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Sean Brady  I model. I write.. often.. I breathe. I drink coffee and formulate wondrous ideas... take heed.. email me to shoot - based in va

#newscotland @aquaryvn shorts
Shot by @dlpurkey
Lookin down smirking at something haha 🤓😁

I could literally swim all day.. It is truly one of my favorite past times.
When I’m under the water.. I’m breathing I’m moving I’m fluid..
Thoughts come and go freely.. none can fester while I move and breathe.. my body and mind become one.. time stands still and things make sense.. It’s amazing how good I feel when I’m emerged in the Calming water.. water is such an interesting thing.. for it flows and it can be soft and embracing.. but it can also turn from a soft flow to a powerful rush and destroy all in its path.. it can turn from a gentle wave to a destructive tsunami.. water can drown and cause pain just as easily as it can cause joy.
It is the essence of our lives and deaths.. water, such a powerful entity..

Life’s better upside down ;) #handstand if you’re happy !
Rockin Swim shorts by @aquaryvn
Shot by @dlpurkey
Remember - life’s a beach we are just playing in 🐒

Just playing with my bell
Freakin out over crypto.. need to get the blood flowing
And switch up research over to the biochem shit
If that made no sense- then, welcome to my brain.
Shot by @dlpurkey
Kettlebell from @onnit

Shot by @dlpurkey
Wearing @aquaryvn
Check out their swimwear !! 🤙🏼 And as I walked towards the ocean
I felt the waves surround me.. mentally and physically
They engulfed my physical body and my spirit...
Into the ocean my mind faded
I took in a deep breathe
And came back to reality
Sad that the feeling had to go away
Yet ready to take on the next conquest.

#love 🙏 work hard towards physical and mental goals 🤓
Read my MacBook for advice ;) #bicep #bnw

I’m just over here wondering when LTC is going to hit 1k.. regretting not buying 100 coins when I first started watching but content with knowing sooner than most.. #thinking man
Additionally this image probably looked best unedited but I threw a slumber on there
@dlpurkey is the best; he’s got an eye for this shiz
So there he sat on his stone. and there he pondered all alone
He wondered why violence was sought
He wondered why love is bought
He wondered why we cry at all
And why some are able to stand tall
Others still... they crumble. They fall.
He stared out over a prairie
He looked at the world some of it too scary
He looked at the world brave as he must
He breathed in the air and felt robust
The only thing to do is journey
The only thing to do is learn
For when one sits alone he is free
When one wonders in his mind
In turn
he may see.
#thinkingman #thought up a plan

I love huskies but I feel like a wolf 🧐
Shot by @nicole_palermo_beauty

There once was a man
And he couldn’t cry
He hadn’t cried in years and years
But on the very last day ..
Some johnny in my mind
My friends my friends - stay true to your grind
One of my favorite shoots of all time
Cowboy style with @themichaeldowns
Yee -hah!! Get a lil #country #malemodel #model

The eyes are the window to the soul.

Everyday is a new day... and I arise a new man.. I suck the air into my lungs that fuels every function in my body.. I inhale deep as I try to remember
All my hopes, dreams, and lessons learned from the day prior... I forget most. And realize I must again reset and re-evaluate
The beauty of the new day is that you any day you can set a new course.. the hard part is to stay the course.
This is always a challenge of my easily distracted mind..
As I love to wonder, meet new people, experience life!
Yet I would argue there is purpose in my child-like soul.. perhaps when I’m wandering around in my own world I am not getting anything truly done- but it allows for maximum creativity.. I am still trying to decide what my major creative outlet is.. it seems to be writing, for words will always come to my brain.. Day in and day out..
It is simply a matter of organizing all of these thoughts.. in conclusion I leave you with an idea that has stuck to my brain after meditation earlier this week.. Each of us has a flame inside..
Some days that flame is a mere flicker, barely recognizable even to ourselves
Requiring more oxygen than we think possible to attain.. other days that flame is a bright roaring flame.. the energy radiating throughout
It is these days we must keep in mind others are just flickering and if we can perhaps attempt to share our energy, our oxygen if you will with them.
On the days in which we are but a mere flicker, we must remind ourselves that the flame still exists and the roaring flame will soon return.
Shot by @dlpurkey

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