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'I guess who I am is exactly the same as who you are. Not better than, not less than. Because there is no one who has been or will ever be, exactly the same as either you or me.'
~ #Sense8

This is the view from our window while we're trying to work!
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Did the mesmerising pre-monsoon shower forced you to go on a drive or simply spend some more time outside in Delhi?
And also, how many of you just love to listen to this song in this weather?
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'As I sat on the sand, listening to the gushing waves watching the crimson horizon, i think to myself, how yet another story is about to end, yet another beautiful chapter coming to a closure. Have I lived it to the fullest ?
Perhaps I did, I suppose that's why the sunset seems so beautiful. I had earned it, I deserve it and hope I deserve a milion more to come, just like this one !' #dslrofficial

'It's not just a ring to us, it's a promise. Promise to be there when one soul calls for another. To be present for each other, no matter what...'
Contact us to recite a beautiful wedding story for you too.

"Sunsets are proof that endings can often be beautiful too."
~ Beau Taplin



Whenever I sit alone at home and start thinking about the the ladies I've had in my life all these years and the fact that they have done so much to raise me, makes me wonder how mothers are the most selfless creatures on the planet.
She was the one who had the widest smile on her face on your first day of school. She bought you everything you desired, even if she didn't have all the money, she never said 'no'. She took you to parks to play with you and ran after you, just to make sure you remain safe while playing.
She cried alone when she once scolded you, because it never felt good.
Growing up, she becomes your best friend. Your favourite cook in the whole world. Your father and what not.
Her happiness remained the same when you finished school and started college. No matter how old you are, whether in the same city or not, she will call you twice a day just to ask, how you're doing and if you had your meal on time. She'll always kiss you on the cheek whenever you meet her, no matter how embarrassing you might find it when you grow up, but somewhere inside you still cherish that tender kiss.
She is the happiest person when you had cooked something better than her and even happier to see your first ever salary. She'll probably joke that when you shall get a job, she will like to have 10,000 bucks per month as her pocket money or maybe marrying you off pretty soon and if you don't like the idea of getting married, she will enjoy her chuckle seeing your annoyed face.
Nobody can read your silence better than her, she just knows what your lips failed to utter at times, she sees through you.
Words are not enough to define her importance in life.
If it has been a while since you last hugged her or called her just to tell her that you love her, go now, right away. She is the most beautiful person in your life. Just go. Do it. Not just today but everyday.

A very Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful Mothers in the world !
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#ReaderSubmission By Aditi Baitule

We came with an expiry date. We both knew it. But he didn't think the way I did. He old soul. He knows roughly what a break-up is but he doesn't understand it well. I think he believes that love trumps everything...the situation, the differences, the fights and even the break-ups. He is an optimist as opposed to me being a realist.
Have you ever read one of those quotes that say -"The problem is that even if you come knocking on my door 5 years later, I will take you in, without a second's hesitation". He's that "I". And I am the person who will punch that other person, the one who comes knocking 5 years later.

When a live-in-the-moment soul falls in love with a chronic over-thinker, it's a whirlpool of beautiful plans, paranoid doubts, valid insecurities, jokes, taunts, fights and irrevocable love. And although that whirlpool took us to giddy levels of ecstasy and exhilaration, ultimately, like Hazel's, ours was also a star-crossed love from the start. In our case though, we did write our own destiny. We were at fault and not our stars. But we did choose this star-crossed path, and we were free to choose anything else, but we chose this. So our predicament is a consequence of our choice and from that, we cannot free ourselves.

So even if the train of thoughts starts with a beautiful reminiscence, it ends in a train wreck. It ends with a I-want-to-die stop. Because a destination is not an option for us. So an end, even if it's a wreck, looks better.
So I will try and stay on this train as long as it's possible. As long as our validity is still on. As long as our crossed-stars still continue to twinkle upon us. Because, just like it's true that the sun rises in the east, it's true that nothing else matters if he's with me. And nothing else makes sense, when he isn't. For me, that's my universal truth. For me, he's my ring of fire in a solar eclipse.

