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Nasir Sobhani  The Streets' Barber #cleancutcleanstart Barber at @brotherwolf_. 113 Greville Street, Prahran. Email :

“We ought to show something greater than forgiveness in meeting the cruelties and stricture in our lives. To be hurt and to forgive is saintly, but far beyond this is the power to comprehend and not be hurt. This power we may have – acceptance without complaint – and it should become associated with our name. We ought never to be known to complain or lament. It is not that we make the best of things, but that we may find in everything, even in calamity itself, the germ of enduring wisdom." - Baha'i Writings
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The other week at the @ritesofpassagefestival tattoo expo, I had the honor of cutting along side some of the best tattoo artists Melbourne had to offer, @lennyb_tattoos,@chrisotooletattoos, @blakebyrnestattoos, @annazeeskytattoos, @jskarvellis with the assistance of my fellow barber sister @tillyjeann. Thanks @andre2421 and @zaynestoner for taking care of your boy and making me feel like part of the @melburnmadeink family.
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This is Paul. He’s in his 40s. Following a separation from his wife, he is now no longer in contact with his children either. This led him to the streets shortly after. The separation happened after he found out his ex-wife had been unfaithful to him, with one of his closest friends. This destroyed Paul. He left his wife, had nowhere to go and found comfort on the streets. The emotional pain led to him seeking what he thought would be an immediate fix—heroin. Soon, he found himself addicted. It led to a deep spiral that lasted 18 months, until he told himself that enough was enough, and admitted himself into a rehab centre where he stayed for 6 months. This helped him successfully kick the habit, and when I met him he had only been out for one week. He shared his story with complete optimism and a resolute belief that he never wanted to go back to his previous lifestyle. After his haircut, Paul looked at me and said, “Nas, the next time you see me, I won’t be on the streets. I’ll have a job and a car which I’ll be parking right here, to come up to you and shake your hand.” #thestreetsbarber #cleancutcleanstart #allpraisestothemosthigh

This past Saturday—the busiest day of our work week at Brotherwolf Barber Shop—the boys accompanied me to lend a helping hand as I cut hair for some of the homeless on the streets in the city of Melbourne. We attended one of the soup kitchen events hosted by Community Care Network, a non-profit organisation that serves the less fortunate around Flinders Street Station. There’s no greater joy than to know that the people you are hard at work with, day in and day out, are the same people who want to support you and serve alongside you at the end of a long work week. I couldn’t be more appreciative for these boys in my life, who I’m blessed to call my brothers. #thestreetsbarber #wolfpack #brotherwolfbarbershop #cleancutcleanstart #allpraisestothemosthigh

* This is not about anyone in specific *

When she is loyal, honest, and has a strong maternal instinct, inspires you to be a better person, supports you at your lowest times by understanding your struggles and hardships and does her best to alleviate them - not accelerate it, will make sacrifices so she can walk the same life path with you in unified harmony... Oh, and most importantly she loves serving humanity more than she loves you.

Killer whales

"Soon will your swiftly-passing days be over, and the fame and riches, the comforts, the joys provided by this rubbish-heap, the world, will be gone without a trace...Be...a refuge to the helpless, and a treasury for the poor, and a cure for the ailing. Be ye the helpers of every victim of oppression, the patrons of the disadvantaged. Think ye at all times of rendering some service to every member of the human race. Pay ye no heed to aversion and rejection, to disdain, hostility, injustice: act ye in the opposite way" - Baha'i Writings
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We'd like to take a second to give one of our exhibitors this weekend a massive show of respect. @thestreetsbarber - Nas is a rare find these days, one of Melbourne's best barbers and most genuine people you can find 💈. In Nas' downtime you can find him out on the streets of Melbourne providing the less privileged with dope haircuts and beard trims at absolutely no cost. It takes a lot to be completely selfless, and Nas has got that sorted. Come down and say hello to Nas this weekend at Rites of Passage! #thestreetsbarber #ritesofpassagefestival #austattoofestival

This is Dom. He is 27 years old, and a father of five. He is not with the mother of his children anymore, although he said they’re still on good terms. When I asked him how, he simply said: “She’s probably one of the best human beings I’ve ever met. I’m so grateful that she is the mother for our kids.” I then asked him what he felt was the most important thing in his life. Dom replied: “My family”. He emphasised how important the concept of family was within his Aboriginal culture, and how even during dark times family can still offer forms of light. It made me appreciate everyone in the world who I’m blessed to consider part of my one human family. I love you all, thank you for offering such beautiful light even when times get dark. #thestreetsbarber #cleancutcleanstart #family #allpraisestothemosthigh

"Abandon not the everlasting beauty for a beauty that must die, and set not your affections on this mortal world of dust" - Baha'i Writings
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Some of the boys from the wolf pack and I had the opportunity to open the shop on the one day off we have every week and give haircuts for a fundraiser in order to raise money for Australia's deaf basketball team and 100% of the proceeds went back into the team to help them get to the Deaf Olympics aka "Deaflympics" in Turkey. Good luck boys, make us proud :).
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Guys check out ABC radio - The Friday Revue with Richelle Hunt and Brian Nankervis at 1:15pm.
The link is :
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