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@the__provider, kickflip backside 50-50 // Free digital issue of #TheSkateboardMag159 in bio👈 📷:@atibaphoto

@guymariano, noseslide transfer // Free digital issue of #TheSkateboardMag159 in bio👈 📷:@ryanflynn

@diseasedostrich, 180 fakie 50-50 from the @bakerskateboards article in #TheSkateboardMag159. Free digital issue in bio👈 📷:@atibaphoto

@ryandecenzo, 360 flip // Free digital issue of #TheSkateboardMag159 in bio👈 📷:@rodent516

I want to live for this line. I photograph to find reality. To somehow find something that's out there. The discovery of something in my face that I see and nobody else sees it quite in that way and would soon forget that simple moment.—@tobinyelland #TheSkateboardMag159

Here's a free digital issue of #TheSkateboardMag159. 👉link in bio👈 We know you'll enjoy it!

Just Announced for July 15th: The #AgendaFestival is going down at the Long Beach Convention Center! This festival experience will have 2 skate contests, live music from @mr_camron, @ludacris, @feliciathegoat, and much more! And we haven't even mentioned the food trucks or the hundreds of pop-up shops. Tickets are only $45 for the full day of shows and events. The Mag will be there. Will you? 👉Link in bio👈 @agenda #AgendaShow

@vtanderson_, backside 360 from the @hufworldwide article in #TheSkateboardMag159. 📷:@jacobmessex

It takes a skater to take a great skate photo. Armed with his Canon 6D, @duhcota’s work drips with that immediacy and danger you feel in a heated sesh. 👉Full Gallery in bio👈 @austinpastura, front board

@tonywillie, switch frontside bigspin 📷:@aacostaa #TheSkateboardMag159

@mattgottwig, ollie from the @hufworldwide article in #TheSkateboardMag159. 📷:@jacobmessex

The third annual #RedBullHartLines contest went down in Detroit this past weekend. Check out our gallery for the recap! 👉Link in bio👈 @nyjah, gap noseblunt 📷:@burgess610

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