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The Stylery Co  Style Coach | Wardrobe Whisperer | Sequin Lover | Confidence Creator I help women look great + FEEL even better.... One day workshop πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»

Off duty research and prep mode. Tracking down unusual sunglasses for upcoming clients, adding soft metallics into summer wardrobes and looking for flattering shapes to suit different faces were my goals. Listening to a chilled out soundtrack of jazz while taking photos of products and notes for each client. I'm wearing sneakers, skinny jeans and a cute grey peplum tee that I feel so good in. Matching my clothes to my mood! #rockingthecasuallook #topknot

Just because you're busty, petite and shaped like a hourglass doesn't mean you can't rock out a midi length, peplum, off-the-shoulder dress. Look at how amazing my beautiful client looks. We were on the hunt for a dress for an upcoming event (and she loved this one but it was a little too sexy for the wedding she was attending). But as an option for any events - it packs a lunch and looks πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ» The shape if the dress emphasises her tiny waist, the shoulders balance out her hips, the soft colour means it's not too OTT and looks elegant and sophisticated and the rose gold metal belt adds a modern edginess. We slipped on a black heel in the store and you could pull it together with a black belt and earrings. For a more dramatic contrasting feel too. Oh la la! ❀️❀️❀️ I love the glamour of wedding outfits and wish that women could embrace that more in their every day life. #eventstyle #vavavoom

Love me a solid gold heel 😍😍😍 Ready for Friday night? In a comfortable statement heel? Then look no further - these beauties by @maxandco are fabulous. Bringing gold, metallic brown and black together seems slightly strange until you see it in real life. And realise it works perfectly! These are unusual but elegant, bold but restrained and very comfortable βœ”οΈβœ”οΈβœ”οΈ If you're wanting something that no one oldies is wearing, these would be a fantastic choice! #statementheel #goldenstate

Met up with the bubbly and beautiful @sarahbuckledesigns for coffee, chats and creating content. Oh and banana bread yum yummmmm! Discussing the crossover between clothing and business branding, how delegation is under-utilised business tactic for small businesses and how stunning Brisbane is in the mornings. We also talked about how easily it is for women to lose themselves in their family, their job, their obligations, their to-do lists and how important it is to take time for yourself. And connect with others who are on similar journeys and swap stories. Humans are storytellers and we express who we are through so many different mediums. And I love how passionate we both are about that - her through design and myself through clothing/style. We also cooked up some cool collaboration projects so if you're looking to get away and create content/work on your brand/have space to write your story and reconnect with who you are underneath all those layers of "shoulds" and lists, stay tuned for more details... Ooohhh yeah! #dresstoexpress #collaborations

This beauty was a little camera shy but was happy to share a photo of her purchases. As much as I love to celebrate every client publicly, some women are very private and their style journey is for them and them alone. But regardless of whether you can see her face, I can tell you about her experience. As a minimalist and someone who wears clothes for years and years, she wasn't looking for volume. Instead she was after a carefully considered capsule collection that covered her for all seasons/occasions/moods/locations. So we invested in higher quality pieces, beautiful basics, some statement items and a couple of pairs of shoes. She's been wanting an amazing leather jacket for ages and we found a stunner at @kookai_australia. This brand simply nail their leather! They don't offer many options (a pant, a few different skirts and about 4 different jackets) but all of those leather pieces are fantastic. Super soft, exceptional cuts, modern yet timeless shapes and in black, tan and nude. We also incorporated a high waisted wide leg linen pant, pencil skirt, swing dress, structured yet simple tops, sleek singlets and tees and some fabulous blouses in unique prints and colours. Oh and a blush coloured skinny jean, high waisted black jean and two elegant pairs of shoes. Most of her pieces will travel well, are machine washable and require very little maintenance. The whole collection works back with itself and can be worn dressed up or more casually depending on what she needs. It's a small strong collection of clothes that fulfil almost all her style needs (including an outfit for a beach wedding coming up) and will be a long lasting base for her to add to as she needs. And she was fun, thoughtful, open minded and willing to try anything. Love styling someone who's looking for something a little different! ❀️❀️❀️ #stylesession #dresstoexpress

Statement sleeve! If you're in Brisbane, you'll know that even though we're theoretically in "winter", it's already warming up fast! Which means the stores are marking down all their winter stock as fast as they can. So you can pick up some amazing bargains that will be the perfect choice to wear next winter. Yes you will need to store them until then but if you're buying high quality or unique or high usage items - you'll be making a strategic style choice that will save you so much $$$. These statement jackets from @zara are not for everyone but if they're your style - they're a fantastic addition to a winter wardrobe. Lots of personality, totally unique and still very wearable - these beauties caught my eye as I was whipping around looking for some quirky cool items for an upcoming client. #embellishedjacket #uniquestyle

