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One wonderful addition to your skin care is Lavender Essential Oil. It has some amazing benefits and may work wonders for your complexion. The benefits of Lavender Essential for your skin ranges from reducing acne, lighten skin, prevent wrinkle, to treat sunburn, eczema, and psoriasis.
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Are you always admiring a soft scent that babies always have? We have that scent in a bottle! Take our Baby Powder Fragrance Oil to smell fresh and delicate all day!
Baby Powder Fragrance Oil is available via order at The Soap Corner’s LINE ID: @thesoapcorner

Calendula Oat Milk Bar Soap is unscented handmade natural soap that feels luxurious on your skin, both face and body. It is gentle enough to be applied for babies to adults. Calendula Oat Milk Bar Soap is definitely something to soothe every body! Order it now by adding our official LINE: @thesoapcorner #thesoapcorner

As you know, Virgin Coconut Oil has many great uses for everything. It is even considered as the super oil due to its nutritional values. Using it for makeup remover, shaving cream, and hair conditioner will leave your skin and hair stay hydrated.
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Brush Best Friend Soap is a must have cleaning solution for you who love playing with makeup brushes and sponges! It removes tiniest dirt and excess makeup that sticks in your brushes and sponges perfectly with just water added along with Brush Best Friend Soap. Do not worry, it is safely cleanse, disinfect, and condition every brush you own as it is 100% natural.
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Are you usually having troubles to shut your eyes at night? Try putting a few drops of these essential oils in your bed sheet, it’ll help you to get a better sleep!
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Research has found that roses have great anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties in it. This is about time when you have to enhance the benefits of this pretty flower as toner! And you trust The Soap Corner’s Rose Water. It’s 100% pure rose water, you have nothing to worry about! Place an order right now through our LINE: @thesoapcorner. #thesoapcorner

There are a lot of great things about natural oils, particularly essential oils and fragrance oils we have heard every day. They are usually present in different health and skin care products. How can you tell the difference between these two groups? Here’s how:
-Essential oil is a product of direct extraction in several ways and they generally came from plants such as herbs, leaves, barks, flowers, or roots.
- Fragrance oils, on the other hand, are synthetic products that have gone several processes in the laboratory. - Fragrance oils do not contain healing properties like essential oils.
Despite the differences, Both fragrance oils and essential oils are safe for the skin. They are perfect for use if you intend to use them as bath and body products. #thesoapcorner

Jojoba Golden Oil is so versatile; it has many uses for your skin, hair, and the rest of your body. It can be used as a night facial moisturizer, after-shower body moisturizer, makeup remover, lip balm, anti-dandruff conditioner, and before-shaving moisturizer.
What are your own experiences with Jojoba Golden Oil? Comment below this post to share how do you use our Jojoba Golden Oil! #thesoapcorner

Fight cracked heels with the oldest trick which never fails. You can use our Dazzling Me Up Calendula Body Oil to keep your heels moist and soft. Get one by ordering it through our @thesoapcorner

Did you know that our Castle Liquid Soap is 75% made of olive oil? No wonder it’s so gentle for all ages: from babies to oldies! Pick your preferred unscented or scented Castle Liquid Soap at! #thesoapcorner

Yay, glad to hear that the Castor Oil has improved your hair's health, #deedeeyoung_ ! Any of you experience skin or hair improvements after using The Soap Corner products? Don't hesitate to chat us on LINE@ or leave a comment below to give your testimonials!

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