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SAVE one (Rowdy Dread)  They call me Mandalay. There is no nobility in poverty. San Diego til the death of me

Soooo, this thing supposedly looks like a chip?

A couple studs

Went to Baltimore in all green, left in all purple. I hate losing bets and I hate when my birds let me down. #FlyEaglesFly

I need to get back to the kid that was in this picture. The kid full of ambition and motivation. The kid that didn't let anything stop him from getting what he wanted. I know he's still in there. Things got slowed down but we getting back on pace. We ain't letting these nightmare keep us from the top. Restless nights turn to gold. #MoneyMotivated

Build up. One last clip from last night. #DreadsUp

I wanna thank my 805 friends for coming down, I appreciate yall. Small clip of the battle against @its_happy_feet , we was workin'. We don't stop. #DreadsUp #TheEmpire #RowdyDread


They call me Rowdy Dread. #DreadsUp
I wanna thank my 805 family for having me out, I'm definitely gonna make it back.

25 years.

When they just want a quick get off in the bar. #GuttaDread #Krump #DreadsUp

My favorite time of year is finally here!

#IBleedGreen #EaglesFootball #FlyEaglesFly