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T  Free The Mind You Can* handle the Truth Seems every experience has a Message or a Blessing. Appreciation gave me the eye to see them, and a Vision.

Smh #wow Is this why I'm not allowed to record? Cus they dirty.

Live #beauty #blueskies Securtiy just waved his finger at me and said no pictures or recording huh?? How lame can you get. Everything little thing has a damn regulation Pfff this looks like a fuckn juckyard. Please

Lil Sis sent this to me. I realized this is one of my strongest traits. Could be my strong motive. My Vision never dies.
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We are programmed to allow our emotions to influence too many of our actions. Affirmation and Meditation upon arising allows us to observe the thoughts which do not serve us and replace them with thoughts that do πŸ‘
I've actually become very good at this w/PRACTICE. Conquering my fears and doubt before kickboxing matches for the past 4 years has only helped to make me proficient at it. Notice some people call the things I talk about "Common Sense" but it is one thing to know and another to know and Practice. Do you get up every day and affirm these things? Do you walk this way? Then you will not benefit.
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Progress comes from applied knowledge

Ha ha remember this πŸ˜„ was it #bloodsport ? I had the dvd and it was one of my fav "Karate movies" growing up. Watched them so many times. Know wonder I'm a fighter today lol #memories #martialarts #mma #kickboxing #boxing

A clip from My favorite YouTube Video A Good Woman. Men and Women were designed with specific abilities. I highly doubt it was an accident. Like Night and DayπŸŒ™πŸŒž What he says about women is #facts especially about the one's that don't know their place and won't figure it out if they don't appreciate or believe in you. #relationshipgoals #married #dating #women #bae #love #bff #gf

Repost @god_ndme_diaries
Like I said Stress literally kills. Worst part is our cells become addicted to emotions the same as they do drugs and alcohol. Meditation is a way to change negative emotional addiction. Watch Joe Dispenza break this down on YouTube - How To Unlock The Full Potential Of Your Mind.
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Most of us don't understand the design and purpose of a Man or Woman. Did anyone watch The Documentary Bloods And Crips Made In America On Netflix? What happened when the Black Male was removed from the families?... Look at the Black community of America Today. If you think it is just the fault of the Black person you may be implying the Black race was designed with some kind of defect. You were conditioned to believe this. You have been lied to. And overall The World Wars had also removed the Fathers from the home "Dad is Destiny" 90% of all problems in society proved to be from the absence of a father in the home. With that being said imagine a mother keeping a child from his father. Imagine a father walking out, it's then by far the most destructive contribution one can make to humanity.
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I said it b4 You do not have to be a celebrity.. Or a politician to sell your soul for the mighty $Dollar... #money #truth #wakeup #hardwork #success #lit #work #realtalk #hustle #gratitude #fitness #relationshipgoals

I call bullshit on a daily basis! I believe the worst thing a person can do is lie to themselves, and lying to someone else comes 2nd. We live a lie because we don't understand our unique design as a person or even understand the purpose of our design as a Person or even as a Male or Female. Society, News, Education and Entertainment set the standard of who and what we should be which can be anything. Modern society have us believing it's ok to be whatever we want to and there is no blue print to our design. Lying to someone is the fastest way to become a stranger. Imagine what happens when we lie to ourselves?? Reminds me of what Dr. Monroe said... " The Oil pan is not a Filter, The Filter is not a Steering wheel, The Steering wheel in not The Shift, The Shift is not the ignition. I mean everything is different. The Battery is the leader in the Battery department, his job is to store power and release it, that's the batteries job, so he is the leader in the power department, he is the leader in his purpose, noone else can be battery. You become a leader when you finally discover who you are if you never discover who you are and what your purpose is you will never be a leader.That's the problem with the entire world People don't know who they are so their trying to be somebody else"
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And to make matters worst. Good is called bad and bad good. Lie is Truth and Truth is Lie. A society cultured by fake people and changing principles wow.

Posting this for a 3rd time. Some things should be posted again. I notice some people need to hear things multiple times. I know people who got it so bad they appear to be possessed and need a fucking exorcism. "We lost our fight" I believe this could be one example #Ephisians 6:12 refers to.
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I'm not schooling anyone. I just know sharing is caring.

Do you know someone like this? Some people are unbelievable... are these manipulative tactics premeditated or freestlyed? People use so much energy to feed negetivity. You know all of this energy can be transmuted into problem solving or imagining and creating something beautiful. Can one be so damaged they give up.. Deep inside they've given up on Life or something. I feel some people are really possessed by dark entities. You know Appreciation and #serenityprayer can go a long way right?? Waking up to the truth about the darkness in the world can also change your attitude real quick and scare you str8 or humble a person. I'm starting to believe all of our toxic behaviors comes from not knowing our identity as special beings in the universe w/a purpose but instead allowing dark spirit to latch onto us.
It's just a sad free for all motivated by material possession. If we all realized our creation was hidden from us we would stop being manipulative towards our own people and realize we are manipulated into doing so.
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