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“Give and Take” preliminary drawings - Magic:the Gathering.
#sketches #preliminarysketch #sharktastic

Digging back a few years, this was my first sketch for “Silent Blade Oni” for Magic:the Gathering.
#sketchtastic #preliminarysketch #demonninja

A Hearthstone mapmaker diligently at work.

Another Hearthstone piece for the latest set. #treeswithfaces

Heres a dragon that was way drunk the night before and woke up in a swamp. “Carrion Drake” for Hearthstone.

I’m surprised there aren’t black apples yet. Come in GMOs, get on it! “Rotten Applebaum” for #hearthstone .

I’ve been on a long business trip drawing cool-ass stuff. THIS isn’t part of that gig - just a doodle I started while languishing on the long plane ride 🙂.

Cats with wings? What’ll those damn wizards think of next? “Arcane Flight” for Magic:the Gathering.
#flyingcats #ecologicalcatastrophe #thingsthatshouldntbe

Detail of the sketch for the previously posted painting “Munda’s Vanguard”

“Trundle THAT way, my strange steed!” - Munda’s Vanguard for Magic:the Gathering.

“Baloth Pup” for Magic: the Gathering.

Kind of a weird piece with a first-person sword attack on a hydra but there’s a lot of good painting shit going on in this that I like.

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