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"'Come as you are,' a loving Father says to each of us, but He adds, 'Don’t plan to stay as you are.'"
-Jeffery Holland

Thinking today about the wonderfully inclusive plan of the Lord, who ate with sinners, had compassion on the sick, healed the outcasts, and noticed the invisible. He is the true source of tolerance and acceptance that the world desires so deeply.
But, instead of offering the false compassion of the world, telling us we are happy in sin, illness or bondage, the Lord offers us more. He does not have to lie to us to appease our guilt or lack. He can accept us as we are, knowing He can make more of us than we thought we could be.

Feeling grateful for the freedom that comes through Him. Freedom to be loved now AND freedom to change for the better. He is the way. -xoxo Johanna

"The ultimate and only true and living change agent is the Savior. He is the source of all change. He changed water into wine—bringing the very best liquid refreshment to the celebration. As you turn to him, he will bring the very best out of you. He will indeed rescue all that is finest down deep inside of you." -Wendy Watson Nelson
We talk often of the miracles Jesus performed during his mortal ministry, but miracles today are taking place inside each of us as we choose to invite him to help us grow, change and improve. No matter where you are at in your life, change is possible, and powerful, as we seek his help. How have you seen the Lord's hands in this way? 💛 Krista

"We women are called to focus on what lasts. From the very beginning, Eve took a really long look through the veil. What is mortal life for? To hang around in the beautiful garden? She realized that to have birth there had to be death. In order for Eve and Adam to multiply and replenish the earth, she had to choose to eat the fruit. To open the door for all of us to come into mortality, she had to trigger the Fall. She sacrificed a Garden-of-Eden kind of life in order to bring us all through the veil. She became the mother of all living. Her ultimate testimony to all her children is 'Were it not for our transgression we never should have known good and evil, and the joy of our redemption, and the eternal life which God giveth unto all the obedient.' She could do it because she put her complete confidence in Jesus Christ."
- Sharon Eubank

I LOVE this powerful quote. It reminds me that we too have the power to make difficult choices. Have you made any of those difficult choices lately? Have you had to give up something in order to "focus on what lasts"? Have you had to sacrifice the now in order to have eternity? We would love to hear from you. xoxo -Kim

"We become what we want to be by consistently being what we want to become each day." -Richard G. Scott
So I had to read this a couple times before I got it 😉but now that I do WOW. Sometimes I forget that the most important thing is just doing the small things every day to strengthen my faith in Jesus Christ.
Are your daily choices bringing you closer, or farther, from who you want to be? What can you change this week to "be who you want to become"? XO Lizzy

"The promise to you and me in the last days is that after seeking God and serving his children with unwearyingness, we will come to know his will. The promise is not just that I will have the power to do what‘s on my list of tasks but that I will know what to put there. On those occasions when I have known what should be there, I‘ve found myself glancing at the list as a source of joy, not anxiety.” -Henry B. Eyring

"Just as the Savior offers peace that 'passeth all understanding,' He also offers an intensity, depth, and breadth of joy that defy human logic or mortal comprehension. His joy is constant, assuring us that our 'afflictions shall be but a small moment' and be consecrated to our gain." Russell Nelson

As our study guide this month focuses on the freedom we feel as we choose to seek Jesus Christ, I have been studying along with the intent to see what this liberty and freedom really feels like in the day to day. This👆 quote explains how I so often feel! Certainly peace and joy are some of the most liberating freedoms we enjoy as Christians seeking Jesus. Have you felt this? What are some of the freedoms you've experienced? 💛 Krista

We've got good news! Up on the blog is this month's study guide on freedom! But what is freedom, in it’s truest sense? Is it political freedom, or maybe financial freedom?
We've all seen those--at times even ourselves--who enjoy great political and financial freedoms, but struggle with other bondage--like addictions, comparison, and perfectionism. Likewise we’ve been inspired by those who suffer under political or financial bondage, yet have found the ultimate freedom, spiritual freedom in Jesus Christ.

Join in with us as we study freedom this month, and explore how believing and following God makes us truly free!

Tag a friend to join this month's study with you!

"Unity comes when we see the hearts of other people, and understand their true intent. Unity does not require for us all to be the same, think the same, or look the same. In fact, to truly be strong in unity we need the differences of others to enrich the one." .
Have you ever struggled in your marriage to find unity in times of trial? Up on the blog guest author Chelsey is sharing how she came to accept and embrace the different ways she and her husband responded to a time of crisis. Learn more on unity and marriage up on the blog!

"When you reach up for the Lord’s power in your life with the same intensity that a drowning person has when grasping and gasping for air, power from Jesus Christ will be yours. When the Savior knows you truly want to reach up to Him—when He can feel that the greatest desire of your heart is to draw His power into your life—you will be led by the Holy Ghost to know exactly what you should do." -Russell M. Nelson

I've heard this idea expressed before and wondered, "Okay, but how do I manufacture the intensity of a natural survival instinct?" I mean, that kind of natural preservation effort is in a class of it's own. Sometimes all I have is the DESIRE to feel something so fervently. I think this is where our trials come in.
Our omniscent Father knew that we would need trials in order to give our reaching the traction necessary to draw near to Him. Those painfully rough places in our path offer us the opportunity to grasp and "gasp for air", bringing the breath of life into our veins, through our Savior. Let's take a minute to mentally evaluate our own unique trials through this lens and see if we can, through the Savior's help, feel a quiet gratitude for what they allow us to do. -xoxo Johanna

"Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is not something ethereal, floating loosely in the air. Faith does not fall upon us by chance or stay with us by birthright. It is, as the scriptures say, 'substance …, the evidence of things not seen.' Faith emits a spiritual light, and that light is discernible. Faith in Jesus Christ is a gift from heaven that comes as we choose to believe and as we seek it and hold on to it." -Neil L. Andersen

"An equally hard but essential doctrine, if we are to understand life itself, is the reality that since this is a gospel of growth and life is a school of experience, God, as a loving Father, will stretch our souls at times. 'The soul is like a violin string: it makes music only when it is stretched.' (Eric Hoffer) God will tutor us by trying us because He loves us, not because of indifference!" -Neal A. Maxwell
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"Some Christians carry their religion on their backs. It is a packet of beliefs and practices which they must bear. At times it grows heavy and they would willingly lay it down, but that would mean a break with old traditions, so they shoulder it again. But real Christians do not carry their religion, their religion carries them. It is not weight; it is wings. It lifts them up, it sees them over hard places, it makes the universe seem friendly, life purposeful, hope real, sacrifice worthwhile. It sets them free from fear, futility, discouragement, and sin—the great enslavers of men’s souls. You can know a real Christian, when you see him, by his buoyancy." Harry Emerson Fosdick

The power is real friends. I've felt so much strength lately that I know is not my own (and I know the only answer is it's from God) with my burdens lifted and my joys deepened. What can you do in your life to allow your faith to lift you? xo Krista

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