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The Samfund  Official Instagram of The Samfund, proudly helping young adults because #cancerisntfree! Text Samfund to 91999 or visit to donate.

Can't wait to see these guys and @nikkischw for lunch today! Guesses on what their next big adventure will be?

Yes yes yes! Congrats to our friends and partners and thank you for highlighting these important conversations.

Today The Samfund officially turns 14! Thank you to everyone -- donors, volunteers, alumni, Board members, Sambassadors, and every young adult who has shared your cancer story with us -- for being part of our family for so many years. We are grateful beyond words.

Our Instagram was on brief hiatus while I was on vacation... but we're up and running again! Had a most wonderful week off, followed by a last minute semi-surprise lunch with this amazing guy and his family in VT. He saved my life almost exactly 16 years ago when his bone marrow became mine. #grateful -Sam

Hands down, best email ever. Two-time grant recipient and stage 3b cancer survivor is now a practicing physician after The Samfund helped her get to medical school (despite cancer's best efforts to derail her). Talk about paying it forward... #cancerisntfree #togetherwecanmakeitbetter

Sweating bullets at Fenway but so happy to be at a @redsox game with this amazing crew. Loving life. #Sambassadors

So sad to say goodbye to our amazing crew of 2017 #Sambassadors. The weekend has been energizing and exciting and we can't wait to see everyone's ideas and plans take shape. In the meantime, before everyone leaves town, we have one more treat in store...

Ended the day with an amazing session about connecting Board members, Advisory Council members, staff, and #Sambassadors. We are stronger together.

Spent the morning talkingtalkingtalking...and now, we eat. Thanks, @bolocogram, for the delicious food and for your support of our #Sambassador retreat weekend!

Steve: "Storytelling is at the heart of good communication and leadership. And no one knows your story better than you do." Nailed it, Julie. #Sambassadors

Board Chair Steve Bandrowczak: "it's not where you start. It's the path you put yourself on. Leaders are not born... they are MADE." #Sambassadors

So lucky to have our Board Chair Steve Bandrowczak with us to kick off the #Sambassador retreat. He is a leader in every sense of the word.

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