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The Salty Donut  Monday: CLOSED Tues-Fri 7:30am-6pm (or sold out) Sat & Sun 8am-6pm (or sold out)

The gangs all here! ☕️ These mugs are each handmade by the talented @eldredge_ceramics. Only 50 of each style is made, and you should probably (actually most definitely) collect them all 🙊 All styles are sold at our shop and online! Photo by: @dmargherite #thesaltydonut #handmade

🚨 STOP & READ 👉🏼 NEW Donut Time! 🚨 We just made Miami’s first ever VEGAN yeast raised donut! It was NOT easy because we’re so passionate about our traditional brioche dough. We didn’t want just any vegan donut, we wanted a donut that would match up to our entire menu! Introducing the Vegan Raspberry + Rhubarb: vegan yeast raised donut scooped out and layered with crushed sugar cookie streusel & raspberry rhubarb jam, fresh raspberry glaze & topped with dollops of raspberry infused ‘butter’cream & @exquisitochocolates vegan white chocolate shards. This donut launches tomorrow, 08/21 and is a permanent addition to our seasonal menu that’ll rotate approx. every 8 weeks! 🌱 #thesaltydonut #eggfree #dairyfree #vegan 📷: @dmargherite

Trivia time! Who knows what beer we use for the homemade beer reduction that gets drizzled on top of our Maple + Bacon donut? Winner gets to buy us a beer 💁🏼‍♀️ #thesaltydonut

How awesome is it that the ‘Nutella’ filling in this donut is 100% homemade (aka- it’s a homemade hazelnut chocolate)? This means that it has ZERO gunky stuff like preservatives and ingredients that you can’t even pronounce! What’s in your donut? Hehh 😉👏🏼 Side note- this filling got all over my shoe from doing this... wouldn’t recommend doing it ever again #thesaltydonut

MAJOR #tbt to when we did our first ever savory donut during our pop-up days back in 2016. For those of you that didn’t have a chance to try this donut, it was a jalapeño & cheddar cake donut with a salted honey butter glaze. It was definitely one of those ‘you either love it or hate it’ kind of things 😂 *Obv we loved it* Real talk- should we bring it back?? #thesaltydonut 📷: @lifeoverstuff

Hip hip hooray! 🚨 We’re now open even earlier on @UberEats & @Postmates, starting at 9am! Official Uber Eats/Postmates schedule: Tuesday-Sunday 9am-2pm (or sold out). Year round menu only 🌟 Pro Salty tip: If you don’t see us on either app, then we’re outside your delivery radius 💔 BUT if your order is over 3 dozen/3 days notice- shoot us an email and our team can personally deliver your order. 📷: @brandi_toole #thesaltydonut #donutdelivery

You asked, and we answered! Introducing the coooooolest custom stickers in town by @bloomwolfstudio! We legit wiped out half the stock of these stickers already just from our own laptops and water bottles. Sorry? Not really 💁🏼‍♀️📸: @dmargherite

Our one of a kind, handmade ceramic mugs by @eldredge_ceramics are FINALLY back in stock!! 🎉 Only 50 were made this time, so when they’re gone they’re GONE! They’re available for purchase at our Wynwood shop and our online store. We know that’s not a lot, but don’t worry we have more styles coming soon! Start your collection before it’s too late! ❤️📸: @dmargherite

Our Dragon + Passion Fruit donut has broken the record for longest running seasonal donut on our menu. We just can’t part ways 😫!! There’s just something about how 100% natural, yet sooo colorful this donut is that makes us happy just looking at it #thesaltydonut #noartificialflavors Customer Photo 📸: @Desimands

Donuts with a side of MATCHA!!! 🍵 Did you know that the matcha we use is not only organic, but is also sourced locally from our friends over at @orteas_miami! #thesaltydonut 📸: @dmargherite

This might be a bit obvious... but our Guava + Cheese is finger lickn’ good! P/S- since this donut is on our Year-Round menu, it’s also available for delivery on @UberEats Tuesday-Sunday 🤗! 📸:@beatrizferreira #thesaltydonut #morethanadonutshop

Now that we let the Vegans have their spotlight in the previous post, how about our Gluten Free peeps?! We believe everyone should be able to enjoy the good things in life! It’s almost hard to believe our Milk + Cookies donut is gluten free 🤤! 📸: @dmargherite
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