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Thomas  Cycling, pups, wildlife, coffee, falafel, pickles, music, time on the coast and making things at Rowan Frameworks.

Making rectangles instead of triangles for a change and satisfying it is! πŸ“

Far too clean #dogsofcross ✨

Supporting pals at the SSCXEU when I probably should have ridden my ratty old Gilchrist and not worried about brakes. #doajump #sscxeu17

Making double beds look tiny. #jessietherott

Leaving the night shift to it.

Deliberately getting into the habit of needing to use the lathe at half eleven. β˜€πŸ‘

Lunch time visitors at the workshop for the first time in ages.

Second go at making heatsinks and they're looking so much more improved after the first round late last year. Threaded them on the lathe so the argon gas from back purging can work around the welds. Splitting them so they can expand has been so much easier with the mill. Copious amounts of advice from super talented people has helped a bunch and definitely helped speed things up for me!

Midway through my new week at the workshop, making heatsinks for welding and looking forward to future things. Less radio masts and more bicycles now I've dropped down to a couple evenings a week at my old job. The rest of the time I'll be camped out at @rowanframeworks making bad coffee and TIG welding lovely bikes. I've been spending a bunch of time there for ages now but now's the time to give it more time and I can't wait. Anyone looking for steel bikes hit us up for sure. ✌🚲

Fog and ice. Kent, you spoil us. πŸ‘Ž