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Just The Cars of FD Atlanta - Now Live On

Photo by: @pmcgphotos

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'For as much as I did see and capture, there was at least double the amount again of cars that drove by once and were never seen again. Not to mention the Global Time Attack or Trans-Am portions of the event.' Photo by: @pmcgphotos

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'With a big single BorgWarner EFR turbine and fully-built motor this thing is able to kick out a monster 800hp and 80kg/m of torque, showing the very high end of what’s capable with this platform and engine.' Photo by: @speedhunters_dino

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Seeing how the kit had a more performance-oriented style and almost mimicked the lines of his favorite R35 – the GT3 race car version of the car – David knew then and there that he had to have it.

Photo by: @larry_chen_foto

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Kiwi's and the Mazda Rotary are like peas and carrots... Rotary Reunion coming soon to

Photo by: @snoozinrichy

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'We’ve seen a ton of modified and customized Odyssey vans in Japan over the years, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be forgetting this one any time soon.' Photo by: @speedhunters_dino

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'For the first time this season, I saw a glimpse of the Więcek that I know well from Europe; fast, aggressive and on point. His first run would earn him 85 points and a guaranteed place in the battles the next day.' Photo by: @pmcgphotos

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'In all seriousness though, plates are an often overlooked way to bring a little more character to a build. Sure, they’re one of the least important components on a car, but with some creativity they have the potential to complete a build.' Photo by: @matthew_everingham

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Performance Bargain: Why You Should Buy A Z33 - Now Live On

Photo by: @speedhunters_dino

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'The 13B was bridge-ported and fitted with upgraded apex seals, and its twin-turbo setup ditched for a single Garrett unit. As it sits now it’s sending 280hp to the rear wheels, but there’s plenty of scope for an increase if it was ever deemed necessary.' Photo by: @matthew_everingham

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'The whole Zefi:r design is based around the front fender outlets and the rear fender intakes, which visually create a sort of Z pattern across the side profile of the car.' Photo by: @speedhunters_dino

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'Sure, the cars have changed over the years, along with the ways we are exposed to them, but the feeling has always been the same.' Photo by: @larry_chen_foto

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