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@Common spitting truth out here at @raviniafestival

We obviously got some work to do for these #ravinia outings. Brothers and sisters reach a whole other level out here.

The Shaun is in "The Room Where It Happens"!! #hamilton #hamiltonmusical #hamiltonchi

One cannot take any decision they make in life lightly. Even life's most seemingly irrelevant choices have ripple effects that have impact days, months, even years down the line. Everything from what route one takes to greatness to what one decides to wear in the morning impact their life. Even with this being the case, one's indecision has more impact than any decision they actually make. Indecision leads to a series of missed opportunities and regrets. Nothing signifies one's fear and self-doubt than the inability to commit to a decision and stick with it. All decisions have the potential to lead us in results we do not plan, but no matter the result of the decision, one can recover and progress forward. Indecision only results in one being left in the same place they began. #happiness #legacy #beautiful #letsdothis #commitment #motivation #inspiration #instagood #life #love #beautiful #greatness #goals #dreams #goodmorning #thursday

#wednesdaywisdom We are our greatest enemies. It is our fear, our doubts and our reservations that keep us from achieving our dreams and accomplishing our goals. It is not about the obstacles placed in front of us that define our legacy but how the actions we take (or don't take). If your dreams lie at the top of a mountain that's never been climbed, climb it. If wall has been placed between you and your dreams, break that wall down. Get knocked down along the way, get up. The battles of the outside world are nothing once the internal war with ourselves is overcome. #heroes #strength #inspiration #instagood #nevergiveup #noexcuses #goals #dreams #success #wednesday #motivation #fight #letsdothis #life #love #beautiful #happiness #legacy

Oops there we go talking about the truth again. #nra #philandocastile

Someone please come over here and get your boy Whitlock. He gassed off that FOX money.

There is no excuse for this.

No matter what a man has accomplished prior to he becoming a father, nothing compares to the accomplishments of his children. As fathers, we are immediately humble by the introduction of a greater purpose and life's biggest challenge. There is no proper preparation nor no right time to become a father. There's no manual or rule book. All we have is what lessons we learn along the way and the guidance of brothers in the fraternity of fatherhood. We make mistakes along the way and experience the heartache of our children growing beyond our reach; extending their wings to fly on their own. Brothers in fatherhood, you are today recognized, saluted and appreciated for every hug, every tough talk, every piggyback ride and every memory you've given. May we continue to coach, correct and encourage each other, especially new fathers as others did for us. Brothers, let us raise our glass and tip our cap today...in honor of each other. #father #dad #sunday #happyfathersday #papi #love #life #motivation #instagood #inspiration #strength #heroes

‪So Nicki Minaj still thinks our daughters should aspire to be bad bitches instead great queens. #smh

They say the world has no heroes left to inspire our children. Heroes inspire us to strive for greatness. Posters of various potential real life heroes have been replaced by various fictional characters who present the impression that heroes only exists in comics and the screen. Fact remains there are plenty of heroes amongst us; we just cannot accept that heroes can be human. We hold these potential heroes to impossible standards are moral perfection that we do not even hold ourselves to. The unwritten definition of being a hero is a person who performed extraordinary feats of greatness in spite of their shortcomings. Now more than ever our children, scratch that, all of us need heroes who walk among us. However, our heroes need us to inspire them as well. #beautiful #life #love #heroes #greatness #strength #inspiration #motivation #instagood #dreams #goals

In the age of social media, anyone can be anyone they want to be. Reality is pretending be anyone but who we really are will never result in genuine happiness. Over time of pretending, one becomes numb to actual emotions and joys as they have immersed themselves fully into the character they are playing to the world. One starts living our goals and desires that are not their own but of the fictional character they wear as a mask to the world. Under the mask lies a person who is left with nothing regret and loneliness. Even if we are the only friend we have in life, it will always carry more value than thousands of fake ones. #maskoff #instagood #inspiration #motivation #reality #love #life #beautiful #socialmedia #goodnight #tuesday

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