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"Stay curious! I believe that the most important thing in life is to expose yourself to new experiences, people, opinions and perspectives. Moving out of your comfort zone lends itself to development and growth in all facets of your personal life and work. Looking beyond just what you love creates an informed picture of the environment and how societal trends can effect/inspire your work from tech advancements, to politics and art.” Wise words from the team at @spring. πŸ’ Discover the full story on the site now. πŸ‘‹ πŸ“· @bridgetbadore for #THESTYLELINE

@sallie.krawcheck is championing the next generation of women to invest in their future. The seasoned leader's dynamic career has informed her perspective on finance, feminism and the positive power that comes when harnessing both. Now at the helm of @ellevest, a digital investment platform geared at making investing streamlined for women, Sallie wants to to cultivate that same opportunity for women around the globe. πŸ’― Link πŸ‘‰ Profile πŸ“· @bridgetbadore for #THESTYLELINE #AWindowToOurWorld

Cozy corners via our interviewee @pennyweight's beautiful home πŸ•―. Rediscover our story with the Nashville art director, blogger and entrepreneur (πŸ‘‹ @shopgoodwin) on the site now. πŸ“·@mikaela_hamilton for #THESTYLELINE

"My favorite part is watching a customer react to their newly discovered favorite hat. The beauty about hats is they don’t care if you’ve gained or lost weight. They don’t care how old you are. They cover up your bad hair days. They uplift any outfit you’re wearing, and most importantly, they protect your skin from the sun. Hats are the best friend that loves and supports you no matter what." Meet designer Piersa Cvetkovski of @wildhorsesrunfree in our latest collaborative studio visit with @brandassembly. Enjoy the two part on #THESTYLELINE (link πŸ‘‰ profile) and #TheAssemblist. 🎩 πŸ“· @bridgetbadore for The Style Line – in partnership with Brand Assembly

When Tuesday feels like a #monsteramonday. 🌿 Even though it's a short week remember to enjoy the little things. πŸ“· @katiejameson for #THESTYLELINE via our story with @shop_aro

"Coming to the U.S. was not only a life-changing experience, it was also a very big lesson. The cultural change opened my mind completely and changed me emotionally: This affected my work, and my approach to my work, immediately. In the first couple of months, I felt as though working at my tiny desk at home every day after work was the only thing that kept me sane and prevented me from running back home to my family! It really made me appreciate what I have and the fact that I even have it. I think my work has more structure now, it is more clear and confident. Just as I moved to a bigger place β€” so did my work." Rediscover our inspiring studio visit with the immensely talented @litalgold on the site now. πŸ‘‹ πŸ“·βœοΈ @orchidgrey for #THESTYLELINE

Getting ready for the week like βœοΈβ˜•βœ¨ - discover more from our interviewees (like @inger_studio pictured here) on the site now. πŸ‘‹πŸ“· @misspvivas for #THESTYLELINE

β€œWitnessing my creative intent living in the world is hard to describe. It’s definitely rewarding knowing my designs are making someone happy and confident while complimenting their figure." Designer Jessica Kim of @artdeptclothing hopes to create an assortment of staple pieces that pay homage to a modern take on minimalism - resulting in clothing that is dynamic while truly providing a blank canvas of sartorial opportunity. Discover the two part studio visit in partnership with @brandassembly on #THESTYLELINE (Link πŸ‘‰ Profile) and #TheAssemblist. πŸ“· @karenmarieco for The Style Line – in partnership with Brand Assembly

"Our past experiences shape the way we both create and interpret artwork. And because we’ve come from vastly different walks of life, no person will do this in the exact same way. That alone, is what makes art wonderful... My hope is that Mantel is able to support artists as they offer these new perspectives, and that it will continue to play a part in facilitating conversations that are such a large part of the human experience." Meet Karen McClelland of @mantelpdx and take a virtual tour of their brand new storefront. πŸ’― Link πŸ‘‰ Profile πŸ“· @nicholaspeterwilson for #THESTYLELINE

"Anytime you do what you love it will show in your work. Make sure you stay true to your authentic self no matter what. If you walk in that everyday you will give permission to others to be authentic and stay true to themselves. To me that is the biggest imprint you can leave behind. Helping to liberate others from fear and obstacles." @nikishabrunson shares life and style wisdom (along with a few of her favorite Austin haunts) in our Neighborhood Story series - on the site now. πŸ‘‹ πŸ“· @katiejameson for #THESTYLELINE

"When something is handmade history, process, heritage and community are all quite literally woven into the story of the garment or textile. From day one, we’ve wanted artisan collaborations to be the central pillars of our brand." Discover more from the designers behind @wheremountainsmeet in partnership with @brandassembly in our dual studio visit across #THESTYLELINE and #TheAssemblist. ⭐
πŸ“· @bridgetbadore for @thestyleline - in partnership with Brand Assembly

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