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T I F F A N Y P R A T T  I LOVE YOU🌈 Designer | Creative Director Author of #ThisCanBeBeautiful Maker | Artist | Speaker | HGTV Check out my #LoveJamPodcast ⤵️

“If you go hard, you gotta get on the floor
If you're a party freak then step on the floor
If you're an animal then tear up the floor
Break a sweat on the floor
Yeah we work on the floor”
- #JenniferLopez 🤣
#TGIF The floor carpet? My favorite @babasouk ☝🏻The animal? My other favorite @thepoppypratt 📸: My final favorite my sister @chelciachick #goodfriday #love

It’s time to get #ROYGBIV up in dis club! The labor of our love the @colourclubtoronto is now open to the public & we are so pumped for you to pop by & feel the rainbow surround you with it’s healing light🌈🙏📸: @laurenkolyn___studio #support #cancerresearch #colourtoconquer for @colour2cc @thepmcf

✨Last night was magical✨We cut the pink ribbon officially opening the @colourclubtoronto for the next #10days🌈I wore @extendithair all #unicorn #coloured by @michsilvmakeup in celebration of @colour2cc & now I am totally addicted to #extensions 🎨I hope you go check out this colourful healing space we created to support @thepmcf #research 🧬& I also hope you know my buddies the @brolawsrus secretly mocked me as I took this picture😂 #pink #turbanstyle

On the first day of this month the @thepmcf & @colour2cc team passed 128 Peter street here in #TORONTO over to me, my team & the incredible @brolawsrus to create this dream in my head now called the @colourclubtoronto 🌈 It’s a #PopUp for a cause & colour therapy for us all. It was designed for everyone to come and experience colour and how it makes you feel. We all feel things when we see colour & it always makes us happy🙏Perhaps this space may inspire to dye your hair in a beautiful #rainbow shade and support #cancerresearch by #fundraising for @colour2cc 🙌🏻I would love it if you would stop by the @colourclubtoronto starting the 17th until the 27th of this month. It is a space filled with wild, creative and colourful love! It is a healing, exciting and artful ride & I cannot wait for you to see the spectrum of salon stations sure to delight your soul! Thank you to every person, company and heart who helped us pull this magic off in less than two weeks! I am forever grateful from the depths of my heart & soul🌈🙏📸: @laurenkolyn___studio #love #rainbow #everythingisgoingtobeok #promise

So, I watched the #alexandermcqueen #documentary this weekend & loved it VERY much. I am totally into fashion & have been since the early days of #fashiontelevision #Canada with @thejeannebeker 😎It spoke to me very deeply and I highly recommend it to anyone🙌🏻I loved seeing his work and learning about his team and how he assembled it. He said, “I work with people I admire and respect. It's never because of who they are.” & I kinda agree with that. But in my life it’s both. This week more than ever my respect & love grew for the incredible people I have in my life & have the privilege of working with. This arrangement an example. This is just one of four @flower_rzy made for my furniture launch in a few hours & it’s art! In awe of you @flower_rzy 🙏& you @jillyfrances @janiedear @michsilvmakeup @sharonj10 🌈🙏 #thankyou #iloveyou #designer #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #holy #holy

It’s almost time for you to take a seat at the @colourclubtoronto that I designed for @thepmcf & @colour2cc 🌈I am so proud of what we created and I cannot wait till you can experience the space that the talented @brolawsrus built & my team @jillyfrances @flower_rzy @janiedear @michsilvmakeup @sharonj10 @athainat & I artfully curated for you to be immersed in colour🌈 It was such a labor of love for all of us & even with the massive hustle-it is quite possibly our most favorite build to date! With the generous help from my friends from @ikeacanada you can sit on a rainbow & look at yourself through mirrors adorned in colourful 👩🏻‍🎤 do’s! It took a village of incredible people & companies to pull this off & I am just so grateful 🙏Mark your calendars for April 17th✨The @colourclubtoronto will be open and ready to hug you in a #rainbow 🌈! Get your 📸out❤️ #love #colourtoconquer #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

