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Shannon Ables  Preorder TSLL’s new book Living The Simply Luxurious Life: Making Your Everydays Extraordinary & Discovering Your Best Self (avail: Nov. 13, 2018)

It’s very hard to know that Oscar is in this pic, but he is closest to me. And I couldn’t help but love Norman’s attention to the camera. One of the few drizzling days in Bend, but I was tickled for the fresh scent that surrounded us during the excursion. #tsllmynorman #tsllbend #tsll2ndbook

The final days prior to leaving are being thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my mom and niece. I am extremely grateful for their willingness to take on the task of capturing some author photos with the boys for the book. As one might imagine, no matter how much you plan, there is always something unexpected - such as being careful not to fall into the water or making sure the boys don’t get dirty or ... rain. Needless to say, while there were frustrating moments, there were far more laugh-out loud memorable moments of chasing dogs, getting the boys’ attention and trying for just the right angle. Here is a photo of Oscar and me - one of which I haven’t had until now. Have a look in IG Stories at a few of the outtakes. #tsllmyoscar #tsllbend #tsllstyle

A good morning walk never ceases to provide tranquility and clarity (as well as exhaustion to ensure a good night’s sleep). #tsllbend #tsllmyoscar #tsllmynorman

Time for weekday mornings with these two! Happy summer vacation to all the teachers and students! #tsllmynorman @foxtailbakeshop #tsllreads #tsllbend

A fantastic new cookbook from a talented seasoned cook - @susanonruetatin . Released this week, French Grill is packed with recipes beginning with Amuse-Bouches and ending with oodles of Desserts (all for the grill). Check out my IG Stories for a peek inside. #tsllfrancophilefind @onruetatin

I wanted to extend a far-reaching warmth of gratitude to TSLL readers around the world who have stopped by, continue to stop by and do so either to preorder the new TSLL book and/or the 1st, say hello and send congratulations and support. Your excitement mirrors my excitement to share Living The Simply Luxurious Life: Making Your Everydays Extraordinary and Discovering Your Best Self with you in November. If you haven’t stopped by to find out what the new book is all about and what extras preordered signed copies will receive additionally, be sure to click on the link in my profile. As well, if you are curious about the publishing process of both of my books and how they came to be, be sure to check out my post that was shared yesterday “11 Tips to Successfully Self-Publish Your Book”. Everyone who has ordered so far, I will be sending out the promo codes for a month free of ad-free blog reading this weekend, so be sure to look for it in your inbox as well as a discount on the yearly ad-free subscription. Have an amazing Thursday! #tsll2ndbook

Without further ado! TSLL’s 2nd Book - Living The Simply Luxurious Life: Making Your Everydays Extraordinary and Discovering Your Best Self - the preordering has begun (available Tuesday November 13, 2018). Link in profile for all the details and extra gifts and discounts included when you preorder a signed copy. Also, be sure to check out IG Stories for exclusive videos about the content (find them under the IG Highlights - 2nd book). #tsll2ndbook #tsllsimpleluxuries @dashcg @inslee #tsllreads

Norman was a big help today as we taped a few videos for you with the launch of #tsll2ndbook preordering! Have a look at IG Stories (and/or Highlights) to see more! #tsllmynorman

One day to go!!!! Until what you ask? Until the reveal of #tsll2ndbook and the beginning of preordering signed copies! 😊 Here is a mini peek at the book’s trailer. Fewer than 24 hours to go!!! Thank you for your patience and excitement. I cannot wait to share! (Yep, that’s Oscar in the background making jingle bell music. 😊🐶). #tslloffice #tsllmyoscar @ppaigeyyyy - absolutely loooove this mug. Thank you again and again - 😌

Sunday morning and picking up a croissant to settle in with at home and enjoy the French Open finals. Check out more of @foxtailbakeshop scrumptious goodies on my IG Stories. #tsllbend

A morning walk full of refreshment. #tsllmyoscar

So happy to snuggle in this Saturday evening with this little guy and finalize the details for Wednesday’s launch of #tsll2ndbook - be sure to check out TSLL’s IG Stories as one small peek each day until the 13th will be shared of the book’s trailer. #tsllmynorman

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