Scent styling! Even though it's not clothing, the perfume or oils you wear on your skin impact the overall effect of what you're wearing. Especially with the people that interact closely with you (physically). I found this at @oroton recently when I was on the hunt for leather belts/sunglasses/bags (of which Oroton had some beauties)... and came across these. Deep luscious lingering scents - they each had a distinctly unique smell but all were appealing in different ways. Choosing a new perfume can take time - find one that interacts beautifully with your skin and develops over time (rather than hitting hard then fading fast). And try scents that are outside your norm - by choosing a different perfume, you can affect how you feel in an outfit. #scentstyle #perfumes

So much DRAMA IN THIS PHOTO! Look at how intensely I'm reaching for those pants and look at that furrowed brow, clearly I'm deep in a profound conversation about the meaning of life. Or... I'm talking about a capsule collection and I just take my job very seriously πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ This is a shot from my previous workshop Style + Beauty with @samaralouise from @bossbeautybusiness at @showroombrisbane. It was an amazing day and the women that attended were just gorgeous. I love the type of women we attract to our events - curious, open minded, friendly and relaxed. Add in delicious food, champers, some fun activities and a goodie bag and you've got yourself a fabulous day out! We've got 2 tickets left to our workshop this Saturday August 19 so if you've got the day free (it runs from 9.30-3.30pm), click on the link in my profile and nab one of our last tickets! ❀️❀️❀️ Samara and I would love to see you there. And I can show you my serious intense capsule collection face in real life hehe! #workshop #lasttickets πŸ“Έ: @erinandthelight

Sometimes I go into stores simply for inspiration. @maxandco is one of those stores. The quality of the clothing, accessories and shoes is phenomenal, they embrace unique design trends and always have a fabulous injection of colours. I was in heaven when I saw their blush, red, tan, white colour combo 😍😍😍 Edgy yet elegant, unexpected but easy to wear, soft shapes but strong impact - yes yes yes! I found so many fun items in there from embellished shoes to metallic skirts to statement necklaces to satin jackets. Oohhhh if you're looking for high quality pieces with a twist - pop in and have a look! 😍😍😍

Bag it! I'm always on the hunt for solid, dependable but interesting bags. Most women I work with have to carry a minimum of phone/wallet/keys/makeup/tissues/perfume/diary/random stuff so they need a bag with room but that doesn't look bulky. I'm loving this one I found recently at @countryroad - simple shape, soft black leather, long adjustable strap and a good medium size βœ”οΈβœ”οΈβœ”οΈ Perfect for throwing on with a maxi dress and sandals, wearing with your pencil skirt and blazer or denim shorts and a tee! Versatile and elegant! #leatherbags #summerstyle

As we head into summer (well that will happen overnight really! Get ready for the heatwaves ahead! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯) - you need to ask yourself. Is my wardrobe ready for summer? Your wardrobe should be able to handle any temperature, any weather, any event and any mood. Can yours? But especially in Australia - we have a loooooong summer and we ask a lot of our wardrobes (parties, events, work functions, picnics, BBQs, beach, travel, work) and often at temperatures above 35 deg. Which is beyond sweltering. Add in humidity and phew, you better hope you're wearing natural fibres and items that can handle sweat. This is a good time to do your wardrobe detox and clear out what didn't work from last summer and see what your gaps are coming into this one. Need some help? Get in touch 😘😘😘 #summerready #seasonalwardrobe

Spent the morning getting organised with my business mentor and financial wizard. And now have the next 6 months mapped out with the next 6 months to be finalised in the next week. And there is travel aplenty and I will be posting cloud photos on every trip πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ At the moment, there are trips to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and Tasmania all tentatively pencilled between now and December so if you're thinking about booking in for a session - send me a message. Some of those cities will also be able to attend one of my Style + Beauty workshops that I host with @samaralouise from @bossbeautybusiness because we're taking it on the road in October woot woot! I've already started to receive panicked messages and emails from women who are dreading summer and feel hopeless about warm weather style. It's just started to heat up in Brisbane (although it's meant to be winter???) and women are realising that they can't keep wearing jeans and jumpers and boots! 😳😳😳 And then they reach out needing solutions immediately. Please get in touch if you're thinking about a session because I would hate for you to miss out because I'm booked out. You don't need to be certain, you just need to be curious! Also don't forget there is a payment plan option available too so you can pay off the cost over 10 or 20 weeks meaning you'll have more money ready to invest into your wardrobe on the day. Don't avoid summer and dread the party/holiday season simply because you don't have anything to wear. The solutions are simple - they just take clarity, strategy and a little bit of bravery (change can be daunting I know). But on the flip side of a style experience, you'll feel good you'll wonder why you waited! #summerstyle #nationalstylesessions

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