Today was a very special day for me🙏it was the day that my furniture collection with @silvacustom was released into the world🌈It’s my dream come true in so many ways & it wouldn’t be possible without the builders, upholsterers, sewers, fabricators & facilitators at @silvacustom right here in #Toronto 🙌🏻It has been #santasworkshop here for months pulling this off & our weekly meetings, countless phone calls, texts and strange sketches have all resulted in the magic of this moment✨With so much love, trust and support (the whole way through) my heart could not be more grateful for the @silvacustom family and everything they have done to make this experience super special💕Thank you to everybody who came out to the #fabric #fair today and for your kind words and excitement🙌🏻In the design world we all need each other and our imaginations as catalysts for change. Creating new things as inspirational propellers to push us all forward toward doing something fresh and inventing new dreams. To create objects and spaces is a true privilege for me and I want us all to live in our dream spaces. Spaces filled with textures, patterns, mirrors, fringes, ruffles, over-sized, cozy, rainbow sleeping, floor-dwelling, sectional changing, pillow flipping, heart seating worlds. I will keep you posted on pricing & where you can find everything outside of @silvacustom moving forward as it gets produced to live in the world. But in the meantime-thank you to my team @janiedear who is my graphic wonder making all the tags and invites +📸 & @jillyfrances @flower_rzy who helped me ready this space yesterday & @k_johnson__art for the breathtaking and unexpected custom art for the walls made with such love to match perfectly! Phew! It’s here! It took a true village and I am humbled and grateful! Now! Let the games begin putting this colour & magic into the world🌈❤️🙏✨#rainbows #rainbow #colour #colourqueen #customfurniture #interiordesign #toronto #grandmashouse #fringe

“One of my primary objects is to form the tools so the tools themselves shall fashion the work and give to every part its just proportion.” #EliWhitney (After thoughts after designing this beautiful home✨) 📸: @nikkileighmckean #proportion #texture #fashion #objects

There were lines properly set by @royalcopenhagen #blue #artist & I painted outside of them. I was to replicate the #MEGA blue fluted mug pattern & I went my own way. It was exactly what I needed to do today-PAINT! Hosted at the stunning new @williamashleyco I learned some hand-painting history and got messy with a classic painter who actually appreciated that I did my own thing. See diagram:: My piece to the left😜Draw outside the lines! Go your own way! Appreciate the process! Also-they had @teuscherto in the building so chocolate truffles topped things off! Perfect afternoon delight🍫🎨🌊 #royalcoppenhagen #handpainting #porcelain #outsidethelines #goyourownway #love

Today was paint day at our @colour2cc @thepmcf #popup build. The @brolawsrus & I were so pumped to dive into these juicy colours-they look like candy🍭🍭This stunning array of rich saturated colours was generously donated by @valsparcanada for this 🌈-filled project & I can’t wait to show you how they look on the walls....EPIC🌈I got too caught up playing dress up with the team today that I didn’t show you the walls🤣Check out my stories for all the #BTS on this build-soon open to the public for experiencing & 📸all in support to #conquercancer #colourtoconquer #cancerresearch #goodcause #rainbow #valspar #valsparpaint

Do you ever just let yourself go? Trust yourself fully and completely to know you have all the tools you need in this moment to do this thing? Do you ever just wanna push things? Go a little extra, bigger, harder, brighter & more colourful than you thought possible? Do you ever cry when something exceeds your expectations? Do you ever give it all for the sake of it? Do you ever just make wanna add that handmade touch? Do you wanna sit on a cloud? Do you want to sleep under a rainbow? Do you wanna come to @silvacustom next week? Do you have time on April 11th between 10-3? Do you wanna RSVP to be the first to see my furniture collection with @silvacustom 🌈I might cry when you show up! E-mail to get on the list 🛏🛋🖼🛍🎀 My custom furniture line-ready for your (trade only) 👁👁next week🙏 #dreamcometrue #forever #love #homemade #custom #furniture #silkscreen #tags #oversize #large

If you can find this #rainbow downtown #Toronto you will find me & the @brolawsrus inside it building & designing a magical #colourclub #POPUP space for @thepmcf assembling the biggest @colour2cc event yet! Mark your calendars for two weeks from today! The doors will open & you will want to get your 📱📸out! It’s gonna be a 🌈💇🏼‍♀️💇🏻‍♂️🌈 #staytuned #twoweeks #colourtoconquer #conquercancer #cancerresearch #colouryourhair #goodcause #love #fauxsalon #princessmargarethospital 🙏❤️🌈I AM SO EXCITED🙏❤️🌈

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