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The Style Line  We're bringing storytelling with style back to the web. Join our global community and discover what we can do together. All Aboard #THESTYLELINE πŸ‘‡

Desk essentials for the week ahead. ✌️ πŸ“· @melissademata for #THESTYLELINE via our story with @lisasaysgah

ICYMI: Explore the nature of San Francisco through the lens of style maven, bookworm and plant lover @emmatheyellow in our Neighborhood Story series. 🌷Link to site πŸ‘‰Profile πŸ“· @melissademata for #THESTYLELINE

"Creating garments has always been a method of self discovery. I love creating collections because it’s such an interesting process to come up with a new way to translate the brand's identity every season. My clothes are meant for the modern romantic who embraces sexuality and self discovery and seeing the pieces evolve each time is really exciting. It’s a symbiotic relationship. I learn more about myself every time I design..." 🌿 Meet fashion designer @allinaliustudio in our latest studio visit with @BrandAssembly. Discover the two part studio visit on #THESTYLELINE (link πŸ‘‰ profile) and #TheAssemblist . πŸ“· @bridgetbadore for The Style Line – in partnership with Brand Assembly

We're walking towards the weekend like πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ In need of off-duty travel inspiration? Don't miss our Neighborhood Story series featuring exclusive guides, insight and candid thoughts on local culture from insiders around the world πŸ‘‰ on the site now. πŸ‘‹ πŸ“· @bridgetbadore for #THESTYLELINE via our Neighborhood Story with @chloevichot of @ancolienyc

"We muddled through the fast Italian conversation hurled back and forth down the length of a communal table, shared big jugs of wine and devoured dish after dish as it was placed in front of us. There was no menu in sight, just five or six hearty, stomach stretching courses and copious bread sluiced with olive oil the color of peach flesh. Italy is the home of the slow food movement, and it’s embodied in celebratory events like these." Our A Girl Abroad contributor Hannah Frances Boulton recaps her year of housesitting and traveling in Italy. 🌻 Link πŸ‘‰ Profile πŸ“·βœοΈ @hannahfrancesboulton for #THESTYLELINE #thestylelineagirlabroad

"Art and creativity are a reflection of society and humanity; it’s inherently political, so make an impact with it. I feel like this is already in effect with small businesses and our generation of creatives." In our latest Neighborhood Story discover the city of Redlands with style blogger, jewelry designer and writer @melissasonico. ✨ Link πŸ‘‰ Profile πŸ“· @karenmarieco for #THESTYLELINE

Spring essentials via our story with @shop_aro. πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸŒ΅ Rediscover our story with ARO shop-boss Leslie Hernandez and more on the site now. πŸ‘‹ πŸ“· @katiejameson for #THESTYLELINE

On March 8, 2017 we teamed up with our friends at @AELLA for an evening of discussion, style and community. To commemorate #InternationalWomensDay #WomensHistoryMonth we were honored to lead and curate a panel featuring four dynamic women in our community. πŸ‘Š Today we’re excited to bring you highlights from the intimate event featuring a recap of the questions asked of our panelists along with a few fun moments captured by @bridgetbadore for #THESTYLELINE . Link πŸ‘‰ Profile ✨

In need of a little motivation for the week ahead? Our interview with @ayr might just do the trick: "Follow your curiosities – but invest in working in an industry before you iterate or innovate. Discipline and hustle matter every bit as much as passion and creativity. Accuracy, accountability, anticipation might not sound sexy, but they’re the difference between an idea and an actuality." 🌟 Enjoy the full story (and more) on the site now. πŸ‘‹ πŸ“· @bridgetbadore for #THESTYLELINE

"Creativity is self expression. Copying someone else’s creativity is copying someone else – it’s less of you more of them." For more wise words and swoon-worthy design catch up on our studio visit with @stefaniaborras of @daturastudio on the site now. ✨ πŸ“· @bridgetbadore for #THESTYLELINE

"It’s fair to say that I fell in love with Milan and its sanguine approach to β€˜a life well lived’ a hundred times a day.” Weekend travel postcards from our A Girl Abroad contributor @hannahfrancesboulton. πŸ’Œ Stay tuned for her final piece from her travels throughout Italy coming soon to the site. πŸ˜πŸ“·βœοΈ @hannahfrancesboulton for #THESTYLELINE #THESTYLELINEagirlabroad

"The world of media is ever changing and I have filled 2 roles that were not jobs at the company until I came along. I focused on content creation and specialized in food, developed my own recipes and columns and remained passionate about my work. I made sure to put myself and my work out there and with that comes opportunity!" Meet foodie and content creator @laurenmagenta of @SpoonUniversity who talks style and social media in our latest with @PLANOLY. Discover the two part conversation on #THESTYLELINE (link πŸ‘‰ profile) and even more on PLANOLY's blog. πŸ‘‹ πŸ“·
@BridgetBadore for The Style Line – in partnership with PLANOLY

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