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🐷  F*ck yeah, food.

Duck breast with split pea ragu, cherry demi & pickled cabbage. Did not like this at all, the duck breast texture was kinda gross and just not a fan of the flavouring. 🐷 #pikaDISLIKES #ateonepiece #wouldcomebackforpate

Cod a la bisque. piperade w/ tomato passata, pancetta, & espelette. I personally didn’t like this, cod and tomato.... bleh. 🐷 #pikaDISLIKES #personalopinion #weirdcombo

Southern hush puppies with fennel, heirloom tomatoes, corn & Racine. Once you gather all the components into a mouthful then it tasted good. #pikaAPPROVED

Showstopper salad farmer’s cheese and pistachios in vinaigrette. Very refreshing, I liked the flower petals too. 🙂🐷 #pikaAPPROVED #recommonded

“Chicken of the sea” sea urchin pate, ink brioche, hazelnut & pear. This was delicious omg the brioche and pate were heavenly. 😍🐷 #pikaAPPROVED #favdishhere #wouldorderagain

Bun cha ca served without soup and the bun on a diff dish with sesame crackers. I was actually expecting the soup noodles but this was a pleasant surprise! 🐷 #pikaAPPROVED #sogood #lovechaca

Banh mi cay, spicy bread sticks with pate spread and crunchy shallots topping. I thought this one was okay maybe bc I can’t eat spicy. But I thought it was kinda dry also. 🐷 #justOKAY #dontlikebanhmi

Pork and real crab meat spring rolls. More deep fried! Everything tasted really good so far. 🐷 #pikaAPPROVED

Deep fried rice cakes with ground prawns and pork. This may not look it, but it was so. good!! It also had a soft, creamy texture underneath the deep fried. 🐷 #pikaAPPROVED #mustgetdish #appiesoverload

Banh gio: pyramid rice dumping with minced pork and quail egg. This was delish! ESP with the hot sauce. 😋🐷 #pikaAPPROVED #newfavplace #northernstylevietfood

Milk chocolate lavender and salted caramel liege waffles with ice cream of course! Salted caramel is delicious as always and the chocolate lavender was gross. 😖🐷 #pikaAPPROVED #tastedlikesoap #nothx

Paella. Orzo, spicy chorizo sausages, avocado & spicy charred tomato salsa. I did not like this at all. The flavour was weird. 🐷 #pikaDISLIKES #personalopinion

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