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THE/THIRTY  Introducing THE/THIRTY: We take a real approach to wellness—hold the granola.

Pssst, do you know what macronutrients are? They're the nutrients our body needs in large amounts—but there's a bit more to it than that. Nutritionist @thefaraheffect gave us the full rundown on macros at the link in our bio. Give it a read and let us know if you agree with her philosophy. // #regram from @alphafoodie

Quick poll: Do you meditate? If so, in the morning or night? Once a day? Twice? // Photo by @localrose

On today's menu: figs with feta, honey, and basil. (Thanks, @saladforpresident 🍯)

It's a Tuesday afternoon and you're almost done with the workday—ride the wave. 🌊 // Photo by @kimmieperl

“In the age of social media, are we gathering followers, friends, likes, and comments, but losing touch with our humanity?” We explored this question and talked to a therapist about how to create meaningful IRL relationships this week on THE/THIRTY. Give it a read at the link in our bio and let us know how you balance in-person connection with social media interaction. // Photo by @girlfriendcollective

"In addition to being all about self-care, Sunday is my meal-planning day (which I guess kind of qualifies as self-care anyway?). My approach is to prep and cook a few big recipes all at once so that I can dip into the leftovers all week. (Am I the only one who *cannot* muster the motivation to cook when I get home from the office?)
Lately, I've been prepping a bunch of ingredients that can be made into different bowls throughout the week: Barbecue jackfruit, curried cauliflower, seasoned black beans, etc. I'll cook up some quinoa and cauliflower rice as well, so I can just throw whichever combo I want together on any given night, et voilà: dinner. (A sliced avocado almost always goes on top.)
But I'm constantly looking for more recipe inspiration, so I'll put the call out to you: What are some of your meal prep strategies or healthy recipes to make ahead of time? Tell me in the comments below, and I'll give you the heads up if I try it out!" —@victoriadawsonhoff // Photo by @leefromamerica

Weekend mode. ✔️ // Photo by @leefromamerica

Every feel intimidated at the gym? You're not alone. @chelsea_millerxoxo shared how she overcame her fitness fears at the link in our bio. What helps you push through intimidation?

Real talk: It's really hard not to slouch. But did you know that poor posture can cause breathing problems, upper back pain, and digestion issues? @cbquality shared her tips for better posture on THE/THIRTY. Tap the link in our bio to check them out. // Photo by @caleyalyssa

Dealing with anxiety? Mother Nature's got something for that. Read @yellabella's take on three natural herbs that will soothe your anxiety at the link in our bio. // Photo by @savagecactusco

Quick poll: Do you keep track of your steps every day? @icelandicglacial joined the #mynextthirty movement with a pledge to take 10,000 steps a day—and stay hydrated along the way. Head to their profile to enter to win a case of H20. // #regram: @icelandicglacial

Crystal skeptic (@jessicahagy) met crystal healer (@place8healing) and the conversation got interesting fast. Click the link in our bio to read some wild crystal healing stories—including how you might meet your spirit animal in a healing session. // #regram @place8healing

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