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ShannenDoherty  My life and journey told thru the art of photos. It's not all pretty, but it's mine. Welcome...

Breast Cancer Awareness month. Last year....My hair was falling out in huge clumps. It was time to just shave it off. Like super woman, my friend @annemkortright came over with the tools and attitude to shave my head. And though I’m laughing thru it (mainly because she always makes me laugh) you can clearly see how sad I am. Cancer has so many moments of deep realization. Realizing you have cancer, realizing it’s not a simple fix, realizing it’s altering you in both superficial ways and deeply profound ways, realizing you are changed forever. I will forever remember this moment and my brave loving friend who was there no matter what. It’s the people around you that help lift you up. And she did. Cancer isn’t something you “step up” to help a person fight. It’s about being constant, engaged in the journey before, during and after. Some people take the easy road and others, like this beautiful human, stay on the road regardless of the bumps. @annemkortright I love you. To the moon and back. #breastcancerawareness #friendship

Feeling a little like Alice... #wonderland

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In 2015, Fitz took a trip to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge with a group concerned thinkers, activists and creatives. It was a trip that changed his life.

Between the tweet storms, reality TV show antics and faux fights with the NFL, those in power have quietly decided the time was right to start drilling in Eden. For 50 years, we’ve debated as a nation whether to drill in the Arctic. House Republicans appear to have made the decision for us when they slid drilling into their budget and quickly approved. Now it heads to the Senate, where only a simple majority is needed to pass. We think realism is key here — the powers that value quick money over the long term health of our planet have prevailed. If you live in a Republican state, please call your Senator. Tell them to invest in clean power — not drilling in one of the last remaining wildernesses in our world. We don’t need jobs at the end of the world. We needs jobs in the heartland. #dirtybudget #ANWR

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Breast Cancer Awareness month continues. This photo represents so much of my journey with chemo. I had completed my first chemo session. Was on steroids and yet so sick. Bloated yet throwing up. I had to be hooked up to get hydrated because I couldn’t keep even water down. Chemo is different for everyone. Some tolerate it better than others. At the time, I remember thinking it couldn’t get much worse. I was wrong. Yet I am here today. A different person than I was. I don’t think I’ve yet discovered all the ways cancer changed me. As I told someone recently..... I am a work in progress and I’m ok with that. #sutc #breastcancerawareness

Not a finer dog was there ever. #nofilter cause she doesn’t need it. @missbowiedoherty

Today I accept the things I can not change and embrace the future of things I can change. Working to better myself, working to better the planet and helping others. Life is never easy. It’s filled with potholes, curves and steep inclines. But it always shows you something. Something about yourself. Something about those around you. And all those blind turns in the road can lead to something truly beautiful. #embracechange #embracelife

Just listening and taking in what’s around me. When I’m centered, the answers are there. #goodmorningthursday

Finding rainbows in all sorts of places #alwaysarainbow #stairwell

Searching, still unpacking boxes from days past. Stumbled upon this old Polaroid. I remember this girl. That confidence, strength, belief, hope. Sometimes it’s good to reflect on the past. To remember. Recently someone posted that I should stop looking in the past at cancer and to look forward because I’m ok now. I disagree. I think sometimes one must look back to look forward. Maybe. Happy Saturday

This cute puppy Paloma and the beautiful work @adamandcamera

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