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theSkimm  Making it easier to live a smarter life. Our Insta’s your look at what happens between two Daily Skimm sends. #SkimmLife . . Link in bio things here👇

Another good moment from today’s talk with @rebeccaminkoff: “More and more women are leaving corporations that are not built around how we want to live our lives, and starting their own businesses. Until we all start creating the life and work as we want it to be as women, it won’t change.”

Yes. But sometimes when dressing for a job interview, you have to put your best outfit forward. During our AM breakfast with @rebeccaminkoff, her advice was to be yourself...while also aligning your outfit with the brand of the company you're interviewing for. #SkimmLife #NewYearSmarterYou

Just had a breakfast panel with our friend @rebeccaminkoff, co-founder and creative director of Rebecca Minkoff. Talked about her career, the importance of supporting female entrepreneurs (hi @thefemalefoundercollective), and why you should work your ass off while you're young. #SkimmLife #SkimmdfromTheCouch

Being in debt can be stressful AF. Skimm'r Autumn gets it. She graduated as a PA with $100k of student loans. But she made a plan to pay them off fast...and that saved her thousands of dollars. #SkimmLife #NewYearSmarterYou

Pro tip: one way to make your money work hard for you...even when you're by investing it. You don’t need a lot to get started (we know this personally). Vanguard can help. BYO ambition. And see bio. #SkimmLife #Sponsored #NewYearSmarterYou

Before "This Is Us" @chrissymetz (aka Kate Pearson) had $0.81 in her bank account. Here are her tips on what to do...and what NOT to do with your money. PS: "This Is Us" is back tonight. Bring tissues. #SkimmLife

Lawmakers in the UK are voting on a big Brexit deal today. The only thing everyone can still (probably) agree on: naming it "Brexit." Your refresher about today's vote is in Stories. #SkimmLife

Doing this makes us feel disorganized...but it's a way to keep you and your money safe when wanderlusting. Tip inspired by a new Skimm hire who's a dual citizen. #SkimmLife #NewYearSmarterYou

We feel you. 👉 Swipe for our advice. More in bio. #SkimmLife #NewYearSmarterYou

The NYC Marathon application opens today. Three HQ'rs are running it for the first time. On your mark, get set, apply. #SkimmLife #NewYearSmarterYou

Studies show that female millennials are significantly more stressed than their male peers about their finances. We want to help change that. Last week, we focused on making your body and mind healthier. This week we’re doing the same for your piggy bank. We wrote about how to be "less broke" in bio. #SkimmLife #NewYearSmarterYou

Great news. But the majority are somewhat or very confused by investing. Not so great news. This week we're going to help you w/ that. Stay tuned. #SkimmLife #NewYearSmarterYou

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