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Had an amazing time at the @baftala #baftatea on Saturday! Got to catch up with my girl @camillaluddington who I’ve missed like CRAZY!! I also ran into my beautiful and supremely talented friend @skyepmarshall who is starring in @indivisiblemovie with me!! (She’s amazing in it!) And it was such a pleasure chatting with the brilliant actor/producer extraordinaire @iamginatorres . She is an absolute force who also happens to be full of grace, depth and kindness! I had to leave early, change in the bathroom and my hubby had to race me off to the airport to fly back to Vancouver to finish my movie. It was a whirlwind weekend! Here are my fashion details!! Styled by: @karenraphael
💄: @berlyrodriguez
Hair: @ashleeboots
👗 : @elisabettaFranchi
👠 : @jimmychoo
👛: @tylerellisofficial
💍: @diamondfoundry

I had an absolute blast at the @hollywoodreporter Emmy party on Friday night! #henrywinkler is maybe the kindest human on the planet (not to mention an icon! Plus, I’m obsessed with Barry). He asked for my address so he could send my children the kids’ books that he writes ! What?!?! I geeked out over the @strangerthingstv stars @nattyiceofficial @charlie.r.heaton and met the lovely @henryzaga and then, had an awesome time chatting with @trevornoah about Grey’s and about how much my hubby and I love his show and his standup! Also got to reconnect with @snoodit who interviewed me for my @hollywoodreporter article a couple weeks ago, and whom I adore... and of course I had to get a pic with the incredible @iamsandraohinsta !! Oh- I didn’t get pics of this- but I fangirled all over @madbrew and @whododatlikedat . Gorgeous women kicking awesome ass in Hollywood right now!! An all around magical evening with my handsome hubby!! Here are my fashion details!! Styled by: @karenraphael
💄: @berlyrodriguezmua
Hair: @ashleeroseboots
👗 : @vitorzerbinato 👠 ; @loribluofficial
👛: @emmkuony 💍: @sophieratner_jewelry @lisabridgecollection @viannabrasil_store

Getting ready to head to @baftala #baftatea today! @cibellelevi came over to snap some pics after I got all glammed up! More pics to come from red carpet and parties this weekend!! 📷: @cibellelevi
Styled by: @karenraphael
💄: @berlyrodriguezmua
Hair: @ashleeroseboots 👗 : @elisabettaFranchi
👠 : @jimmychoo
👛: @tylerellisofficial
💍: @diamondfoundry

#CreativeArtsEmmys Part 2!
I Love all these beautiful people! I had so many wonderful moments last night! I got to catch up with @sterlingkbrown and his gorgeous and talented wife, @ryanmichelleb . Sterling and I were in a production of Romeo and Juliet together many years ago. That production was incredibly meaningful to me personally and professionally. My husband proposed during the run 😍 and the show launched my career. It’s been so exciting to watch Sterling’s brilliance light up the big and small screens over the past few years! I met #sararue for the first time last night who I’ve always been a fan of but who also happens to be married to one of my hubby’s fraternity brothers from @dartmouthcollege ! Small world!! And I reconnected with my hair stylist @m_ceglia from my first year as a series regular on Grey’s! I had an all around incredible time celebrating our nomination with my #BTeam team @valchucheung @saadmansoor @abbyrchambers and #barbarakayefriend. We had such an amazing time making the series. This group is the absolute tops and I can’t wait to see what we all do next!! And on top of all of that, I got to dance the night away with my favorite person in the world (who also happens to look pretty damned good in a suit— styled by @markalanharmon ). What a night!!! I’m full to bursting! 😍😘😘 #grateful #emmys2018

About last night...
My first time at the #creativeartsemmys was absolutely magical! I had a blast with my hubby and my team from #GreysAnatomyBTeam ! It was such an honor for our series to be nominated!
Here are the fashion details:
Styled by: @karenraphael
Hair-color and styled by: @xtinameneses 💄: @berlyrodriguezmua
Dress: @safiyaa_official
Jewels: @neillanejewelry
Clutch: @tylerellisofficial
Shoes: @lesilla (ps- the @lesilla shoes were by far the most comfortable shoes I have EVER worn to any event EVER! I danced for hours in them!!)