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'The definite. The indefinite. It all dissolved in a blink of an eye when you saw a light inside of me and I saw the same in you.
And all along, that light guided us through, bringing us both till this moment, when every dream of ours came true...'
Contact us to weave a beautiful pre-wedding story for you too.


When was the last time you felt wild and free ?
As we grow older, childhood becomes the kind of a memory we all wish to relive just one more time.. #TheStorygraphers

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She always smiles when I show her the pictures I took of her. Complains at time that she looks fat in some pictures, but I know she loves them all.
I know that my mother couldn't have ever anticipated that I will be a photographer one day. Born into the brothels, getting even the basic education seemed to be a distant dream. And here I am today, in 8th Standard, and having a Photography venture of my own, 'The Magical Lens'.
It all began in 2015, the first time I was introduced to photography thanks to one of the volunteers of Kat-katha organisation, of which I have been a part of for several years now. Hardik sir told me there are stories everywhere waiting to be told, you just need to keep an eye for a frame which consists all the elements of that story and once you have decided that frame, just freeze it and you would become a storyteller. The one who recites the stories through the moments frozen in time.
Thus, slowly I started making sense of light, shadows, composition and most importantly a 'story'.
It wasn't long when Arjun, a childhood friend of mine started showing interest in photography too and as Hardik sir mentored us, we both found ourselves addicted to clicking moments all the time. The Magical Lens wouldn't have been a reality without Arjun, we make a great team.
Inside the brothels where we live, the women share a beautiful bond like a family with each other, even if they are not blood related. The moments, when they smile, enjoy the morning tea, take care of their kids, exactly the same way that any other women does. And yet, I have seen the world treating them so differently, just because she's a sex-worker.
My mother along with all the mothers of G.B. Road are women like any other in the world and that's exactly what 'The Magical Lens' is trying to prove through our photographs.
I and Arjun are on a mission to show the world all those smiles, the love, the friendship, the real beauty behind the layer of that make-up. The real stories of those 4000 women residing on the tabooed Red-Light district of the capital.
I want my mother, to not only smile, but also to feel proud of who she is in this world when she looks at her picture.

My dad lost his long battle to cancer just two days before me and my wife were blessed with a baby boy. the situation was too strange to comprehend. Emotions were puzzling. Should I be happy for the new life or should I mourn for the life that isn't anymore. It was then I remembered a story from my childhood;
When I was two, I had this beautiful teddy bear my father had once gifted me. It was my favorite toy and an imaginary friend, the best one I believe. It so happened that one evening while playing in the park I lost my teddy. In distress I and dad tried a lot to find it. But I guess somebody had taken it away by then. I cried all night. The next day dad brought what seemed to be a letter and smiled at me saying that the letter was for me from my lost teddy. He read the letter to me telling me that my teddy hasn't really got lost, but have gone to an adventure in the woods somewhere. Every day my father used to read a letter to me and recited all the adventures that my teddy was having there in the woods. Eventually I stopped being sad for my lost teddy, instead, I used to curiously wait for the letters with excitement to know what adventure my teddy was up to next.
One day my father got me another teddy & told me your favorite friend has finally returned. But wait ! That wasn't the same teddy that I used to have. It was indeed beautiful and even bigger, but not the same. When I looked at dad with a confused gaze, he told me that the adventure trip that my teddy embarked upon, had transformed him completely and now he was bigger & stronger. I smiled & took it and loved it the same way as the previous one.

And now as that little soul, my own child, is there in front of my eyes, I knew what exactly to do. I stopped mourning for my dad's demise. He never really left, he simply transformed & returned back to me in form of this little angel.
I guess, that time, I was too naive to understand those words of my dad when he gave me the new teddy, but today those words make a perfect sense-
'Every thing that you love, you will eventually lose, but in the end, love will return in a different form.'
(Inspired from- 'Kafka and the Doll')

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