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L.A. sightseeing in a slammed F80 M3 - coming soon to

Photo by: @larry_chen_foto

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Older auxiliary gauges are there to offer a more accurate readings of important information like water temperature and engine revs. Oh, and there is a reason why the scale reads to 10,000 rpm – it’s pretty much what this motor can rev to!

Photo by: @speedhunters_dino

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Introducing Project 2000 - Now Live On

Photo by: @jordanbutters

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It’s very much a car that embodies the Gatebil spirit of building something that pleases the owner and to hell with what anyone else thinks. It’s a build that has chosen the path less obvious, for good or bad.

Photo by: @pmcgphotos

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Effectively, the Crown has been given a new lease of life; in the resto-mod ethos, the character of the car is not to be altered beyond recognition, but merely enhanced in numerous, complementary ways to produce something that is more effective on the whole.

Photo by: @blaketjones

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Some of Brian’s good friends were longtime racers who drive 4G63-powered DSM cars, and they jokingly suggested that Brian consider one of the turbocharged Mitsubishi four-cylinder engines as the new heart for his Volvo.

Photo by: @larry_chen_foto

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Cruise ‘N Swap: A Sunday Morning In Long Beach - Now Live On

Photo by: @japanifornia

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The team worked tirelessly to make sure everything was perfect for race day. The tune was perfect, the gear ratios were just right for the amount of straightaways that the closed public highway has to offer.

Photo by: @larry_chen_foto

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The car was quickly stripped down to a bare shell, and the front and rear ends unceremoniously removed, all to be replaced with chromoly tube framing, which was then integrated into a chromoly rollcage to tie everything together.

Photo by: Peter Kelly

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Project GTI is ready to hit the track again this weekend - full story coming soon to

Photo by: @pmcgphotos

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Mounted low on a custom-built steam-pipe manifold is a Garrett GT35R turbocharger, which in pushing 25psi into the 2JZ translates to a reliable 650hp at the rear wheels.

Photo by: @snoozinrichy

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Combined, the ride height and wheel and tire package gives this Porsche a subtly aggressive stance. The look is simple, but it works so well.

Photo by: @larry_chen_foto

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