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The Spice Tailor  An authentic and delicious range of real Indian food developed by TV Chef and Cookery Writer, Anjum Anand #30daysofcolour

DAY 20: Being at one with the simple pleasures of nature is another great way to practise mindfulness so get yourself out there. Appreciate the sights and sounds and immerse yourself in the beauty that is all around you #30daysofcolour

DAY 19: Fancy giving mindfulness a go? Try a simple breathing exercise to infuse calm into your busy day. This simple and effective process has been proven to lower stress, lift your energy levels, reduce anxiety and clean out your lungs #30daysofcolour

DAY 18: With a multitude of inspirational blogs out there about anything from food to crocheting to trainspotting, there's bound to be one that'll inspire you to get creative and try something new. If not, why not start your own? #30daysofcolour

DAY 17: Here at The Spice Tailor we’re fussy about what goes IN our products, so let’s get fussy about what goes ON our bodies… Green beauty is super on trend and we couldn’t be happier! Have a go at your own natural face masks and skin care regimes and let us know your favourites #30daysofcolour

DAY 16: Bollywood is one of the world’s largest film industries and, with classics like Devdas, it’s no wonder! Give it a watch and transport yourself into a new world of luscious sounds, regal garments and engrossing plots #30daysofcolour

DAY 15: After a busy few days, it is imperative to take some time to unwind. Why not try this beautiful 'Indian Summer' mindfulness colouring book to mellow out and get lost in a journey through India? #30daysofcolour

DAY 14: Why not try our favourite hot drink with an Indian twist? All the warmth and comfort we have come to expect from tea but with an aromatic twist. This quick and easy recipe is guaranteed to have you feeling pure bliss in minutes: #30daysofcolour

DAY 13: Let’s get bright and botanical! If you’re feeling like you need to spruce up your living space, botanical is the way to go. Have a go and bring the outside in. These big prints and pieces are perfect for those days where you need a little sunshine in your life. It’s vibrant, stylish and sooo on trend #30daysofcolour
#TheSpiceTailor #botanical #decor #loveyourcolour

DAY 12: Cooking doesn’t need to be a one man/woman job. Gather up the family and friends and get to making some mischief and memories. Get everyone involved and show us what you’ve made! We’d love to see your delicious creations #30daysofcolour
#TheSpiceTailor #cooking #family #loveyourcolour

DAY 11: With ‘bringing the outside in’ being one of the hottest trends of the year, why not get a little creative and adorn your inside with a herb wall? This beautiful little feature will have you feeling good all from the comfort of your own home. Not to forget, you can add these little pots of joy to your cooking #30daysofcolour
#TheSpiceTailor #herbs #plants #loveyourcolour

DAY 10: Sometimes we just want that detox time with all the flavour of fun... Grab a few friends, get together and try some booze-free beverages. Put them to the test and see who can tell the difference #30daysofcolour
#TheSpiceTailor #cocktail #weekend #loveyourcolour

DAY 9: Charcoal seems to be a bit of a wonder substance. From vitamins, face masks and drinks all the way to toothpaste and scrubs, it's becoming an incredibly diverse everyday product. It’s the inner and outer detox we’ve all been looking for. Get some charcoal in your life today and tell us what you’re using #30daysofcolour
#TheSpiceTailor #charcoal #trend #loveyoucolour

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