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'Getting lost somewhere isn't scary anymore. I have a hand holding mine now. I know if I am lost now, you will find me and then, we could both get lost, together !'
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So about today, roaming, exploring and eating in and around Jama Masjid, it was a beautiful day spent.
The children especially, with their colorful cute dresses were a treat to watch. Running, jumping, swanking their new clothes to each other.
Here are two sisters with almost identical dresses which probably they bought for Eid.
Beautiful people all around ❤️

Eid Mubarak 💓


Story of the refreshing Morning tea.
Don't we just love our morning tea and how incomplete the morning feels without those magical sips ?
A little tribute to that fresh morning tea of ours.
Our forever love 💓

'1st rule of traveling- Find a beautiful place.
2nd Rule- simply get lost there...'

Congrats !

Even though, the HDR effect in the picture seems a little too much, but the same thing brings out the hustle and the bustle of the city of Dreams, Mumbai. the magnificent skies as well as the people.
Gotta a story to tell?
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Because some stories are worth sharing !

' I love the rain, not because of the weather, but because I can use my favourite umbrella around. '

What's your reason to love the rain? ☔️

'Tell me about your morning !'
He would peak through the newspaper,
and with a smile this question greets me every day.
He knows. He just does. Just when I smile back to him or when I sometimes don't.
He knows exactly what I feel on that particular morning.
No words. Just a stare, from his eyes to mine.

I wish, one morning I would be the one to wake earlier and sit on the coffeetable. And while sipping my cup of happiness, I would ask him,
'Tell me about your morning !'.
But I guess I never could, and may be I never will.
I am used to the question now, I like to listen to these words coming from his mouth.
I like the feeling of how he can read me looking in my eyes.
I like this silent kind of care.
I guess the love we share has already transpired the boundaries of words.
'Tell me about your morning !'
Her alarm rang.
His voice still feels so real.
And as she walks up to the coffeetable, a part of her soul tells her that he's sitting there like always, ready to greet her with the question.
She smiles back looking at the empty chair. She knows, he's still staring at her, from his photo on the wall.

ता-उम्र तेरी परछाईं जो बन जाऊँ,
तो कैसे छूटेगा साथ !! दुआ इतनी है बस,
ऊँगली थामें, चलना जिसने सिखलाया,
भूलोगे नहीं तुम वो बूढ़े हाथ....
Happy Father's Day !

ReaderSubmission by @kaash_lens
मूसलसल साथ यूँ अपना, ना दिन ना रात का रुकना,
वो यूँ चल दिए आ कर , ज़िंदगी जैसे शहर अपना,
यादें हो गयी ज़्यादा कुछ लफ़्ज़ों में पढ़ने को,
प्याले रोज़ भरने को , भर कर के छलकने को।
मूसलसल :- Continuous

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