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Transform with Chris & Heidi  Chris + Heidi Powell inspired many with their show, "Extreme Weight Loss." It's YOUR turn with the TRANSFORM app: motivation, nutrition, + exercise.


@sarahs_wljourney says, "I'm proud of how far I've come!" If you're still on the fence about trying #theTRANSFORMapp, today is your day. Download the app for your first week FREE and enter to win THREE MONTHS for FREE (details in our post below this one). Start #TRANSFORMing this week!

Over the last six years, @realchrispowell and @realheidipowell have spent half of their lives on the road. They have mastered the art of TRASFORMation Traveling!
Here are some guidelines and traveling tips for you this summer:
1️⃣: Pack the non-perishable necessities. (Protein powder, protein bars, nuts, beef jerky, low-fat granola bars, etc.)
2️⃣: As soon as you arrive, hit a grocery store and stock up on perishable basics. (Deli meat, Greek yogurt, cheese, cereal, peanut butter, produce, etc.)
3️⃣: Don't forget to drink plenty of water. Keep a water bottle with you and refill as much as possible.
What are your tips for staying healthy when you travel?

@kaceyluvi 's 12-month postpartum TRANSFORMATION is the perfect example of what can be achieved by dialing in your nutrition and following a #CrossTraining regimen like the ones found in #theTRANSFORMapp. Kacey is one of the most beautiful human beings and she is SO inspiring.
We are so inspired by all of **your** TRANSFORM pics. Keep tagging us. And don't forget to post your meal plan to win THREE FREE MONTHS on the app. (See last post.)

Still unsure if you should try out #theTRANSFORMapp for your first week FREE?

What if you could try it for THREE MONTHS for FREE?

How? So glad you asked...
1️⃣ Download the app (first week is free--no code needed)
2️⃣ Find your program and fill in your menu for the first few days.
3️⃣ Take a screenshot of one day's menu that you're most excited about (see photo 3 for an example).
4️⃣ Tag @thetransformapp in your photo and in your caption so we can find you. Add #theTRANSFORMapp for easier visibility.
5️⃣ We will choose FIVE winners this weekend. Boom! 💪

Who is in?

Today is #NationalSelfieDay! ⭐️
We show a lot of amazing progress photos from many #transformations on the #transformapp. This selfie comparison from @beccatransformlife is one of our favorites. 🔥
She says, "I feel better and more confident than I have in years and I have #theTRANSFORMapp to thank for a big part of it." 💪
Are you going to post a selfie today? We say, GO FOR IT! #LoveYourSelfie

Saying no to the kids' tacos and tortilla chips tonight isn't "hard" but man it sure looks tasty. Pushing through the burpees and mountain climbers this week wasn't difficult, but it sure was a struggle. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
A little discomfort brings big change. Keep going. Follow your program in #theTRANSFORMapp. See progress! 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪 If you're still not sure about downloading the #transformapp, check out our Stories for how to win THREE months for FREE!!

@takingbackmylyfe is crushing it on #theTRANSFORMapp: "I get asked very often, how do you stay consistent with workouts while life is blowing up around you? The truth is, this is the ONLY thing I can control. I own MY fitness journey. YOU own your journey. Whatever it may be. Take control and take back your lyfe! You have a choice. Choose JOY!" And if you're still on the fence about trying the #transformapp, check out the exciting opportunity in our STORIES. 💪💪

This simple move is one @realheidipowell does every day to strengthen the abdominal muscles responsible for a small, tight waistline AND good posture. Work your "rectus abdominis" by following these simple steps:
1️⃣Inhale, inflating your lungs completely.
2️⃣Exhale, deflating your lungs, HOLDING at the bottom of the exhale. Draw in your belly from the lower abs/belly button. DO NOT SUCK IN. Act like a string is attached to the inside of your belly button. Pull the string in and up toward your spine.
3️⃣HOLD the drawn-in position and your breath as you twist slowly from side to side.
4️⃣Do FIVE sets of 20 twists (10 on each side) every single day. When this becomes easy, perform up to 10 sets a day. 💪
This exercise also has been proven to help diastasis recti--a condition postpartum moms experience when their separated ab muscles never come back together. 💪
More exercises and tips ready for you every single day on #theTRANSFORMapp (which is FREE the first week)!

@saaska50's 12-week #transformation is so inspiring. "It was an amazing journey for me. I totally changed my habits, my mind, and the relationship between my body and myself!" 💪💪 Keep tagging us in your photos! And as always, email us with any questions you may have (email address and link in our profile)! Go get it today! 💪💪#theTRANSFORMapp

MYTH: "You must eat LESS THAN 1200 calories a day to lose weight and reach your goals!" 🚫FALSE🚫
This is OLD SCHOOL thinking! Weight loss isn't "one size fits all" -- it depends on your height, weight, age, and goals. Our bodies NEED FUEL to burn fat efficiently. At 1200 calories, our bodies can feel starved and our metabolic rate can be easily suppressed. ✋
#theTRANSFORMapp calculates the amount of calories YOUR body needs for the day to reach YOUR goals based on YOUR age, gender, and lifestyle. Sometimes that may even include a DONUT! Get the nutrition your body needs and see your body TRANSFORM!

"Because of #theTRANSFORMapp I have pushed myself so much harder... now doing hip thrusters at 215!! Woohoo! Can't wait to see what my next round of 12 weeks will bring. Currently finishing week 10." @chelsearay6 is amazing. Taking care of herself AND her six kids!
When your first 12-week round is finished, you unlock round two. You're going to love round two!

Hungry? You won't be with all of the delicious meals on #theTRANSFORMapp. Today this #barbecuechicken #pita #pizza is on my menu today. What's on yours?

Full recipe in our Stories.

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