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Cheers to a day of sugar (him), spice (her), sweat (me) and slobber (🐕). 8K run slayed, dishes done, beds made and food in the oven (@lioperron you’re 💯💕). No more productivity today. Stay tuned for the sloth-dom.
Enjoy every minute of these blessed temps everyone.

There was a daybed on set and so...this just felt right 😂. #HomeDay #GetYouSomeCuddles

Finally...sun-block, straw hat, shoulders exposed, midriff out, hot, sweaty, summer temps. If you’re a 6ix native this is when we exhale, grab a drink (sadly for me it’s a dry af club soda) and enjoy blue skies and sun. And even though this is a vacation pic...if you do find me and Eva in our two pieces playing around the house this afternoon don’t be surprised 🌞👍🏾.
#WeLikeHeat #PreSummerFun

I sat down for a 3 hour candid chat with teens about their world today. I was shocked. I think you might be too. Grab the teen in your life or record today’s show. We’re about to get #CitylineReal about hook-up culture (oral sex anyone?), the pressure of social media (like a full-time job), and how their generation are the ones poised to change the world.
Today at 9am or online at
#CitylineReal #TeenSpecial

He gives up on burpees quickly but he’s always all in for the stretching part🐾. I love waking up to my faithful, furry workout partner.
#GirlsWhoLift #FitnessMotivation #FitFam #StrongIsSexy

Weekends are for weading (reading). I really wanted to use alliteration.
Sidebar: Baby girl is reading Babysitters Club and I’m reading Jessica Knoll’s The Favourite Sister. We’re loving both.
#BookGals #Literacy

Got my run in crazy EARLY so I could catch this Canadian brood make us proud at St. George’s Chapel. I would be lying if I said I didn’t have 100 mama heart attacks on behalf of Jess about how this would all unfold. The lectures I give my kids just about coming to my workplace...never mind walking in front of billions of people. What if someone picks their nose? What if someone trips? In the end, who really cares - they’re kids right? Actually, no I care...a lot 😂. They’re not my kids but I couldn’t be prouder. And @jessicamulroney...dress, hair, fascinator and shoes ON. POINT. (IG Stories). And to the👏🏾get👏🏾candy👏🏾!
Well deserved.
#RoyalWedding #CanadianClan #BrianAndJohnMulroney

Swipe through to see what happens when your photographer turns into one clown 🤡 and you now have a crowd watching your “photoshoot” 😂.
📸: @tracypmakeup
#OOTD @fredastoronto

This shirt dress is a real homage to spring. Birds and buds. Not my usual style but now I’m obsessed 🦅🌼.
#OOTD @fredastoronto

It’s nice to host out of town guests sometimes 🇬🇧. These two are far from flat. In fact they may be the most deliciously exciting royals to celebrate thus far. On today’s show, how to greet the Queen, how this couple is bucking religion & how Canadian fashion now rules regal spaces.
So. Much. Dish.
#OOTD @fredastoronto
Fascinator: @daviddunkleyhat
Sidebar: You’ll also learn that I should NOT be touching royalty. Sorry Harry...

Is anyone else aware of a fairly big wedding going down in the U.K. this Saturday? I’m just getting prepared in case. I mean it’s clear there must have been some confusion with my invite. It hasn’t arrived quite yet... Anywho, we’ll celebrate with our own Royal Wedding Viewing Party prep tomorrow on @cityline. And we’re expecting some pretty high profile guests (HINT: Her Majesty @mairlynsmith😂). Makeup by @tracypmakeup.

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