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"You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop" - Rumi

Orange Sky x Streets Barber collab coming soon. It was a privilege meeting you folks @orangeskyau

This is Wol. He's 54 years old and been battling an alcohol and benzo addiction for years. Although he has been using for most of his life, he has also found periods of sobriety a few times throughout the years.
--- "The first time I quit for a long time was when I was going back and forth to Melbourne for work. I came home one time and found out my wife was cheating on me. I don't blame her though, I put her through so much hardship when I would get on the drink… and when I sobered up, I was never home with her and the kids because of work. It's my fault she cheated and our marriage failed. To cope with that, I began drinking again, for a few more years. Eventually, I was able to stop again for a period of my life and went to rehab to try to get back on my feet. When I was out of rehab I figured I would try and help my older brother, who was abusing heroin. My parents were usually with him and would try and take care of him. A few years ago they were going to India and asked if I could take responsibility of my brother while they were gone, to take care of him and make sure he's safe. While they were gone, he took some bad heroin and ended up overdosing. My brother died in my care. Having to call my parents to tell them that their first born child is dead was so difficult for me. Especially because it was my only responsibility—to be there for him. It's my fault he died…"
People deal with the trials and tribulations they face in life in different ways. Everyone’s got a story. Do yourself a favour and take the time to listen
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Freedom and love go together. Love is not a reaction. If I love you because you love me, that is mere trade, a thing to be bought in the market; it is not love. To love is not to ask anything in return, not even to feel that you are giving something- and it is only such love that can know freedom. #Krishnamurti
May you give love unconditionally today. To your beloveds, strangers, and most of all - yourselves -
Caption repost from my dear big brother, mentor and spiritual teacher : @manojdias_
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This is Stefan. He is a 27 year old from the eastern suburbs of Melbourne and was a very serious athlete for most of his youth. I met him at beautiful event where men from a rehab clinic get out and play sport as a vessel for release and therapy once a week. He loves basketball and was also a triathlete in his early 20's. Everything was great until the "ice epidemic hit Melbourne" he said. Once it got a hold of him he went to jail 3 times in 18 months…” If you were to ask any of my friends in high school if they ever thought I would end up in prison, they wouldn't believe you for a second" “So what changed you?!" I asked.
“It was the Meth man. I wasn't myself"
Every time he was in jail he committed to trying to get sober and off the drugs. But soon after jail he would relapse and get "back on the pipe". Soon after his third sentence in prison he decided he needed to check into a recovery program at a rehab centre.
He shared something quite powerful, which I was able to relate to beautifully. "Jail won't deter you from who you are or who you can be, but it doesn't rehabilitate you back into society when having to deal with addiction."
"So would you agree that rehab is the best way to get sober?!" I asked.
"Ya, cause it helps give you the proper tools and steps into dealing with triggers and issues as an addict."
I couldn't agree more with him man, it's because I sought professional help and went to rehab for my addiction that I have been blessed with making it to 6 YEARS of complete sobriety on March 23!
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I hung out with the boys from Reclink Football program, which has "provided an opportunity for people of all ages and abilities who have experienced disadvantage and isolation to participate in a structured team sport, helping them to reconnect with the community and help them on their way to rebuild their lives". Some of these guys were in rehabilitation centers, some were at risk of homelessness, some had come out of prison, and some were guys who just wanted to be apart of something. The program helps separate the dichotomy of people's past or current status as well as break the negative stigmas which may come from it and unite them under organised team sports. On that day I brought my tools and gave some some cuts and a friend brought a big bucket of fried chicken to go along with it. Doesn't sound like a bad afternoon huh? Thank you to the guys at @theresidentbarber for giving me the time to get off work and serve my community.
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This is Cam. When I first met him, he was sitting alone on a bench. I said “Hi”, he looked up and said hi back, and then invited me to sit down with him and have a chat. I learned that Cam is 62 years old and is alone. He explained that he was married for many years, and unfortunately not able to have children with his wife, despite really wanting to start a family. Although he loved his wife very much, things didn’t work out for their marriage in the end. He spoke of how his wife’s sister took his wife away from him, because “she (the sister) never really liked me.” I didn't get into much further detail about that part of his life because I could sense he was really affected by it. He had not seen or heard from his wife since. I changed the subject. "So what do you do now?" "Well," he replied, “I drink.” Unsure of whether he was trying to make a joke or not, I asked “surely you do more than just drink?” "No, not really. I drink a full bottle, sometimes two, everyday." Shocked and saddened by this reality, I then asked him "Why do you drink so much?". He replied with "because I'm lonely".
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Website coming soon. Stay tuned
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Very blessed to be on this month's issue of GT magazine. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about my move to Geelong to start work @theresidentbarber and do more Streets Barbering. Oh and big ups to the lil bro @eoinmccarthyhair for making me look better then I am in the photo with that sexy new haircut. 😅
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