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ShannenDoherty  My life and journey told thru the art of photos. It's not all pretty, but it's mine. Welcome...


I am so proud of our foundation @animalhopeandwellness and @consultingwildhorse for getting this done. Many have tried but we were persistent. #Repost
Washington D.C. Press Release:
Today the United States House of Representatives Agriculture Committee approved an amendment offered by Congressman Jeff Denham (R-CA) to place the language of H.R. 1406, the Dog and Cat Meat Prohibition Act into the House of Representatives Farm Bill.
H.R. 1406, authored by Congressman Alcee Hasting (D-FL) and Congressman Vern Buchanan (R-FL), along with 240 co-sponsors from the House, prohibits the slaughter, trade or import/export of dogs and cats for human consumption in the United States - a practice still legal in 44 states.
“I am overjoyed that the House Agriculture Committee has put the language of H.R.1406 into the farm bill and I thank Congressman Denham for his strong support for our cause and for making the amendment” stated Marc Ching, founder and President Emeritus of the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, the sponsors of H.R.1406.
“This is just one small victory in our effort to ban this horrible practice in our country and internationally, but it is an important one and one that could not have been possible without our great team and the strong support we have had from our great authors Congressman Hastings and Congressman Buchanan. There is still a lot of work to do but we are closer now than we have ever been before,” concluded Ching.
The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, founded by Mr. Ching in 2011 has been a leader in bringing global awareness to the international practice of torturing and butchering of dogs and cats for consumption. H.R. 1406 is the foundations first legislative effort.
The Farm Bill will move forward for a vote on the House floor and then to conference committee where it will be merged with the Senate version. A final bill is expected to be voted on in September.
(Special thanks to our lobbyist Sean Dohetry from WildHorse Consulting, whom used his personal contacts to push this bill forward. And Shannen Dohetry, for supporting this measure and demanding that it see the light of day.

@sarahmgellar happy birthday. We have been thru some monumental moments together... weddings, kids (yours), cancer, heartaches, joys, ups and downs of life. I have always known that you’re just a phone call away. Your consistency and loyalty are endless. Your heart as open and big as it gets. Your smile infectious and your desire to see your friends happy and successful impressive. Your intelligence is one of my favorite things about you along with your wickedly sharp sense of humor. I hope you always know how much I love and appreciate you and just flat out respect you. Happy birthday. You truly deserve for all your dreams and wishes to come true.

If this isn’t a kick ass group of women, I don’t know what is. Love my girls @sarahmgellar @debwakninstylist @themamarosa @felixlosangeles

Birthday night. Such an amazing group of people I love so much. Thank you @evanfunke for hosting us

Ran down to my local salon to get hair done for dinner and my girl Amanda turned it out!!! @amandaaxs thank you! 😘 thank you to @anhcotran for the fabulous haircuts that allow us play like this.

Spa time done then got treated to lunch!!! Thanks mom. Love you. @themamarosa #birthdaygirl

Apparently it was a tiring morning for them both....

Please read below. We need housing for 87 dogs or slaughter will be unavoidable. #Repost @animalhopeandwellness with @repostapp
Came to Korea to work with lawmakers, and to lobby our bill to find representation. In order to make their darkness real, we took Congressional aids into meat farms and slaughterhouses, to show them the reality of what these dogs suffer through.
At one of the farms, the owner accepted a deal to move from slaughter to a humane business - one that does not involve killing animals.
The operation itself is huge, and the dog farm, in existence for over twenty years. I am here for one more day, and the small team we have is struggling to find temporary housing for 87 animals.
As we arrived, a truck containing over 100 dogs was headed to the market. Dying voices that will never be heard. We have a bulldozer arranged, and a team to dismantle the slaughterhouse. We just need last minute placement.
#animalhopeandwellness #MarcChing #BusanSouthKorea

Still in remission. I imagine that I’ll always worry to a certain extent but I think we all worry about something. Cancer is a beast that changes one. For me, it changed me in a lot of beautiful ways. But it also gave me a new level of anxiety about things. All understandable. I share my experience to help connect, bring awareness and hopefully encourage those going thru cancer to stay positive. So many of you have helped me with your words, prayers and support. You have helped pave the path I have walked and continue to walk and I’m eternally grateful for that. I can only hope I have helped you as well. Much love to you all. #remission #cancerslayer

Went to doctor today for tumor marker test and bone density scan. Yes, that’s my mom... I figured why not. She got bone test done as well. I adore my doctor and all the great people who work there. But not going to lie, there is always anxiety waiting for test results to come back. Reoccurrences happen. And I can’t imagine how it must feel to beat back cancer only to have it return again. For now, I stay positive, stay healthy and do what I can to help promote research so that cancer can be beaten once and for all. I’ll keep you posted on my results. Btw... my mom is great! @su2c #theangelesclinic

I know it’s a wrap on Easter but can I just wear these a little longer?

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