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A mother’s ability to ignore is magical. His paws are in my ovaries by the way.
#ItHurts #IStillDontSeeYou 🐕

As soon as my mom gets to my house she drops off home cooked food and starts absentmindedly weeding the garden. My dad usually shows up with any tools that *may* be needed to hang pictures or fix broken stuff. Because they’re those kinda parents (capable, engaged) we’re attached at the hip. But still they light up when me and the kids call for no reason at all. So that’s how I’m spreading cheer today. Calling mom and dad for no reason at all. Just shootin’ the breeze and spreading love. How will you spread cheer today?
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As I wipe the sleep from my eye I’m thinking back to glammy-er (not a word, I know) times 😂.
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Here’s to squeezing in a family reading session anytime you can 📖. Post-bath, pre-event, before work, before breakfast. A literary break is always a good idea.
#Literacy #BooksRock

Two years ago today we brought home the cuddliest, best listener, with the wettest nose. We’re all a little better, nicer, happier having the opportunity to share his love. Happy two year Ozzie-versary to us 🎉🎉🐕

I’m humbled by the DM’s, FB messages and emails from lovely women shouting me out. You say you don’t know how I do it all and remain (semi) sane. I say we’re ALL doing it all. But I also say let’s look at the man holding everything down. My husband steps aside so I can shine. He parents the kids so I can glow. He brainstorms, cooks, soothes and tough loves so that I can slay life. I’m indebted to you @lioperron and my appreciation for you grows every day 🙏🏾💕.
#AllTheSupport #GratitudeAttitude

Oh how I agonized over these shots. A couple of months of clean eating and disciplined workouts. I wanted shred. I wanted definition. I was happy with how my photoshoot for @dfynefitnessmag turned out but I can’t believe the amount of discipline it took. For some people mid-lower body definition comes easy. Not me. It’s all about how much you’re willing to give up. For me on a regular basis the answer is: not that much 😂. So I may lean out from time-to-time but true joy for me lives more in the 60/40 way of life - 60% good, clean eats, 40% bad, dirty fun. If I have to gain a paunch as a be it. This cover on newsstands @chaptersindigo NOW!
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Makeup: @idobeautyco
Hair: @janetjacksonhairstylist
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If you have an idea pursue it. If someone says no - push harder. When (not if) you fail along the way - get up again. We have learned so much since the inception of @tracymoorexfredas. Looking at our Fall ‘18 collection I’m proud to say we’ve nailed the perfect combination of style, quality and comfort. About to show my beloved @cityline viewers our Fall’18 collection
and it is 🔥.
Don’t miss it at 9am. Shop exclusively @shoptsc
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This picture is about my molars and @thetaylorkaye’s chest. And also @BenStiller, he’s here too.
📸: @ryanemberley
#EPICNight #TBT #ArtistsforPeaceAndJustice #WeLoveOurWaiter

Ten years! Come October I’ll have hosted @cityline for a decade. This September we rolled out our new Fall Season and with our loyal Canadian viewers and our growing American viewers (over 70 million - wowza!) we are set to have our best👏🏾season👏🏾yet👏🏾. We see how much you loved the first week so expect more of that! This new promo gets me excited for all the amazingness to come. Just one question: what exactly am I doing while wearing the orange tank top at the very end? Anyone? Anyone?!😂
#Cityline #NewSeason #ImAClown

Tonight I get to #StandUpForKids, something we should be doing any chance we get. It’s my 5th year hosting what used to be called the @cafdn Recognition Night but now along with awarding students from care with scholarships we are also recognizing the people who fight for kids the hardest. I don’t think I’ve hosted any event 5 years straight. But this one is special. It speaks directly to my heart ❤️.
#ChildrensAidFoundation #StandUpForKids #RecognitionNight

The good folks at @CheeriosCA took one look at my social media and decided I was their girl to join their mission to spread cheer across the country. Do you know how happy that makes me? So happy that I want you to spread a little cheer of your own. The challenge is to make it a habit over the next 21 days. You don’t have to hijack a tour bus like I did (but honestly it was FUN). All you need to do is something small, simple, sweet and be consistent about it. It might be a happy sticky note for a colleague, a coffee for the person behind you in line or a simple wave to the neighbour you never talk to. The point is to #BeTheCheer over the next 21 days, create a lasting habit and make someone’s day (and yours!) a bit brighter. So, what’s your next move people? Show me...
#21DaysofCheer #Ad

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