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Cole LaBrant  ▫️Jesus gets my glory. ▫️Savannah + Everleigh💕 20. Traveler💫 lovin' life ✉️: 🎥:New Youtube video 👇🏼

I'm so obsessed with this little girl. Both of them, but right now I'm talking about little Everleigh. I just broke down and started crying a few minutes ago because it hit me how much I love her, how much she means to me, and how much God has used her to change me. Many people see our situation as me being a hero & coming in to aid Savannah in raising Everleigh, but in reality, Savannah is the most amazing mom and parent on planet earth. And Everleigh is the most amazing and admiring little girl on the face of the planet. And for them to accept me into their lives and family literally brings me to tears all the time. I know we're not perfect, I know we don't have it all together. I'm only 20, savannah had Everleigh at only 19.. but man, God has used and is using these girls in ways that break me down! I didn't fully understand what it meant to be dad when I got myself into this, but when Everleigh started to call me daddy, it changed everything.. It gave me a whole new outlook and respect for my parents, but most importantly for God. How big.. How amazing.. How honoring it is to be called that. From hearing her sing worship music at the top of her lungs in her car seat to holding mine and Savannahs hands at dinner to pray for our family and food.. it for real breaks me down. This is what life's about. Not money, not fame.. not anything but God and His perfect plan for family and our lives. Have an awesome night, or morning (whenever you read this).. you're all loved and amazing. Tell your family you love them today.💙

I really like kissing her, it's SO MUCH FUN😍 @savv_soutas

Saturday night Easter service! Jesus is alive! He is King!🙌🏼

This is all I ever wanted and more, thanks girls for making me so happy @savv_soutas @everleighrose

This little girl. SHE'S CRAZY! But I love her. I'm so proud of the tiny person she is! Her laugh and smile make me so happy💚

Marrying her so I can kiss her forever 😙

Every time I look at savannah I see the most beautiful, strong, kind, goofy girl in the world. I don't look at her flaws or her past as a way to think less of her. Rather I see this beautiful girl who had a kid at 19, and instead of letting it destroy her, she grew from it and raised a beautiful, strong, Jesus loving little girl. She loves me and Everleigh both so well. I couldn't be more proud of this woman I get to marry and this little girl I get to call my daughter. We all go through trials in life, it's how we react to them that reflects who we are. This season of life has taught me so much. Jesus has opened my eyes & heart in more ways than I thought were possible. I'm learning what it means to truly be a man.. a future husband.. a daddy.. So much work, but most importantly so much love. I'm in love with my perfectly imperfect little family💛 Thank you Jesus for everything.

Just casually sitting in this boat pretending like we're in the Notebook.. or Tangled.. whichever is more romantic💍

She's my kinda crazy🐒 (📷: @valoriedarling)

My bestest friend in the whole wide world. I love her so so much🐻🍯💛 Never let your relationship get boring or love become dull. Falling in love is one thing, staying in love is another. Fight for it🙌🏼

My clique, my squad, my crew, my team, my fam, my world✨

She's got me wrapped around her finger... well they both do😉

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