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Tim Fuller  Mom always told me I was special and I believed her.

One way or the other. #dogblogging #timages Enjoy.

Fans at the Crush game. Enjoy

Awesome tip jar. Enjoy.

Anybody looking for a big ass brick of soap? Enjoy

Nice start by Atlanta. Watching game in the van. Enjoy.

Let's go shopping. #randomdogblogging Enjoy.

There are precious few places where concentrated love is allowed to run wild. Enjoy.

Sprawling mass of self-propelled cuddle. #dogblogging Enjoy.

Random dog blogging. Enjoy

Blizzard 2.0. ETA 1400 MTN. Enjoy.

The 32.4% of me that is gay ordered the blue drink. Enjoy.

Bandit. Sleeping in. Enjoy

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