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Scott Schuman

On the Street.....Tate Modern, London

Will someone please finally explain this to me before I hurt myself! Does the answer involving laying down, because if it doesn't I did something wrong? (My very highbrow use of the new slideshow feature?'!). (In reviewing some of the early replies let me tell you.... Scott Don't Squat )

Fabulous #fendi

It's really all about the big heavy frames this season, London

Feeling that young Brando vibe from this young lady, London

The sexy @vivianavolpicella and the even sexier Pierpaolo PIccioli of @maisonvalentino and me celebrating the launch of the new Valentino eyewear collection in Milan

So much to see at @gucci

Gucci finale @gucci

This is Tanaka, the very knowledgeable salesperson at @josephfashion in London that helped me buy my first pair of elastic waist, grey wool flannel pants and ,ironically enough, I bought them on Savile Row. Shouldn't every salesperson that sells clothing have a tape measure around their neck at all times?

On the Street.... Kenton St., London

I love the long, sloped-shouldered slouchiness of this look, London

Thanks Jenny for the awkward moment! Today in Milan Jenny and I were taking it easy, shopping around and had just finished a snack when we see a guy walk by decked out in @gucci. Jenny says "you should go shoot him! He's one of Alessandro's @lallo25 best friends and he's a famous actor!" I wasn't really in the mood to shoot and I never really care about shooting "stars" but Jenny seemed so excited I said I would but she had to ask the guy. When we approached Jenny just said " hi!" and "could we take a photo of you?" but didn't really explain who we were so he said ok and put his arm around her but I had to say "but can the photo be you you by yourself ?" To which he very politely said "no, just with her!" Jenny was over the moon! As we walked away Jenny said "I can believe I just met Jared Leto @jaredleto !" I looked at her, very surprised and said "you didn't tell me that was Jared Leto! Come on!" Until he spoke I thought he must have been a famous Italian actor! The whole thing was so awkward but he was very gracious and Jenny was so thrilled that it was all worth it.