔁

WIPE ME DOWN, CAUSE I’M ON 💦• FLASHBACK FRIDAY 🔁 Cause someone is about to throw the towel in on something they want today that might just turn into a “wipe me down” moment within a few more moments of patience. Sometimes a last bit of accountability comes before accumulation. Stay strong. Your blessings are about to hit if you’ve put in the sacrifice and already know their yours 🙏🏽✨soon it will be all gas, no brakes ⛽️🔥

SHARING AIN’T ALWAYS CARING ✨• They often say sharing is caring, but sometimes we have to be reminded that not all the times when we share with people we care for, those people care. When’s the last time you shared good news with someone you care for and they didn’t care and it made you feel hurt? Nobody cares about your labor pains, they often just want to see the baby. Most people walk past the flower that’s still tight in the bud. They don’t care unless it’s in full bloom and that gets their attention to ogle at it’s beauty. I want to share this because I had a moment of resentment yesterday that I had to honor. You are going to hurt just a little bit or a lot a bit at times trying to share your development with people you love that just aren’t going to understand. They aren’t going to understand you. They aren’t going to understand your aspirations. They aren’t going to understand a lot. They might care about everything else going on in the world in the media, and can tell you about a celebrities life, or even on your block, but can’t sit down to listen to you and your own road or journey. Understand sometimes it’s because their approval is a distraction and not the answer to your own security. There is one thing that is going to set you free and that is the truth. At times, we are still going to have to admit our feelings of insecurity. Sometimes, especially, we want people to be proud of us, especially the people we love, and we can become addicted to their approval. The truth is, looking for their approval, doesn’t put us in any different of a position. You wanting them to see you in a heightened state, doesn’t mean you aren’t heightened, or heightening because the problem begins with if you allow yourself to put their opinions and applause on a pedestal, you will always be below and never truly ascend. You will save yourself a lot of heart ache and devastation by listening to your heart of what is right. Do your best and who cares of who approves? Let yourself have God’s stamp of approval. It’s nice to have approval but not be addicted to it. (Continued 👇🏽)

“It is our choices, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. “ - Harry Potter 🔮
Spirit has provided a good plan for each person in life, but we will never experience it, unless we know about it and also how to access it. “People perish and their lives are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. Knowledge and understanding are power when applied properly. Most fears are the result of something that happened in the past that we fear will happen again.” When I found my Padrino, the whole reason I desperately reached out to him was simple words in his documentary. “People can have the intent to harm you, but it’s not your job to cause them harm, but to protect yourself.” For years I kept meeting the same types of people and repeating cycles of spiritual attack and warfare because I lacked knowledge, and knowledge of myself. Many of us take care of ourselves on the superficial level, but not on a spiritual level. We give the appearance of having shit together, but we are put together very poorly. It’s like we put up a security sign without actually having a working security system. I have never been a person who was a team player, but over the past few years I’ve been really trying to understand that it was because, I didn’t understand myself. In Ifa, there is Egbe. A spiritual family that somehow in heaven you made an agreement to come together on this earth connected by the spirit. My Padrino has told me that sometimes the Egbe, the family made of rock, will be more solid and healing for your life than the family you were birthed into by blood. The common factor I have felt through this journey is the desire for evolution and not to repeat the same cycles. In Santeria and Ifa we have “houses”. (Very Harry Potter isn’t it) (Continued 👇🏽)

YOU HAVEN’T BEEN ROBBED 😨• Maybe you just aren’t making the best effort to protect what you have and possess. A lot of people feel like another is responsible for being a force that has used their hand to take from them. We see it all the time in life, especially where competition is concerned. That’s the thing. Everybody is given the same 24 hours in a day to use to their advantage. There shouldn’t be a competition with others, but only with yourself. When we start to compare our lives, it can be easy to feel like you must be getting robbed by life’s circumstances, but the facts are you have to make the best of yours because everyone is different. Some of us want too much assurance from outside sources that we don’t realize that you have to make your own positive declarations of confidence in your own abilities and promise yourself that you will slowly and surely take care of yourself with them. Some people are taking what seems like HARDER LOSSES in life because they don’t invest in their own insurance. Insurance is protection against a possible “eventuality”. If you aren’t doing anything to put yourself in better situations in life, and working preventatively, then don’t make formal complaints that you feel robbed when you just didn’t do your best to protect this life that has been given to you to invest in it’s value. Every answer is within. Everything you feel you lack in the physical, the answer is within the spiritual. Look for your gains there 💪🏽

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