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Jody Smith  馃槅-Actor/Supertrainer/Influencer 馃槅-New Body In 30 Days @jodysmithpp 馃槅-#OnlineTraining #Influencer 馃槅-#SuperTrainerBodies! 馃槅-#Iam1stPhorm 馃槅-#legion

Wake up early get a jump start on the world, do something different and make a change with your life your body in your mind.

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I use Tolifo CRI95+ Bicolor LED Camera Light聽to shoot some of my influencer reviews

Tolifo CRI95+ Bicolor LED Camera Light, Slim Aluminum Alloy Frame, 120 Degrees Beam Angle, Video Light Panel with 144 SMD LED, 15 Watts, Adjustable Color Temperature 3200K-5600K For DSLR and Camcor... Aluminum alloy framed LED camera light, solid built quality, lightweight, pocket size, easy to carry for outdoor activity
- Brightness dimmable and color temperature adjustable with LED digital display.
- 15 watts warm light + 15 watts cool light, Ra鈮 95.Very bright LED camera light in its class which replaces the need for a camera flash. faithful color reproduction.
- Built in diffusionpanel, efficiently light transmitted,which makes light more uniform.
- Easy to use controls; 2 control buttons manage the brightness from 10-100 percent; flicker free and color temperature from 3,200鈥5,600K .Variable color temperature; adjustable color temperature control supports the setting; indoor or outdoor and makes it the most versatile lighting accessory for photographers; use the diffuser and it will often eliminate the need for a will always get the perfect color from this continuous output lighting

Use a Smartphone Brmband when training for easy phone access

Quickly and Securely Mount and Easily Remove the Smartphone, iPhone, iPod, Samsung, MP3 from the Arm.
Positive Looking. Easy to install and secure smartphone.
Convenient to Use for Multiple Purpose Such as Workout, Running, Hiking, etc.
Universal Adaptor Adheres to The Back of Smartphones or Most of the Phone Cases with Smooth Flat Surface on.
The Back With Built-In Magnet & Clip Locking Mechanism Fits Arms 8.5 To 19"

Sometimes you need to go with mild resistance with Marvi Sports- Glute Bands. 馃弸锔 WHY ARE OUR CIRCLE BOOTY BANDS UNIQUE? After testing many hip bands and seeing that they aren鈥檛 elastic enough, roll up during a workout or they just rip after a few exercises, we decided to CREATE something DIFFERENT. Our Hip Circle Band is made of 100% ORGANIC elastic cotton with a NON-SLIP inner layer to stop the band from rolling up & to IMPROVE your exercise form. The ANTIBACTERIAL material prevents skin irritations. 鈥 WE VALUE YOUR PRIORITIES!

FUNUS Big Water Bottle 1.3-2.2L Water Bottle Huge Big Leak Proof BPA Free Large Water Jug for Workout Fitness Gym Outdoor Hiking Sport Half Gallon Water Jug

Compared with traditional water jug, we made FUNUS from 170g to 200g, Stronger and more durable than before! But still lightweight as usual. FUNUS water bottle can be used at anytime, anywhere. Wherever you are, you can keep hydrate with 2.2L Water Bottle! Camping, hiking, climbing, travel, yoga, home or office, you don鈥檛 need to get up for refills constantly. PRODUCT NAME:Funus water jug BRAND:Funus MEASUREMENT:13*27cm/5.1*10.6inch MATERIAL: Food grade PETG FEATURES: 1. We suggest you to wash it before first use. fill in the liquids below 50鈩,not dishwasher safe ,don鈥檛 leave in car on a hot day. 2. We made it from 170g to 200g, Stronger and more durable than before! But still lightweight as usual. Not easy to be damaged after falling. But the water bottle is too big to bear falling, please be noted. 3. 2.2L

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