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Every mum with only boys understand this little predicament I am going through right now. #sorryson #ithadtobedone #leviyang #9months #ourdaughter @andyyang84

Tough times are an opportunity for loved ones to go above and beyond to show how much they care. Thank you for this beautiful bunch delivered to my doorstep. #stilliwillworship #totheonewhosallineed

His top-left tooth has started to come down and he just can't get over it. Wait for the molars kid, you ain't felt nothing yet. #leviyang #teething #7months #watchingfantasticduo

Dearest Levi, we pray that you will one day understand the love of your Heavenly Father and confess your faith as a man of God. But while you are still little and learning, we promise to lead and guide you towards your King and Saviour in the best way that we can. We love you Levi! #leviyang #7months #infantbaptism #dedication #jordanyang #couldntcareless πŸ˜‚ #3y3m @andyyang84

This Classic Petite watch in sterling goes with everything, I mean everything. I love having one less thing to choose every morning. If you also don't have time to be choosing accessories all day, purchase a Classic Petite and get a 15% discount with the code ANDYANDSONIA #classicpetite #danielwellington @danielwellington

I love that Jordan doesn't really understand the concept of deception yet. Everything that comes out of his mouth is pretty much from the heart.
One time we were in the car on our way to a wedding. Seeing me all dressed up he said to me "μ—„λ§ˆ! μ˜ˆμ˜λ‹€!" (Mummy you look pretty!) I was flattered to say the least. Then the other day, after a big meal, I showed him my round belly to which he said "μ—„λ§ˆ λš±λš±ν•΄." (Mummy you're fat.) I was not so flattered. πŸ˜‚ #savage #jordanyang #3y3m #thxunclepipsfortheshorts #thxauntyjanicefortheshirt #thxauntyjaneforthetie #growingup @_dabidd @thejanicelee @janekang_

Our cousin got married today! We have fond memories of him taking us out to the backyard and forcing us to play football with him. "All you guys have to do is grab the ball and run and I'll tackle you to the ground, easy!" Haha. So happy for you and your beautiful wife! Love you guys :) ❀ @davidbae83 @thejanicelee #alwaysgotourbacks

Jordan didn't have teeth until after his first birthday. But this one has cut his first two teeth this month and is a munching machine. #leviyang #6months #cuttingteeth #mouthfulofspoon

Today is our 5th wedding anniversary. On this day five years ago, I was busy getting my hair and makeup done, worrying about the weather and thinking about the cheeseburger I was going to have at the end of the night--and I can't believe these two weren't around yet. I can barely remember what it was like to live a day without two monkeys hanging off every limb. Definitely our greatest achievements in 5 short years! Happy anniversary @andyyang84 ❀ #jordanyang #leviyang #happyanniversary #fiveyears

As his birthday gift I told him that I would let him have a day off by not asking him to do anything at all for the whole day. I realised just how much I ask him to do things around the house and with the kids. It was challenging not to call out for help every few minutes. Thanks for all that you do for us daddy. We appreciate and love you so much. Happy birthday! From Mummy, Jordan and Levi x @andyyang84 #happybirthday #dayoff #hegotamassage #andplayedbasketball #livingthedream

Went for a groom and came back with an extra large head! We've tried to bring him inside to live indoors but he seemed a little frustrated so we let him out again. I really want him to be inside so the kids can grow up with him around them. We'll give it another try on a really hot day when he can't say no to aircon! We love you Charlie please love us back! πŸ˜‚ #hotdayeveryday #37degrees #charliepoo #thirdchild #spoodle #cockapoo @charliepoo

I feel like this one just keeps growing without me having to do anything. With Jordan, I was so careful about what he ate, when he ate, how much he drank, how often we sterilised, how often he bathed... but this one gets the good old "that'll do". Yet he is wearing clothes that his brother didn't fit into until much later, nowhere near as sick as his brother used to be and smiling like a happy little Vegemite. Keep it up Levi! #leviyang #5months

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