Since the #emmys2018 are fast approaching, I’d like to #FBF to my time working with the incomparable @iamsandraohinsta ! These pics were taken during her last episode on Grey’s and as you can see in the second photo— I really REALLY didn’t want her to leave. I will forever be in awe of Sandra for her incredible talent, work ethic, passion, and most importantly, generous leadership. She walks on set and inspires everyone to rise to the occasion, and she does it with generous love, respect and enthusiasm. I’m so excited for her #emmy nomination (she is KILLING it on Killing Eve!!!) and I cannot wait to see her soar to even greater heights! Sending you TONS of love @iamsandraohinsta !!! #fbf #TagSomeoneWhoInspiresYou

That time I stared into your soul while casually running my fingers through my hair... 😂🤣😅☺️ Here’s another shot from the insanely talented @cibellelevi ! 💄 @mua.susie #photoshootposing

Still smiling thinking about my weekend with my hubby 😍😍😍 He had to get back home because the kids’ first day back to school was today 😳😬😀 Peter has been a total rockstar holding down the fort while I’ve been away. He’s weathering every tantrum, giving every squeeze hug, cooking every meal, and generally being the best partner I could ever ask for while I’m away while also managing to prep for and teach his classes!! We’ve been doing our best to stay connected— LOTS of FaceTiming with the kids and with him. What did we do before FaceTime??? I miss my kids but I know they are being showered with love and care and so I can be totally at peace and focus on my work wholeheartedly. I’m a very grateful gal. #datenight #workingmom #thankGodforPeter #alsothankGodforourNannyMolly ☺️☺️☺️. Who are you grateful for today???

Hey guys! This book: Daring Greatly by @brenebrown just totally rocked my world! I’m wondering what you guys have been reading?? Any book recommendations for me?

Happiness is… Micah’s freckles, Hannah’s squeeze hugs, Peter’s smile.
I’ve just started shooting a new film in Vancouver, and leading up to my departure, I had a lot of anxiety about leaving my fam. I was afraid that this was going to be the new norm for me. Time away from my family. This summer this has been my routine: Every morning, I wake up before my kids and have my coffee and do my journaling out in our backyard, and when they wake up, they come out, plop on my lap and tell me what they dreamt about and we hang out and look at the clouds and listen to the birds for a few minutes, and then head in for breakfast. It’s been so sweet. (Just keeping it real- sometimes they come out yelling and screaming at each other- it’s not always so lovely 😬😂😳)
So, while I’m away, in the chaos of being in every scene, learning tons of lines and being surrounded by amazing new relationships, I’m trying to take little moments to just close my eyes and bring to mind the things that make me happiest.
Micah’s freckles, Hannah’s squeeze hugs, Peter’s smile 😊. Instead of feeling guilty or sad about being away from my family, I’m filling my mind with the lovely things about them and allowing them to bring me joy even while I’m missing them.
If you closed your eyes for a moment today to bring to mind something that makes you happy, what would it be? Tell me!! #tagsomeonethatmakesyouhappy
These photos are some BTS shots from a very cool photoshoot I just did for @vulkanmag ! Can’t wait to see the final product.
Photographer: @tjmanou
💄 :
Hair: @ashleeroseboots
Stylist: #Amy Nichols
PR: @e2wcollective
BTS 📷: @jamielobel @bluandmike

I had an incredible time hosting the #festivalpageant
@festivalpageant Saturday night. I got the chance to spend the evening with my hubby and my friends ( @loudforestmusic among them) and I even got a peek backstage to meet some of the incredible performers and makeup artists who make the night absolutely magical!
Here are my fashion details:

Styled by: @karenraphael
Hair: @ryanrichman 👗 : @sachinandbabi
Bracelet: @sophieratner_jewelry
Earrings: @bethmillercollection
💍: @apmmonaco @efcollection 👛: @heliopolisaccessories
👠: @jimmychoo

@festivalofthearts #lagunabeach #supportthearts @loudforestmusic

And here is one last shameless plug to all @televisionacad members to please consider voting for #GreysAnatomyBTeam in the #oustandingshortformcomedyordrama category for #emmys2018 !! Voting is open until Monday! That final clip was of all the women who were in leadership positions on this shoot! It was such a joy to work with such incredible women! #TheBTeamIsTheATeam #foryourconsideration 🎥 by @blgalvan @saadmansoor @abbyrchambers @gregcusumano #barbarafriend #valcheung

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