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As his birthday gift I told him that I would let him have a day off by not asking him to do anything at all for the whole day. I realised just how much I ask him to do things around the house and with the kids. It was challenging not to call out for help every few minutes. Thanks for all that you do for us daddy. We appreciate and love you so much. Happy birthday! From Mummy, Jordan and Levi x @andyyang84 #happybirthday #dayoff #hegotamassage #andplayedbasketball #livingthedream

Went for a groom and came back with an extra large head! We've tried to bring him inside to live indoors but he seemed a little frustrated so we let him out again. I really want him to be inside so the kids can grow up with him around them. We'll give it another try on a really hot day when he can't say no to aircon! We love you Charlie please love us back! πŸ˜‚ #hotdayeveryday #37degrees #charliepoo #thirdchild #spoodle #cockapoo @charliepoo

I feel like this one just keeps growing without me having to do anything. With Jordan, I was so careful about what he ate, when he ate, how much he drank, how often we sterilised, how often he bathed... but this one gets the good old "that'll do". Yet he is wearing clothes that his brother didn't fit into until much later, nowhere near as sick as his brother used to be and smiling like a happy little Vegemite. Keep it up Levi! #leviyang #5months

We are away with some friends on a road trip. A much needed break after the crazy holiday season with good food, a nice view and great company. #needaholidayaftertheholidays #lifegroup #roadtrip #culburrabeach

It's hard to look smokin'. πŸ”₯ #jordanyang #3yearsold #highheels #hardwork

We have been waiting for this reunion for a long time. The last time she was here, we had three less babies to care for. So lucky to have friends to go through pregnancy and motherhood with. @annacho87 @thejanicelee #fiveboysbetweenus #supermums

Jordan had a very special birthday this year. It was a joint party with church friend, Noah and all the superheroes turned up for the event! Thank you to everyone for dressing up in the crazy heat, you all looked fantastic and made the day extra memorable for both Jordan and Noah! I still think the adults had more fun than the kids though! πŸ˜‚ #andymetsonia #linkinbio #superheroparty #jordanyang #3rdbirthday

I was never really a watch person until Daniel Wellington came into my life. This Classic Black edition with the matching cuff have been my go to accessories because they go with almost every outfit! If you'd like to purchase one for someone special or even for yourself, make sure you take advantage of the 15% discount by using the code ANDYMETSONIA15. @danielwellington #danielwellington #dwforeveryone #dwclassicblack #merrychristmas

The secret to a happy life.... is a happy child. #leviyang #17weeks #twomoresleepstillchristmas #merrychristmas

You know it's been way too long when you rock up to a reunion with friends who were all single just a few years back and all of a sudden you need a separate room just for the kids. #craziness #babiesgalore #moretocome #leviyang #conorjames @mariejean711 @theleungdynasty @loveisachoice

100 DAYS |
In the Korean culture, it's a big deal that your kid turns 100 days old. Back in the day, people were so poor that they weren't able to provide for their children. Due to disease and malnourishment many babies didn't make it to 100 days of life. Although we now live in a very different circumstance, we don't take it for granted that Levi is with us today. Happy 100 days Levi! #leviyang #100days #wearingjordanshandmedowns @andyyang84

I showed Andy this clip expecting him to bubble over with pride. Instead I got "he's hitting the snare on the wrong count." 😐#highexpectations #asianparenting #jordanyang #2y11m #goodbyesilence #itwasniceknowingyou @andyyang84