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The Sons Light Yoga & Fitness  Offering Christ-centered Hatha Yoga practice, inc. Gentle, Power, Yogalates & Yoga w/ Weights. Come nourish your mind, body, πŸ’–& spirit.

Great morning people!!!! I woke with such an exuberance in my spirit this morning. It feels great to be alive!! It is a new week & we have new opportunities to do something fantastical for yourself and more importantly, for the benefit of others! It is time to #riseandgrind! #focusforward #mondaymotivation #blessed #forgiven #MondayMantra #fitmom #yogarunner #strongertogether #letsgo #movemorefitness #sweatpink @fitapproach #workflow

Motherhood has been one of thr most amazing journeys for me. I pray that with everything that this gift provides, you too find it has been worth it all. To our moms-to be, just wait, you are in for an amazing ride. From the bottom of my πŸ’• to yours, enjoy this beautiful Sunday loves. #HappyMothersDay #blessings

Thursday thoughts.....I questioned why I continue to "show up" & give my πŸ’• to something that has brought me joy. The jist is to never doubt the potential you have to make a difference in the life of someone else. Others (friends & fam esp) may not understand, like, appreciate your "why" but don't let it deter you from pressing forward. Often times, we serve in grace, w/out people, w/out pay (true story), w/out thank you' get alienated, stabbed, labeled, dissed, dismissed & forgotten. And yes, while in the moment, it is injurious to the body, mind, heart & spirit, in the end, that's alright. Stay true to your mission, God's vision for you...the rest will come in His time & if done for the right reasons, the blessings will come. #staythecourse #ForHisGlory #beablessing

Thoughts for today...inhale opportunity, exhale doubt. In all things, #letGodlead

Happy 1st day of May!!! New month, new opportunities, new blessings, new goals & dreams to chase & achieve, new milestones, renewed prayers, beautiful sounds of Gods gifts in the morning sun, warm gentle breezes, longer days, lapping sounds of water, scents from all kinds of flowers & fruits, gorgeous sunsets, cool evenings....sooo many gifts we are being given. Let us find simple beauty in each and every day we are blessed to open our eyes and embrace His light, His love for each and every one of us one more blessed day. #blessings #renewal #newmonth #renewedfocus

We have so much to be grateful for friends. May the Son's light shine upon us all today as we celebrate the Risen King. He is risen indeed!!!
#Hallelujuah #Easterpeople

Morning! Let's go and #letgod today...everyday.
#Mondaythoughts #believe

You can't send energy to both...or pour from an empty cup. So, which will you choose today? As for me, I'm going with my Provider, Teacher, Healer...the one who supplies ALL my needs. #Godvibes #stayinprayer #trustHim #Heisworthytobepraised

No need to struggle today, or any day. When you lean on Him & allow His strength, His word to pour thru you, all struggles become easier to carry...because you aren't carrying them alone.
Isaiah 41:10
#laydownyourburdens #itisnotyourstocarry #Tuesdaythoughts #Holyyoga

Good Morning you feel like you are flying blindly in this life? Me too!!! It reminded me of running races & triathlons where a person w/ visual impairment is being led through the race and to the finish line by a guide, often in-step with their mate. In this race called LIFE, one thing we know is that when we hold onto our FAITH in Christ, we can not fail. Jesus is the ultimate Guide, leading us with care & love to VICTORY. #claimit #weallwin #unfailinglove #IamVictorious #mustardseed #holdon #bestrong #keepthefaith #themissionisclear #letHimlead #holyyoga

What a great reminder as we start off this new month and preparing for transition into a new season. **************** Lord, even when I am physically tired, mentally, emotionally drained, and feeling spiritually weak, may I rest in the strength of Your Word & the warmth of Your loving embrace. Continue to order & guide our steps in Your wisdom & keep us safe oh Lord from the things that hide in the shadows. Bring them to Light Lord so that we may address and conquer them with Your Words in our heart. All these things we ask in your Almighty name, Amen.
#prayerchangesthings #guardourhearts #yourservant #humblewarrior #justpray #foryourworld #foryourchildren #foreachother #theenemyisbusy #holyyoga #yogaheals #yogaeveryday #instayoga #fitmom #yogarunner

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and to not harm, plans to hope and give you a future." Jeremiah 29:11 NIV
What you perceive as your "finish" may be just your BEGINNING! Stay in prayer about all the things & don't give up, especially when the pathway extends farther than your viewpoint. #fitmom #yogarunner #holyyoga #yogaheals #WordonWednesday #stayinprayer #NextLevel #HisWill #ForHisGlory

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