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The TRANSFORM App  Chris + Heidi Powell A complete health and fitness app. It's like having a personal trainer, nutritionist, and coach--all on your phone!


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Have you ever had those workout moments when you just FEEL empowered and amazing? It really is about the journey and loving yourself all the way to every goal.
@lindseylturner took this photo and wrote, “It’s great to see physical results but don’t forget to love yourself through the journey.” Tag someone who inspires you to love the journey. 💪 #theTRANSFORMapp

“You guys!! I’m so excited about the muscle I’ve been able to put on with the Physique program. It’s been a long, slow journey but IT’S WORTH IT!” Thanks for this inspiring photo and message, Erin Moussallem (@erinmoussallem). Don’t wait to start building muscle next week, next month, or next year. Get #theTRANSFORMapp working FOR you and your goals today. And keep tagging us in your flex photos! 💪💪

Every person that tries this says something like, “I had no idea this combo would taste sooo good!” It’s amazing how delicious some simple recipes can taste, especially when you’re feeding your body with the right nutrition.
Have you tried this breakfast? Find it in #theTRANSFORMapp

Would you say you eat a plethora of produce?

You may not see a lot of extra veggies in #theTRANSFORMapp, but definitely add lots of greens for increased volume and vitamins in your meals. Add some kale to your smoothie. Put your zoodles and sauce on top of spinach. Throw some peppers and squash in your dinner. Literally, taste the rainbow.
@realheidipowell and @realchrispowell dropping the produce knowledge on us once again. What fruit or vegetable are you going to add to your next meal? 🍎🍊🍌🥝🥒🍆

Saw this quote on @ponytailsanddumbbells and had a good LOL. What's making you laugh today?


Can this be right?
Are Rice Krispie Treats really an option to eat on #theTRANSFORMapp?
Yes! One of the most delicious high-carb grab-and-go options is one (or two or three) of these bad boys... with a protein, of course. And since today is #RiceKrispieTreat day, we felt it was our duty and privilege to remind you of this tasty option.
Find it under High Carb > Grab n' Go in the app to get the right amount and protein combo for YOU!
What's your favorite combo meal with this marshmallow cereal treat?

Don't have access to a gym? No problem.
There are programs on #theTRANSFORMapp you can do all at home. Or in your backyard. Or while on vacation. It's definitely time for a vacation, right? Anyone?

Check out @veggie_lisa for more great ideas and healthy, vegetarian inspiration. 💪💪

Raise your hand if you ever feel stress? ✋️ Stress has a very real physical effect on your body. Your brain releases chemicals like epinephrine and cortisol into your bloodstream to mobilize glucose, increase heart rate, sharpen your thinking, and slow digestion when you are stressed. Over time, your body can be overwhelmed by these chemicals—which causes your body to start shutting down.
So what can you do about it?

Research has proven that a simple shift in mindset can begin to clear these hormones from our bloodstream immediately.

Take a minute today, right now, to stop everything, close your eyes, take some deep, meaningful breaths, and practice gratitude. Appreciate something beautiful about today. Breath it in deeply, exhale the stress.
Every minute you spend in relaxation and gratitude removes the stress-induced chemicals from your body. Which is one more reason to be grateful.

Sometimes you just gotta flex.
@fitautiemom inspires us! She said: "I have 2 children who are special needs... it's very easy to become all consumed with their daily struggles. ... I was given some advice, 'make sure you do something once a day for you.' So I work out. I enjoy lifting weights, it's something I can do with my husband, and it helps me put some of that crazy lady energy into something good!" Keep tagging us in your flex photos and progress shots. We have some fun things planned coming up so keep taking those pics!! 💪💪 #theTRANSFORMapp

What's for dinner?
Try the Chicken Basil Spaghetti tonight or sometime this week. It will have you saying "Grazie!" and feeling mighty "bene!" Recipe in our Stories.
Free Italian lessons on #theTRANSFORMapp. Just kidding, that's pretty much all the Italian we know.

If you could ask @realheidipowell what her favorite food is, what do you think she'd say? If you asked her how often she works out every day, what do you think she'd tell you?
There is a common misconception that someone who looks like Heidi must exercise 4 hours a day (at least) and starve herself with crash diets and "rabbit food." That somehow she is missing out on life and family because she is strong, healthy, and... well, a bona fide fitness model. •••
The truth is, Heidi is healthy and strong... and also smart. She has learned—along with @realchrispowell—how to trust science and nutrition to fuel her body without starving or restricting. She knows how to maximize her time to be the most effective when she is in the gym or working out. Life is too short and Heidi has stuff to do! •••
If you answered that Heidi's favorite food is marshmallow dream bars and that she spends less than one hour each day in the gym, then you're 100% right. •••
The best part is, that can be you, too. You don't have to restrict foods and crash diet to feel amazing. You do NOT have to spend half of your waking hours on a treadmill. You can live a full, wonderful life in a body that YOU shape. •••
You have to believe it is possible. You must promise to yourself that you will be consistent and committed. You must feed your body enough fuel to burn and maintain muscle. Treat your body like the amazing machine that it is. Trust. Transform!
#theTRANSFORMapp 📷: @jpatrickphoto

Did you see this awesome explanation about carbs and weight loss/gain on @realchrispowell's account?
Wonder why you can GAIN weight within days of eating carbs?
Or LOSE weight days after cutting them?
Here’s a crude breakdown of how it works (in 1 minute, so I have to talk crazy fast!), and you will never be confused about it again. •••
🔹Carbs are broken down into glucose.
🔹Water sticks to glucose like a magnet. 3 parts water to every 1 part glucose (like a fidget spinner).
🔹Water weighs a LOT. Approx 8lbs per gallon. •••
So very roughly speaking, if you consume 1 pound of carbs, as those carbs are turned into glucose and stored in your liver and muscles, they will suck approx 3 pounds of water into the muscle. 💡

On the flip side, when you cut carbs the opposite happens. It takes a few days for the average person to burn through available glucose in their system. When the glucose is gone, the water has nothing to hang on to, so flushes out of your body—to the tune of 3 to 6 pounds (and even more in some cases!). 💡
So the good news and the bad news is: IT ISN’T FAT that you are gaining and losing so fast!
Fat is gained and lost much slower—with a consistent calorie surplus or deficit over a long period of time. •••
I hope this clears up any confusion or misconception you had about carbs 👊🏼
And keep on with #theTRANSFORMapp my friends! 💪🏼

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