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Headed to Houston!
Woobie hit a home run, the store is packed, online is going nuts, now all I need is a WIN around 10pm tonight!
Go Astros!
And if you need two tickets, I have them!
Section 122! $400 each OBO.
And I’m in size 7 Dixon’s so really, today is just a very good day!

I think as a girl I dreamed of leading people. I wanted to be like Suze Orman. I wanted to drive around and teach people how to budget and stretch their dollar. I wanted people to know they could trust me. They could rely on me. They could learn from me. Although life is a bit different than I planned, I wouldn’t trade a single second of my day for anything else. I don’t dream of a better staff. I don’t dream of a more successful company. My life could stay exactly the same as it is this very second and I would die a CONTENT human. I would be able to stand before God and tell him that I used all that He gave me for (mostly) good. •

I have no formal education. I have no proper training. But I have faith & that faith has gotten me so much further than any book would have. Every day I wake up and wonder what I can do to improve the lives of those around me. I know deep down that if I do that, I’ll be blessed too. But that’s not my motivation. These humans. My staff. My family. That’s my motivation. I pray that you find people like this. Even if they come and go, I pray that you have at least one season of your life with these quality of human beings in your life. No amount of money can buy good people. I pray you get to experience them. It will make you richer than any dollar ever will. Happy Bosses Day to all my BOSS babes out there!!

They’re sold out!!!! It took less than five minutes!! Ahhhhh!!! And I love this box!
It’s very “fashion blogger-esque!” The Kiki LaRue Boxed by Becka is sold out again & in record time this time!
Don’t forget, when you purchase a box, you get emailed a code to be able to purchase next month box several hours in advance before they go live to the public!! They go so fast!
Y’all, it’s has been a WHOLE YEAR! One year since I drummed up this idea to create a monthly box that I curated based of MY fans and what I thought they’d love. I didn’t choose trendy pieces. I didn’t choose fads. I chose items that you could wear again and again. Items you would USE and clothing you would love! Clothing that was versatile enough to fit any woman but that made making a “blind” purchase, a safe internet buy! We have had a “sleep” themed box with a sleep tunic and bath salts and custom Kiki LaRue pajama pants (now available online). Probably my favorite box was the February box, complete with a BUTTER SWEATER, phone charging bank, custom logo makeup bag and more!
The boxes are non-refundable and always $75 (except November which was $100 and worth double!). To know that every month, we sell almost 1000 boxes and the fans of this brand trust me enough to continue to buy this box, month after month! It seems like the year passed so quickly!
I’m extremely thankful for each and every one of you who continue to support this brand and my dreams.

This really is the best job on the planet!
Thank y’all so much!

At his last walkathon, I pledged $50 a lap. He walked 35 laps and proudly explained that I needed to cut a check! 🙄🙄🙄 This year, I wised up. Flat donation. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 This year, Ben pledged $5 a lap. Woobie informed us (after he started running) that each lap around Liberty is equal to five laps in a gym. We are only at lap two (of what he says will be 30 laps or 150 total pledges....) so Ben is not going to be so lucky! 😂😂😂 And he shattered his phone 📱
But the smile on his face makes it all worth it! He doesn’t run this fast in his baseball games! (That we have to be ready for in two hours! 😂😂) We love Liberty and how much HE loves Liberty!!! 💙💙💙 **If you’re looking for the perfect private, strict, Christian education for your child, you can’t beat this one! It’s not easy at all and some days, I drown in the homework and events and projects but it’s so worth it!**

Fall is my favorite. 🍂 ••••Technically Winter in Texas is my favorite, which is actually like Fall to the rest of the world!••••

Part of me wishes we as a society could love each other, the way I love him. Part of me is thankful that we don’t, because I know how special that is & I’m not sure if I could handle it. ••• What human fills your heart??? •

#mysidekick #justus #itsenough #mamasboy

I simply have no where else that I'd rather be. •••

Tomorrow is the first day of my official busy season with only one trip over the next three weeks!! #praisetheLord 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 And we've been busier than any year before already! I'm so thankful for it but it really shows you how much ground we have to cover because have expanded Kiki LaRue so much this year! 👊🏽 It's a "just keep swimming" situation! 🏊‍♀️ 🏊‍♀️ I have tons of goals this week and I'm excited to see the sun come up so I can start crushing them! 👌🏾✍🏽💸💵 What are your biggest goals this week? ❓❓❓
Hands up if you're ready to kill em! ❌❌❌

Friendship Divided. ••• #Astrosallday

No filter. No edit. All weekend. •••

She'll take a full moon over those city nights. ••• Dress is @shopkikilarue

It's about to be one of those days.
Time to get after it.
I've set huge goals for myself for this last quarter.
Hitting them doesn't scare me.
Juggling it all does.
But I'll make it work.
I always do.

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