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The Style Line  We're bringing storytelling with style back to the web. Join our global community and discover what we can do together. All Aboard #THESTYLELINE πŸ‘‡

Discover San Francisco shopping through the lens of our interviewee and style maven @kelseyelizabethking for all of your sartorial inspiration. 🌿 Link to site πŸ‘‰ Profile πŸ“· @melissademata for #THESTYLELINE

"I want to make sure that we’re not only making jewelry that’s exciting, but that everything we do is coming from an earnest place, and contributing to others too. The secret behind WWAKE is that everything is approached holistically – everything we do is connected in a very clear and meaningful way." Step into @wwake's gorgeous Brooklyn office and rediscover our meeting with the truly talented team behind the industry's favorite jewelry brand. ✨ Link to site πŸ‘‰ Profile πŸ“· @bridgetbadore for #THESTYLELINE

Summer vibes via our Neighborhood Story with @andevoto. 🌺 Discover her favorite San Juan spots and more seasonal inspiration on the site now. πŸ‘‹ πŸ“· @eimyfig for #THESTYLELINE

Casual Friday embodied perfectly by our stylish interviewee @emmatheyellow. 🌼 Rediscover the nature of #SanFrancisco in our Neighborhood Story with her on the site now. πŸ‘‹ Link to site πŸ‘‰ Profile πŸ“· @melissademata for #THESTYLELINE

"We aim to bring locals and travelers together in a space where it feels everything is aligned, a crossroads if you will. It’s a treat to watch the neighborhood grow." Take a stroll through Palm Springs with @chantelpae, Director of Brand Marketing at @arrivepalmsprings. 🌴 Link to story πŸ‘‰ Profile πŸ“· @mikaela_hamilton for #THESTYLELINE

"And this may be the most enchanting of all things in Marrakech – the magnificence of tradition. This old city’s land is representative of the customs of a people, rituals that unify them." Discover travel notes from our #thestylelineagirlabroad contributor Karina Castrillo who reflects on her recent trip to Marrakech. 🌿 Link to story πŸ‘‰ Profile πŸ“·βœοΈ @karinainthecity for #THESTYLELINE

"I think developing a guiding set of principles for your life is key and probably something that most of us are doing from a very young age. It isn’t one action big or small that will likely leave the most lasting impression or make the biggest change. Rather, I think it’s the things we do every day, the way we treat other people, the way we approach learning in new and uncomfortable situations, the experiences we seek out or hide from." Sharing a fond memory from our #womenshistorymonth event with @aellacollection earlier this year. πŸ–€ Discover the full recap and more stories (featuring even more amazing ladies in our community) by following the link in our profile. πŸ“· @bridgetbadore for #THESTYLELINE

"As a society, we’re so quick to discard and replace instead of repairing or repurposing. This goes beyond just the fashion industry. We need to choose to place value in the things that we purchase. We need to think about the effects that contributing to consumerism has on our environment, to human rights and the workforce in general." Guelph-based photographer Jacklyn Barber tells all in our latest Home Visit feature on the site now. πŸ‘’ Link to site πŸ‘‰ Profile πŸ“· @jacklynbarber for #THESTYLELINE

"New York is deeply ingrained in me. I grew up here and never fail to be inspired by the freedom of spirit of the city. It really is such a hotbed of creative, interesting, and driven people. Being around that energy has certainly influenced my perspective, and continues to motivate me to strive to create the best work possible and to be unafraid of what others will think." Rediscover our New York minute with the inspiring designer behind fashion's beloved contemporary brand @tosia_nyc. 🌸 Link to site πŸ‘‰ Profile πŸ“· @joannepio for #THESTYLELINE

We've always loved @needsupply's penchant for the independent design community... and our Neighborhood Story with their designer and social media maven Marleigh Culver made us want to support the company even more. 😍 Our latest Community Edit does just that as it features a few of the platform's brands that we just can't get enough of. Discover the initial story and shop the edit. ✌️ Link to site πŸ‘‰ Profile πŸ“· @ethandoesthings for #THESTYLELINE via our Neighborhood Story with @marleigh.alexandra

We're in the mood for summer and we're turning to our interviewee @nikishabrunson for all of the seasonal inspiration. 😍 Rediscover our Neighborhood Story with her on the site (and check out our @instagram stories for our β˜€οΈ mood board!) πŸ“· @katiejameson for #THESTYLELINE

Beautiful corners via our recent visit with Portland's newly opened @associationshop. 😍 Meet stylist and shop-boss Jen Vitale and take a virtual tour of the crisp, minimally beautiful space. 🌾 Link to site πŸ‘‰ Profile πŸ“· @nicholaspeterwilson for #THESTYLELINE

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