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This past weekend a group of close friends and I visited the Ronald McDonald House by the Royal Children’s Hospital, which provides accommodation and support for families with a seriously ill child. For children facing a serious medical crisis, nothing seems scarier than not having their mum and dad close by for love and support. The House is built on the simple idea that nothing else should matter when a family is focused on healing their child – not where they can afford to stay, where they will get their next meal or where they will lay their head at night to rest.
We had the opportunity to share and use our skills to give some of the kids & families haircuts. It was one of the most special experiences of my life and gave me huge perspective and sense of gratitude. Thank you to @rroseannee @eoinmccarthyhair @mikey_gunning and @kristyleehairstylist who came to provide assistance and company. What an amazing day.
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Count your blessings
At the childrens hospital, the team cut for families and kids needing some love. This photo here is of my new bro @mikey_gunning cutting little Sunny's hair for the first time. Although Sunny was 3 years old, he hasn't been able to get a haircut yet because he's been on and off chemotherapy since he was only a few months old. He was super scared of the scissors but with the comfort of his mother and kid friendly cartoons videos on my phone - it was able to distract Sunny long enough to finish his haircut, plus gather some of the other kids to see what was going on. ----------------------------------------------------------No one deserves to be going through hard times like these - especially children. Please be greatful for everything you have in your life.
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Throw back to when it all began...
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Social media is powerful. It can be used, and can affect us, in different ways. It can be a source of inspiration and awareness, but it can also deter you from your purpose, feed your ego and make you lose focus on what’s really important. Over the years I began to wonder whether social media might be jeopardising my own true purpose, or my sincerity in offering service. I wondered whether I was being subconsciously influenced and attracted to the recognition and stimulus I would get from the followers on my pages and the amount of likes I would receive. It’s easy to lose sight of your vision when you are influenced by all this attention. I had to question myself about all of this… how is a ‘like’ going to help someone who’s suffering from homelessness, mental health issues, or a lack of self esteem? In that moment I wondered if I should delete my account—to keep what I'm doing as authentic as possible—but then I came to the realisation that there are many people who derive inspiration from this page (myself included). That this movement of service was about all of us, as a collective, and so I’ve decided to keep going, and to try to go back to the grassroots of how this all started. So while things may have seemed quiet online, they haven’t been in the real world. I have still been going out onto the streets, I just haven’t been posting photos or videos. Just me, my street client and my tools. It felt so good, to keep it real like that, just like when I first started. Now that I’ve dealt with this personal battle of ego within myself and become aware of the importance of sincerity, I feel ready to bounce back (on social media). I don’t deserve recognition more than anybody else. It’s not my thing, serving the community or cutting hair for people less fortunate. I didn’t invent it. There are people who have been serving before me, and will serve after me, doing far greater things for the community. I’m one of many. It’s never been about the fame, the likes or the followers. And it never will be. I give you guys my word. Stay tuned for a lot of cool stories that are coming up. I appreciate your patience, thanks for your love and support, all love right back.

This is Darren. I first met him years ago out on the streets when I used to cut in Footscray. At the time, he was going through his struggles, living on the streets and with drugs. Many years later, I bumped into him in my neighbourhood. He yelled across the road "hey Nas!” I stopped and didn't know who he was at first, but after he explained our first meeting in Footscray years ago, I remembered! He then asked if I could give him a cut for his upcoming birthday. I didn't have my tools on me right then, but agreed to meet up a few days later at the same spot to get him groomed. When we met up again, I asked him what brought him out my way to Geelong, from Footscray. He mentioned that he was trying get his life on track. He was sobering up and now stays in a small, affordable unit not far from me. I was so proud of him and asked if he's got any family, and if they are supportive of his change. That's when the mood darkened. He told me he's not allowed to be with his kids due to his struggles with drugs, and it was due to him separating from his wife which led him to all those struggles. He was with his wife for almost 20 years and had 5 kids with her. He never did drugs during those years and had stayed healthy. Until one day, he came home and saw his wife with another man. That broke him and his family apart. He was lost and didn't handle it well, and began drinking a lot. One night on the drink, someone presented him with meth and without realising the impact it would have on him, he smoked it and his life came crashing down. "Nas, you don't understand, I never used to use drugs. It was only in the past few years. Look at my ID photo from 4 years ago. Look at how much bigger and healthier I looked. No one believes me". Sure enough, when I saw the ID I was shocked. It didn't even look like him. Swipe right to see what he looked like. #thestreetsbarber #wenotme #allpraisetothemosthigh

Happiness depends on your attitude. Not what you have

This is Dean. He is in his late 50s. His story was a powerful reminder of the dangers of stereotyping people I meet while cutting on the streets. Yes, Dean was homeless… And no, it wasn't due to drugs or alcohol. He had successfully worked in the corporate world for most of his career, and had made lots of money doing so. He had also been married, and had two children with his wife. Unfortunately, they separated, but he kept working hard and did his best to maintain a strong relationship with his two kids. One day, about 5 years ago, his daughter stopped talking to him, without explaining why she had decided to distance herself from him. A combination of that and the stresses of work caused him to have a mental breakdown. He ended up on the streets until he was placed into a shelter to help him get back on his own feet and find stability. He is doing much better than he used to be. He has found peace in the arts, and paints regularly. He hasn't spoken to his daughter yet, but has high hopes that when he gets a place of his own, he will reach out and connect with her once again. #thestreetsbarber #wenotme #allpraisetothemosthigh

This is Uncle. He was homeless for over 10 years. My team and I have been cutting his hair for over 7 years. The first time we ever cut his hair when we were working alongside ‘Help for The homeless’ he had not had a haircut in over 15 years but you wouldn’t have noticed it because he kept it all under his beanie which ended up as one big dread. He doesn’t speak much about his past but remains friendly and compassionate to everyone. He loves being cheeky and is always so grateful when he gets a new haircut. I’m over the moon to say Uncle is now housed and happy with his new whare/home.
There are so many people in my community who are serving our vulnerable whānau looking for no recognition, to me- you are all our real heroes.
Thank you for understanding that we are all in this together doing what we can to make a difference.
Also a big thank you to our loyal clients who rock up weekly and support our business for without your support, we couldn’t give back in the ways we do. *This picture + story was shared with permission from Uncle. Definitely not in the business of exploiting people’s stories. Grateful to be touched by your life + heart Uncle.
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Haircut and story done by my inspiration and beloved brother/uso Matt Brown @myfathersbarber

Don't look up to me. No one's perfect. We are all the same.
If you look up to someone, they need to be greater than you. So how can you look up to someone on this earth when we are all equals?
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"Consort with the followers of all religions in a spirit of friendliness and fellowship. The foundation underlying all the divine precepts is one reality…. and reality is one. Therefore the foundation of the divine religions is one. But we can see that certain forms and ceremonies have crept in. They are heretical, they are accidental, because they differ, hence they cause differences among religions. If we set aside all superstitions and see the reality of the foundation we shall all agree, because religion is one and not multiple" - Bahai Writings
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