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[compact] | Written by {elite writer} Stuti Nabazza on #cold | #compact #thesilenttalks

I have always been fascinated by Ferris Wheels.
When you're on it for the first time, a major part of you wants to live the moment to the fullest, but a small part of you wants it to stop because you're afraid of the dysfunctions.
But when you finally get down you wish you stayed a little longer.
Sadly, I've never been on a Ferris wheel.
I'm not afraid of the speed; I'm not scared of height.
But what if my time ends, and I get out of it feeling queasy?
What if it turns out to be a bad first experience?
What if I have to live with the bad experience?
What if I never gather enough courage to be on it again?
So, I never ride Ferris wheels, I just look at them and feel happy for people riding it.
My feelings about falling in love are the same.

< extend > | Written by Sukeerti Mishra from Sambalpur | #extendtale #thesilenttalks

‪[compact] | Written by Srevanth Madiraju from Bangalore | #compact #thesilenttalks
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‪[compact] | Written by Rahma Nazar from Mangalore | #compact #thesilenttalks
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‪^ musing | Written by Ritik Khare from Bhopal | #musing #thesilenttalks
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It's been a while now since I last heard from you.
I still try to make sure that I keep alive the essence and remembrance of your warmth and embrace.
So here I am, in this same old cafe where we first met.
Sitting on this very table, but only this time, on your chair.
It somehow feels like this place still holds the smell of you.
My heart aches to sit here, alone.
To know that you're gone and it'll never be the same again.
I am numb, unable to fathom emotions into feelings.
I ordered your favorite hot chocolate cappuccino.
That cup has been lying here on the table for more than fifteen minutes now, and I just can't stop staring at it.
It reminds me of you, and I want to let go of nothing which still holds bits of you.
It is like you are already gone and I still can't let you go.
I remember the time when you first held my hand.
It was here, right here. On this same table.
When you first told me that you loved me and how you'd ordered my coffee exactly how I liked it.
And that ring, the waiter served me along with it.
I remember how it felt; I had found solace.
If that day, I could stop time, I would have.
I can keep living that moment for the rest of my life.
I remember how I wanted to lock it in my heart; every moment spent with you.
And now I sit here and wonder, how amidst all the pain, your name can still make me smile!
Coming back to reality, I look at the coffee.
The hot chocolate is no longer hot now. But I drink it anyway.
So with this cup in my hand, while I sip your favorite coffee and sit on your chair, I look at moon outside, from the glass windows.
Looking at it, I let out a sighful smile, in the hope that right now, maybe from across the country, but from somewhere you too are looking at this same moon, sipping the same coffee, sitting near your window and thinking of me.

* experience | Written by {elite writer} Charmi Gandhi | #experience #nonfiction #thesilenttalks

‪^ musing | Written by Anupama Hota from Sambalpur | #musing #thesilenttalks
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‪< excerpt | Written by Sukeerti Mishra from Sambalpur | #excerpt #thesilenttalks
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‪> miniature | Written by Akash Mann from Delhi | #miniature #thesilenttalks
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‪[compact] | Written by Srishtika Prakash from Chennai | #compact #thesilenttalks
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I want to go home,
For I am tired of the strange faces,
Staring back at me,
With neither a grain of life,
Nor a grain of soul.

I'm tired of running,
And I end up facing,
Only walls,
As high as the sky.

I want to be home,
And feel the warmth of love and more.

I say home for me,
Is not a place but a person.

< extend > | Written by {elite writer} Vishnu Vandana | #extendtale #thesilenttalks

‪~ poem | Written by Lahar Peddisetti from New Zealand | #poem #thesilenttalks
‪Relatable and Humorous, that’s exactly @whoelse_official 😁

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