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THE/THIRTY  21 days = new habit. 30 days = new lifestyle. What will you do in the next 30 days? A wellness community by Byrdie #EatThinkStyleSweat #MyNextThirty


Tag that friend who’s never *not* in yoga pants. // photo by @sweatsandthecity

O-N-L-Y // photo by @thebodydepartment

Are you coming down with the “carb flu”? It turns out cutting carbohydrates out of your diet can give way to some weird symptoms. Head to the link in our bio for two experts’ POV on this phenomenon and what you can do to find relief. // photo by @thesunshineeatery

Have you spotted NOTE NO. 4 at @runyoncanyon? Whether you’re about to tackle an upward battle or are triumphantly returning from one, we’re rooting for you. —
We’re popping up all over the city to put a smile on your face when you least expect it. Where will you find your next mantra? Share the positivity with the hashtag #ThirtyNotesToSelf.

“Most experts recommend hitting 10,000 steps a day—could I possibly meet that minimum for seven days straight in the city where no one walks?” THE/THIRTY managing editor Victoria Hoff brings us along on her endeavor to reach her fitness goals—one step at a time. (Link in bio.) // photo by @victoriadawsonhoff

🎶 “I’m all the way up” 🎶 // photo by @y7studio

We all know we could use a bit more mindfulness in our lives—between stress relief, better concentration, and a palpable mood boost, the health benefits are staggering. But if you’re anything like us, sitting still with your eyes closed just isn’t doing it for you. That’s why we rounded up a not-at-all exhaustive list of alternative ways to practice mindfulness—everything from going for a hike to eating raisins (don’t knock it—it seriously works). Click the link in our bio to find your ideal chill session, and bookmark it for the next time you're feeling stressed, frazzled, scattered, or all the above. // photo by @yellabella

NOTE NO. 3 IS LIVE at @platform_LA, and reminds us to pause, check in, and remember: It’s about the journey, not the destination. 👣 #ThirtyNotesToSelf

Spread the ❤️: If you come across one of our notes, snap it and share using the hashtag #ThirtyNotesToSelf.

Double-tap if Savasana got you to class today. // photo by @playlistyoga

What does a day in the life of @sakaralife's co-founders Danielle and Whitney look like? Meetings-on-meetings, workouts, and a *lot* of healthy eating inspo. See how they juggle it all at the link in our bio. // photo by @whitneytingle

NOTE NO. 2 is LIVE @platform_la. (And P.S. It speaks the truth.)

We’re popping up all around the city to put a smile on your face when you least expect it. Spot a quote? Spread the love with the hashtag #ThirtyNotesToSelf.

^ catapulting ourselves into the second half of the week. // photo by @outdoorvoices

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