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' Among a million definitions of Happiness, the one I found was on the lips of a child and I felt that was the most honest of all the definitions I have ever known. '

'And there's that moment in the evening when the sun is about to set, and listening to the sound of the flute coming from somewhere, you realise that nothing goes better with the melting sun than the beautiful scherzo of the flutist...'

'I am making some changes in life,
It's never too late I guess,
It begins with not pressing the snooze button in the morning and waking up on the first sound of alarm.
On Sundays, I want to be the first person in morning to visit that nearby coffeeshop and enjoy the heavenly sips inside that whole place belonging to just me.
I want to start reading poetry and may be write my own too.
I will finally visit that art gallery which comes on the way home. Have shelved it enough.
I will start going to movies every Friday and enjoy the evening show of at least one good movie.
I will go to solo trips every month and make friends with strangers.
I will stop texting you and won't anticipate a reply from now. You have never bothered to anyway.
I will become the person I always wanted to be.

I am making some changes in life,
And the very reason you will never come to know about them, is because you are not invited in them. '

' There's a brief moment when you first wake up where you have no memories, a blissful blank slate, a happy emptiness, but it doesn't last long and you remember where exactly you are and what you are trying to forget. ' ~Carrie Bradshaw, The Carrie Diaries .

Kuch toh hoga in deewaro mei,
Jo hazaro log aate hain inki ek jhalak paane.

Shayad koi kissa kisi ke pyar ka,
Ya fir pukaar kisi allah ke bandei ki.

Yaadei hi hongi ye sab kisi ke guzre kal ki,
Jo kaid hokar reh gayi in imaarato ke patthharo mei,

Dhyan se sunna kabhi inko,
Un yaado mei kisi ki siskiya sunai dengi tumhe....

' Bohot shor hai suna tha Dilwalo ke iss sheher mei,
fir bhi na jaane kyu, mohobbat kar baithe uski har awaaz se...'
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' Let's Dream a Dream, so big, that even skies aren't big enough to hold it,
Let's dream a dream, so bright, that it lightens up the sky brighter than all the stars combine,
Let's dream a dream, so beautiful, that you won't mind crossing oceans to achieve it,
Let's dream a dream, because they do come true...'
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' I have got a feeling inside of me,
If I have to be anything in this entire world,
Then let it just be ME. '

I am somebody's forgotten story. I am the 'present' for someone.
I am the places I went to. I am the people I encountered in between.
I had been a tear in somebody's eyes. I had been a smile on someone's lips.
For all the things I had been in life and for all the things I haven't, I have founded myself a little bit more everytime.

As I sit here on the sand,
I watch the sun melt into the sea, leaving it's colors behind
red, yellow and orange.
Making the sky look pink.
Pink, reminds me of her hair,
her hair that smell like the fresh air
when you sit at the ocean.
How I wish she was sitting here beside me,
holding my hand,
resting her head on my shoulder
with her eyes closed. Taking deep breaths.
And also, constantly kissing me.
And I kiss her back.
We would have talked about having a home here by the ocean.
I can only imagine things, you know?
just sit here, alone
and miss her.
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I always wanted to be someone's moon when I was a child.
Whenever there was moon in the sky I would look up in the sky.
I would imagine myself shining bright and being special up there.
But when I grew up, I realised how beautiful everything looks when the sun is out there. Even when it's going away. Maybe, hiding itself behind the sea.
I realised that I wanted to be the sun, because that way you don't need anyone else's light to shine.

Me and my camera got a company today.
Agression was her second name, but we fell in love with her anyway !

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