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vaughn robison  cheap old cowboy at heart, art director at work in salt lake city.

with elmo gone, but soon to return as an urn in my living room, i'm stepping away from @thethriftstorecowboy. and in doing so, sealing off this account. because this really never was about me to begin with. this was elmo's world, and i was just a cowboy who was lucky enough to get caught in the orbit of it, with an outlet to share tiny glimpses of the ride along the way with y'all. i'll always be a one-man-dogs-and-ponies show, but it's time to pack it up, move along and leave my greatest act behind to look back on. an homage, of sorts, to the little red horse who changed my life forever.
let 'er buck,

vaughn robison

thanks to everyone who reached out to send their best and check in on me after saying goodbye to elmo. damn is it painful, but damn am i finding a lot of peace knowing he's in a better place. and, if not discovering, definitely remembering just how much joy folks found joy in seeing pictures of him on their phones. wish y'all could've felt it in real life. it was the greatest.

i emptied out my heart this morning, said goodbye and slipped out of orbit with this little red rock my BEING has revolved around for the last 12 years. a horse-shaped rock, whose only bad bones in his body were the ones in his feet that just couldn't go anymore. and through it all, the goofiest, sweetest and most stoic soul you'd ever meet and i shared a bond deeper and more harmonious than the cosmos itself. nothing short of a symbiotic obsession. the shit the snappiest love song couldn't even begin to describe. sure, changing trajectories and latching onto a new, impossibly-as-forceful pull to center my life around will probably be my most painfully foreign experience yet. aimless falling through space, arms outstretched and grasping for something that feels half as right as the embodiment of perfection that i knew better than the back of my hand. but i'll be fine. because if there's one thing that elmo, and only elmo, could have taught me, it's that.
thanks for EVERYTHING, elmo. i'll always love you most.

the center of the universe.

this is why you shouldn't have nice things, dirk. folks like the people at @naluleather are the reason you do.

elmo has been stealing my thunder from my feature in popular photography china, to the pages of @slcweekly, and every publication in-between. and i'd have it no other way. really excited to be taking the reins as art director for the cw's sister paper, wyoming's only alt-weekly, @planetjh, and working with such a great group of folks.

throwing it back to elmo's show pony era, which also happens to be one when i ran 35 miles a week and couldn't grow a mustache. and it shows. but still, man, where those some good days otherwise. #tbt #whenweweretwinks

drank coffee and watched the ocean with my dad this morning, as he started the first father's day without his. the day after my grandad's funeral. he's pictured here, pre-ww2 where he had a pet monkey. it was a weird weekend, a really weird one. but it ended with a greeting by happy dogs, and even happier horses, upon my return home. and that made being the dead end of my family name, who just wants to parent animals, seem like maybe the best way to carry on this man's legacy.

hometown views for a quick 36 hours. only something this beautiful could make a kid, and a twenty-somethinng, yearn for the desert.

it's my favorite week of the year because the cholla on my patio are blooming. and courtney love doesn't even care.

the ladies have been sequestered to the coop while my vegetable starts establish themselves, but not courtney love. because she's my favorite, and i'm sure to let her know it. #portraitsofpoultry #cowboyscluckers

loaded elmo up on all the pill-form feel-goods and took the oldest trick in my proverbial one-man-dogs-and-ponies show out for one last ride before officially retiring it. you're free to just be a horse and control my life even more than normal, old man.

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