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Nasir Sobhani  The Streets' Barber #cleancutcleanstart Barber at @brotherwolf_. 113 Greville Street, Prahran. Email :

Guys check out ABC radio - The Friday Revue with Richelle Hunt and Brian Nankervis at 1:15pm.
The link is :
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People often ask me if I hear of any success stories from the streets.. Well, here is one. Do you remember Alan? I first met him a few months ago. Now last week, while cutting hair, I heard someone call my name - I looked over and sure enough it was Alan. He looked at me and said, “Nas, guess what?” I stopped the cut and greeted him. He continued: “I’m actually not on the streets anymore man, I’m living in a house now.” I said, “What do you mean?!” And he says, “Well, I’ve actually met someone and she’s been helping me out so much and now we’re living in an apartment together. It happened shortly after the haircut.” He went on to show me his keys, and I almost broke down and cried. I didn’t know what to do, so I kissed him on the forehead and said, “I’m so proud of you bro.” Here’s a photo of us re-living that moment. What a beautiful guy inside and out. #cleancutcleanstart #thestreetsbarber
Ps: if you'd like to read his initial story, it was posted 57 photos ago - it's one of the saddest I've heard to date

This is Shag. I asked him what makes him happy. He said the thing that makes him happiest in this world is his one year old son.
His response really resonated with me. It made me think: we sometimes tend to look at people on the street as 2nd class citizens or in some cases ignore their existence entirely. If you think about it, though, loving your own child that much is probably one of the realest human emotions ever... #thestreetsbarber #cleancutcleanstart #love

Hope you love the episode I dropped this week as much as I do . The talented beasts @round.3 killed it with the wonderful help from @offshoot_. Link is in the bio ☝️☝️

What's the purpose of life? Some might say it's to live a life of purpose. And how do we do that? Perhaps by finding out what we are good at - and through that, use our talent to serve humankind. Then we can go to sleep and wake up each day feeling as though our existence has a purpose, which in turn is the purpose of life! :) I could be wrong... but just a thought!

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I am so pumped to share with you all the new episode to our The Streets Barber Stories! This story follows Aaron, someone who has managed to take a hold of his challenges and has such a new found positivity to life. Hope you all love this as much as I do, please peep it on my YouTube channel.
Link in bio ☝🏿️
Vid by @round.3
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"Be kind to all around and serve one another; love to be just and true in all your dealings; pray always and so live your life that sorrow cannot touch you" - The Baha'i Writings
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Hey guys, a little while back a group from Travel Channel China came and did a little documentary on The Streets Barber. Well the short version/trailer is finally out and I have posted the link below as well as adding the link in the bio section of my Instagram. Have a look and share it if you'd like folks . Let's spread this movement! Drugs aren't cool - serving humanity is 😊! #thestreetsbarber #cleancutcleanstart #allpraisestothemosthigh #thankyouchina

This month is a really special month for me and other Baha’is around the world, as it’s the month of the 19 Day Baha’i Fast - a period in which we abstain from food and drink from sunrise to sunset (similar to what billions of other people around the world do as part of their respective Faiths/Religions). I’m really looking forward to this period of reflection and rejuvenation, as it’s a great opportunity to take a step back, detach, meditate, and focus more on spiritual nourishment than the material food that I love and enjoy and all too well!
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My brothers Dom (27) and Shag (43). Making jokes about each other as they await their haircut. Such great souls man. Stay tuned for their stories
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